Continuous Improvement of Equipment Maintenance Operations

Archer Equipment Services (Pty) Ltd


rovides specialised services and solutions for the continuous improvement of equipment maintenance operations. This company was formed in July 2006 and currently supplies various equipment maintenance services:-

·               Managing and operating a specialised rebuild workshop within one customer's own base workshop – throughput 200t to 500t of equipment per month.

·               Managing the maintenance of a fleet of mining equipment with an output of 2.0Mtpm.

·               Supply of equipment field services to two large earthmoving projects, one in Limpopo and one in Mpumalanga.

·                               Supply of medium sized (50t to 120t) earthmoving equipment on customised long term plant hire.

Archer Software Solutions


rcher Mining in collaboration with Software Africa, has for several years been developing various software solutions that have been field tested by the Archer Group.

* ESOP: Employee Share Ownership Plan, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Employee Stock Option Programme.


Contact Us:

Tel:       +27 11 845 3953
Fax:      +27 11 845 3988
Mike Stanley (Managing Director)
Mobile:  +27 83 326 4124
Tel:       +27 11 845 3952
Fax:      +27 11 845 3988
Darryl Beckley (Operations Director)
Mobile:  +27 83 326 4127

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