Continuously Reduce the Cost of Mining in Real Terms

Archer Mining (Pty) Limited


he company was formed in 1998 by the current managing director Mike Stanley to undertake a unique project for a large South African mining house on one of its mines. The key performance area of this project was to: Continuously reduce the cost of mining in real terms. The methodologies and techniques developed by Archer over the eight year duration of this project now form the core products and services supplied by Archer Group Companies

We provide consulting and hands on services, for the continuous improvement of surface mining operations including production and maintenance. Archer Mining’s expertise covers conventional contract mining, gain-share contracts, change management interventions, mine planning, mine audits, design and facilitation of tender processes for heavy earthmoving equipment procurement and large outsourced contract mining projects:-

·                     Operated conventional mining contracts including drill and blasting - 2.5 Mtpm.

·                     Operated a unique gain-share contact 1.6Mtpm – reduced cost of mining by 18%

·                     Implemented and advised on Transformational Leadership interventions.

·                     Audited mine planning of base metal operation – 3.0Mtpm disseminated mineralisation.

·                   Due diligence investigations of several mining contractors for merger and acquisition purposes – 1.0 to 2.0Mtpm operations.

·                  Designed and facilitated the tender process and adjudication for the procurement of R750M of surface mining equipment for a large international mining house operating in Southern Africa.

·                    Advised on and facilitated a solution to a Mine vs. Contractor “stalemated”  contract mining agreement value R3.5 billion

·                  Designed and facilitated the tender process and adjudication for a large outsourced open-pit mining agreement - project value exceeding R4.0 billion.


Contact Us:

Tel:       +27 11 845 3953
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Mike Stanley (Managing Director)
Mobile:  +27 83 326 4124
Tel:       +27 11 845 3952
Fax:      +27 11 845 3988
Darryl Beckley (Operations Director)
Mobile:  +27 83 326 4127

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