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Looking for Reliable and Low Maintenance PC Software?

You've come to the right place!  We aim to provide world-class Personal Computer programs suitable for African conditions, preferably sourced from Africa.  Look at the following:

Existing Programs 

If a program already exists, it will almost always be cheaper than writing a new one.  Some are even free!  One drawback: It may not work exactly as you want it to!

Click here: List of General Software Programs For Sale including:

or here: Software for the Engineering industry including:

Improve Your Business!

As a small business ourselves, we'd like to see other small businesses succeed.  Here are various resources and companies we find useful:
Small Business Resources ~ Useful Links ~ Software for Charities ~ Useful Free spreadsheets.


Custom Software

Oh, so you want a new software program, database, macro, or template that doesn't exist yet?

No problem!  Our team of programmers and affiliates can write it for you on Visual Basic, Excel, Word, Access, or SQL Server.  That way you get exactly what you want (and are willing to pay for).  Click here:  Custom Programming...

DIY Programming

If you want to write it yourself, no problem either!  On this site there are a wealth of resources, free tips, software and code for programmers...

Programmer Support

And when you get stuck –we're here to help: Programmer support...

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About Us

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Purchase engineering hardware and surveying equipment from Topcon, Leica, and geoFENNEL. Ts & Cs apply.

You can also buy full AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD LT for Mac, Maya LT, Revit LT, new only (no renewals), and exclusively to South African users.

Please email Software Africa if you need help.


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