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About Software Africa

Software Africa aims to provide world-class software suitable for African conditions, preferably sourced from Africa.  We sell software developed by us, and by others where it meets our standards.

We are developers in Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Visual Studio .NET and SQL ServerWe have produced a large number of PC software packages and databases both for resale (see Programs) and for customer-only use (see Development and References).

We do Training at intermediate and advanced levels (including programming) for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint) and Visual Basic and Quick Books.  The materials are available for you to use under license.

We give on-site, telephonic, TeamViewer and e-mail support on Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Visual Basic 6.0, and Visual Basic .NET.  We do not charge for calls under 5 minutes.

We want to see others succeed too:  To this end we make free computer information, tips, spreadsheets, programming code and, in some cases, whole programs, available on this site (Free Tools) and through our newsletter.

Software Africa is the trading name of Communication in Action, which has been in business since 1986.

Why are we different?

Our goal is to make our customers independent of us.
We take time to understand you and your needs.
If you want a reliable, quality solution with trustworthy support, call us: We listen!

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