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Featured Product

QuickBooks Enterprise - Taking your business to new heights

  • In Enterprise track up to a million customers, suppliers and items.
  • With room for up to a million names and items, growing and large companies don’t have to worry about running out of space for their records.
  • Multi-user access for improved productivity.
  • Up to 30 people can work on the same company file at the same time – ideal for busy finance or sales teams.
  • Advanced user permission controls.
  • Businesses can have finer control over which areas and functions their users can access, protecting sensitive data or important business information.
  • Users can even be allowed or denied access to a particular bank account.
  • Advanced data sharing and analysis allows for better decision making.
  • The software allows users to generate automated and customisable reports and analyze and share data by exporting reports to Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access and other ODBC compliant applications.
  • Work with many company files.
  • Users can open and manage any number of company files, at no extra cost.
  • Multi-company consolidation.
  • Users can generate multi-company reports for over-arching visibility across multiple companies, or a business split into different divisions.
  • Stock Centre: Run detailed stock reports, for example: stocktake worksheet, stock valuation summary by site etc.
  • Adjust stock from one location and add/view stock images for all stock parts.
  • Advance Stock Control: Track stock in multiple sites. Serial/batch number tracking on sales, purchases or transfers. Setup bar codes (Does not come with bar code printer, scanner or label printer).

Pricing starts at R18 000 for a single user and R30 000 for 5 users.

Contact Us:

For software training, support and sales – Sales Director
For templates, programming and database needs – Development Director

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Where did my Staff's Time go?

Track it – Control it – Bill it!

Are you paying staff for a 40-hour week and billing them out at 20 hours per week?

With Time-Binder, our Timesheet program, you can maintain accurate records for your staff, and track what has been billed and what has not. Time-Binder has been in use in-house at Communication in Action for some years, and can be developed further to suit the needs of companies that sell their time or offset staff time against quoted jobs, e.g. Consulting Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants, Software Developers. Contact us for more details.

Make your Corporate Image Work!

Custom Templates linked to your contact list...

You've spent a fortune on your ad agency setting up a Corporate Image for you. They've designed a new logo, specified fonts and sizes, corporate colours, but...does anyone use it? Do you have uniform templates that reflect your image? Can contacts from your corporate database be easily merged into these templates? We can help with templates in Microsoft Word, Lotus Word Pro, or Maximizer; drawing their data from Maximizer or your corporate database on Microsoft Access, SQL Server, etc. Click Here.

Do your staff know how to use your custom templates, Word, Word Pro, or Maximizer? We do Training too!

For an example of how a major organisation's expensive corporate image is ruined by a lack of templates and training, click here (opens in a new window).

Contact us:

For software training, support and sales – Sales Director
For templates, programming and database needs – Development Director

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