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Downloads from Software Africa

Free Quotation Spreadsheet

From this site you can download a free Excel spreadsheet for producing general quotations. It allows you to put in your own price lists and then select items from those lists when you produce a quote. The system allows you to export Quotes and Bills of Materials into a separate Excel file suitable for e-mailing. Click here.

Other Free Spreadsheets

These Spreadsheets are either of general use for home users and small businesses:  Bank Account Reconciliation, Fuel Consumption, Rainfall records with Statistics, Water Meter Readings, Electricity Meter Readings and more! All may be ordered free of charge and will be e-mailed to you. All are CareWare. Go to Free Spreadsheets.

Free Tools

These DOS and Windows programs are either of general use or specific to programmers of Visual Basic, QuickBasic, or TransEra High Tech Basic (HTBasic) / Hewlett Packard "Rocky Mountain" Basic. All may be downloaded free of charge. Some are Shareware. Go to Free Tools

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