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HotPlot, a Windows Interface for
dotPLOT, the Soil Profile, Borehole and Core-Logging program

What is dotPLOT?

dotPLOT is the famous South African program written by the late Winston Jones to print soil profiles, core logs and borehole logs, running at many Civil Engineering and Geotechnical firms.  It produces graphical logs to the best standards, complete with recognised geological and soil symbols, which can be overlaid.  It is designed so that you can easily record your soil profile onto a Dictaphone while down the hole, have it transcribed into a text file, and feed this directly into dotPLOT for first-class printouts.

New developments include the option to write PDF files, thus allowing output to most installed printers, support for colour, screen preview using Acrobat Reader, and (from dot5008) support for Windows Vista. Versions from dot7002 support 64-bit PCs.

For more information on dotPLOT, click here.

dotPLOT runs on DOS:  Users who are familiar with the Windows interface may find the black text-interface irritating, so...

Here is HotPlot!

HotPlot is a Windows front-end for dotPLOT, developed with the support of Winston.

HotPlot provides you with a familiar Windows interface that runs dotPLOT for you, hiding command-line switches for a more friendly visual user experience.  This is the HotPlot interface: è

All the information you need to run dotPLOT is available at a glance, and can be easily changed using adjacent buttons.  The [...] buttons pop up an Explorer window allowing you to find files or folders.

The program produces output in any of several file formats. Output types are: Printer, PDF, PDF + Preview, PDF + Print dialog, PDF + Print All Now, PDF + Print All to...(printer of your choice), PCL, PGL, and DXF format. In the case of PDF output, it lets you preview or print the file immediately via the Adobe Acrobat Reader (or other PDF reader you may have installed).

If you would like a free DEMO version of HotPlot, Click here to go to the Downloads section below.

HotPlot  includes a text file editor specially designed for dotPLOT, supporting the special symbols that dotPLOT uses.

Click EDIT (to the right of the Input File name) to modify the Input file using the HotPlot Text Editor:

Use the Insert menu to insert the (customisable) special symbols that dotPLOT uses, without having to remember them:

Notice that you can also run dotPLOT directly from the Editor using this text file and the settings set on the main screen.

HotPlot also includes a settings editor that lets you edit .SET files without using dotPLOT.

HotPlot 2.2 and later include a Help file that will rapidly get you productive on dotPLOT, and an installer that will install dotPLOT for you.

From HotPlot 3.2, the Text Editor has a Spelling Checker with English and Afrikaans geotechnical dictionaries, and "Find & Replace".

From HotPlot 3.2.3, there is Non-NTFS Network Support to allow running across all networks.  When this is on, HotPlot will copy files locally for dotPLOT to use, and then put the output PDF file on the network if required. HotPlot now renames short (DOS 8.3-type) output PDF files to long filenames matching the input file name.

For a list of all the latest improvements to HotPlot, click here.


HotPlot is priced at a mere ZAR 3000 (South African Rand) or US$ 300 per PC. Upgrades are free.  You must have dotPLOT for it to be useful. It is now sold together with dotPLOT as a single package.

To be e-mailed more information on HotPlot, Click here, add your questions, and send the resulting email.

Download the HotPlot + dotPLOT Program Package

The HotPlot Setup program includes the latest dotPLOT as part of the package, which you can download from the dotPLOT Setup page.  If your dotPLOT is not licensed for HotPlot, it will run as a demo version when run from HotPlot.

You can buy or license all kinds of personal computer programs directly from Software Africa.  Click here for a list of general programs, click here for Engineering Software or e-mail us your questions. If none of this software suits your needs, look at our References and the Free Stuff.  We can write similar bespoke programs for you!

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