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Useful Links

Here are some sites and companies we like and recommend and, at the bottom, some we don't:


Your one-stop site to buy any Autodesk product including, of course, the world-beating AutoCAD suite of drawing software.  Also Sketchbook Pro.


Want QuickBooks or Pastel Accounting?  Enquire at the above site.

Software Africa on Facebook

Visit our Facebook page (and "Like" it if you like!) for the latest news on what is happening in software development and special offers on software.

Communication in Action t/a Software Africa on Facebook

Our other Facebook page.


The world's largest and most detailed web site of shops and businesses in Sandton north of the CBD, Johannesburg, South Africa.  Monthly shopping newsletter covering the area.  Rooms to let in Morningside Manor, list of amenities in the area, invitation to Sunday walks along the Sandspruit in Sandton.

TouchBasePro for easy bulk e-mail and SMS:

StringLite Interactive Multi Media

For e-mail stationery and much more:  www.stringlite.co.za, or click to e-mail
Tel: 011 888 9517    Fax: 086 672 1879.

EcoSolutions: for Owl boxes, bat boxes, and barbet logs:

Click here to e-mail,  Cell: 072-365-9777, Tel: 012 305 5674 – speak to Jonathan Haw or the secretary.

Useless Links

And then the ones we suggest you steer clear of:

Plum: Bad South African classifieds site

We do not recommend plum.co.za ("Buy and Sell Online: Africa's new and used online marketplace") who give bad service and deliberately waste your time.

Warning: Do Not Advertise on Webmail!

Webmail, also called Interface Media, will badger you constantly for an appointment, which they seldom keep.  They do not honour requests to remove you from their list, as they are hopelessly inefficient.  They offer paid advertising on the Webmail free e-mail site.  Unlike Google, they charge "per impression" and not per click, which means they are perfectly happy to take your money (in our case, two payments in excess of the amount in the contract!) and for you to get no traffic as a result.  When asked for repayment of the excess their head of Accounts becomes abusive.  The statistics they produce are unreliable if not fraudulent, for example they ran 0 impressions of a campaign for us, but nevertheless claim to have generated 11 clicks!  They can not explain this, but nevertheless claim to produce "audited statistics".  Look on Hello Peter and you will see an endless list of complaints about Webmail.

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