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Raring to go and preparing for the new AutoCAD releases late this month, so that we can aim towards our new targets!  The hot weather is still holding on although the mornings are becoming quite chilly and some of our trees have donned their Autumn colours.

An old employee is returning from Australia and is sending us her resume for our consideration.  This proves Australia isn't everyone's cup of tea.

dotPLOT Version 6008 Retired, Version 7005-6 Available

There is no new release this month, but we can send you an update (7005-6) if you encounter any problems.  Winston has fixed a number of minor bugs that occur in rare circumstances.

The dotPLOT 6000 series, which runs only on 32-bit machines, will not be developed further.  Future development will focus on the 7000 series, which runs on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs.  dot6008, the last of the 6000 series, will be sold and supported until the end of the year.

Irontree Off site Backup

Is your data precious?  In these days of entire offices being stripped of their computer installations, a data backup that is not vulnerable to theft is essential.  Irontree offers precisely this solution.  If all your data is stored on a server, then that is the only machine that requires the solution to be installed on it.  However, they offer a multi-PC solution as well.  Please send your enquiry to Peter at Switched-On IT.

Green Tip

The amount of plastic pollution in our rivers shows how wasteful of resources South Africa is.  If those bottles could all be recycled, the landfills would be emptier.  Consider recycling your plastic waste via PickItUp sites or a local recycling depot.  The Acid Mine water is a major concern - please support NGOs in making the action effective here

AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD LT 2009

These two package releases have been retired!  Please note that if you are running multiple licences of older edition, you have to relicence them, it may mean buying new package to stay legal.

Please contact Judith or 011 802 2685 for more details or to set up an appointment to discuss your drawing office requirements.

Excel Tip #98 -  Excel 2007/2010: Secrets of the Ribbon (XI) - the Insert tab, Hyperlink button

We continue looking at the second tab, the Insert tab, on the Ribbon.  After the third group, Charts, the next group, Links, consists of a single button: Hyperlink.  The shortcut for this is Ctrl+K.

This pops up a dialog box in which you can choose the type of Hyperlink: An existing file or web page, or a new one, a place (cell address) in this Excel file, or an e-mail address. This can be particularly useful to go to (say) a cell on another sheet.

Once you've created a Hyperlink, you can edit it by right-clicking the hyperlink and then choosing Edit Hyperlink from the pop-up menu.  Alternatively, make sure the cell is selected, then click the Hyperlink button or press Ctrl+K again.  Selecting the cell is not as easy as you might think, because if you click on the hyperlink, Excel carries out the hyperlink: The secret is to click on a blank part of the cell, or click and hold for a moment.

When creating a Hyperlink to an e-mail address, you can put in Text to display, an address and a subject.  The address can be a single e-mail address to use, or several separated by semicolons (;).  You can also put in CC or BCC addresses using this form: -- note the "?cc=", whereas the original "mailto:" uses a colon.  If you edit the Hyperlink again, you will find that any spaces in the Subject have been changed to "%20": Do not be distressed, this is just an HTML representation of a space, and it will still work.

At least, a Hyperlink to an e-mail address works (creates a new e-mail, correctly addressed) if the user has Outlook.  If they are using an internet-based e-mail program like,, or the notorious, it won't create an e-mail.

To remove a Hyperlink, use the Delete key on that cell, or right-click it and choose Delete Hyperlink from the pop-up menu. 

QuickBooks Pro 2012 + Free Quick Payroll Lite!

Now that we are getting our teeth into 2012, we are finding out how much more user friendly it is!  Customer and supplier information is directly accessible from a quote, invoice or order.  Exporting of customers and suppliers is straightforward into Excel and comes with all their details, so that you can import them into your CRM package.

Are you thinking of buying QuickBooks Pro 2012?  Would you like a free bonus?  We are offering one Quick Payroll Lite (up to 20 employees per company) absolutely free: First person to order and pay for QuickBooks Pro 2012 gets it!

For more information, phone the team on 011 802-2685 / 6440.

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All the Best from the team!
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