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This has been one of our busiest months, which proves that holidays are not a barrier to business.  It seems that the economy is turning around for the better and the promised infrastructure investments should start to impact by July.  If they come on line sooner, that will be really good news.

Meanwhile the e-tolling situation goes to court this week and COSATU and the DA are organising protests.  COSATU on the roads and the DA outside the court.  It seems apparent from media articles that e-tolling at the proposed levels will have strong negative effects on the Gauteng economy.  It may even drive business out of the province.  This does not seem to have been considered by either SANRAL or the government.  One thing that will happen is that the municipal roads will be overloaded and deteriorate even faster.

The water crisis in Diepsloot is a promise of things to come with our drinking water supplies.  The Vaal River's state of pollution is already so high that cleaning the water at the water works is becoming very expensive.  Business needs to take action in this matter.

dotPLOT Version 7006 to be Released Soon

The new release is the first one to be compiled on PowerBASIC Console Compiler 6 (previous ones used PBCC 5).  This enables us to give the program a Windows icon.  More substantively, we have fixed a number of minor bugs that occur in rare circumstances: Much better error trapping as the actual module in which the error occurs will be reported. Geoscience found that the runoff symbol could appear twice under certain conditions, the second time on the last page where it would be shown above the page header. Error.log now works in all cases. Symbol count test was incorrect: Geo3 reported that 10 symbols was causing message "too many symbols". Dimension for various variables was too small: This could cause memory to be corrupted and on a subsequent run the program would crash (reported by Core).  Vertical Bar (|) to exclude samples caused a conflict with other variables. Rick reported four niggles in Jet Setup: 1) when re-defining fonts, 2) when re-defining vocabulary files, 3) revised colours were not correctly written to file, and 4) the prompt file was not used consistently.

Tracking your company's IT assets

Kaseya are in South Africa and their system is able to give your company security around all your IT assets by tracking them.  This means that the laptops that your employees take home or on site with them can be tracked and maintained remotely.  To learn more about the system and to set up a meeting, please contact Judith 011 802 2685 and she will set up a meeting with the representative for you.

Green Tip

Water is life, but polluted water is a dangerous source of illness and even death.  Please report all pollution situations --burst sewers etc.-- to your local municipality using,za [no longer exists] and encourage your friends and neighbours to do likewise.

AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD LT 2013

The Autodesk range of products for 2013 is now fully cloud enabled, giving users storage space for easy access to drawings anywhere and at any time. The new range of Design Suites is exceptional value for money and cuts the investment cost in half.  We did a quote for a customer last week and couldn't believe our eyes - needed to check the price list twice!

Please contact Judith or 011 802 2685 for more details or to set up an appointment to discuss your drawing office requirements.

Excel Tip #99 -  Excel 2007/2010: Secrets of the Ribbon (XII) - the Insert tab, Text button

We conclude looking at the second tab, the Insert tab, on the Ribbon.  After the small fourth group, Links, the next and last group, Text, consists of five buttons: Text Box, Header and Footer, WordArt, Signature Line, Object, and Symbol.

That concludes the Insert tab. To celebrate our Centenary (Tip #100) next time, we will look at Excel 2010 and compare it to 2007.

QuickBooks Update

Our lucky winner was 1Access who bought the next day - so congratulations to them!  No competition this month, however, remember that we have until the end of May to file on e@syfile all our payroll for last financial year.  Quick Payroll support can be obtained from on-site consultants by phoning QuickBooks on 010 230 4300.

For more information, phone the team on 011 802-2685 / 6440.

Computius Say:

Man who use seatbelt lose a few seconds; man who ignore seatbelt lose rest of life.

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
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