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This has marked a brilliant start to our new financial year.  It is great to be keeping up the trend experienced in financial 2012, in which we closed with the highest turnover for many years.  At last progress is being made.  Thank you to all our customers who have made this possible, we are truly grateful.

Willy has continued his sales success and is building up a fine customer base.  In consequence, we have a strong sales pipeline for Autodesk's Q3 targets, which, it has been hinted, are even higher than Q2's. Willy now has his own e-mail address

Kwena has joined us as a trainee programmer, so we are now better geared for software productivity.  As more development work is coming in, his added support is very welcome.

QuickBooks Update - Upgrade Special ends 31 July:  ACT NOW!

Still our favourite package range - very stable and the reporting is excellent!  All users on 2008 or earlier can now upgrade to 2012 at R1995 to upgrade Pro for first user and R1400 for additional users.  Upgrading to Premier costs R3185 for first user and R2100 for the additional users.

For more information, phone the team on 011 802-2685 / 6440.

dotPLOT Version 7007 with HotPlot 3.7.1 Released

For dot7007, Winston fixed a dotPLOT bug that occurred when first running some new installations: It would get a "File not found" Error.

There are significant new features in the Windows front-end, HotPlot.  The Text File Editor has several new features in the Edit menu:

HotPlot 3.7.1 (released 26 July, shortly after 3.7.0) also has a bug fix: If the program was closed while minimized (or if Windows shut down), the next time HotPlot ran it was "off screen" (it appeared on the taskbar but not on screen).

All these improvements without an increase in price (yet)!

Green Tip

With more and more river clean up projects, we are planning to work with the department of Water Affairs to get funding for communities!  This way people will be compensated for their efforts.

The Greenhouse Project in Joubert Park is close to complete, including the restoration of the Edwardian Conservatory.  Their official launch will be on Heritage weekend 22-24 September.  As the time grows closer, there will be press releases and radio interviews.  The launch will include a film festival and debates, freshly prepared food and an opportunity to see how green building works!

AutoCAD 2013 and Design Suites

The special has ended.  Another one has been hinted at, so please watch this space!  Meanwhile, we have plenty of solutions to meet your needs.  Please contact us and ask us how we can do this!

Please contact Judith or 011 802 2685 for more details or to set up an appointment to discuss your drawing office requirements.

Excel Tip #102 -  Excel 2010 Compared to Excel 2007, Concluded

We now look at the last new features in Excel 2010.

Microsoft claims the following performance improvements in Excel 2010:

You can use the new equation editing tools in Excel 2010 to insert common mathematical equations into your worksheets or to build up your own equations by using a library of math symbols, similar to the way it works in Word. You can also insert new equations inside of text boxes and other shapes. To get started, on the Insert tab, in the Symbols group, click the arrow next to Equation.

Paste with Live Preview

The paste with live preview feature enables you to save time when reusing content within Excel 2010 or across other programs. You can use it to preview various paste options, such as Keep Source Column Widths, No Borders, or Keep Source Formatting. The live preview enables you to visually determine how your pasted content will look before you actually paste it in the worksheet. When you move your pointer over Paste Options to preview results, you'll see a menu containing items that change contextually to best fit the content you are reusing. ScreenTips provide additional information to help you make the right decision.  However you still have to click the relevant option to cause it to "take"!

Macro Recording Support for Chart Elements

In Microsoft Office Excel 2007, recording a macro while formatting a chart, or other object, did not produce any macro code. However, in Excel 2010, you can use the macro recorder to record formatting changes to charts and other objects and then reuse those changes repeatedly. Standardize formatting by distributing these macros to users.

That concludes our Extended Centenary Tip. Next time, we will look at Excel 2010's Page Layout menu.

Computius Say: "It isn't Rocket Science"

With modern knowledge and technology, even rocket science isn't "Rocket Science" anymore...

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
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