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This is a very sorrowful period with Madiba in hospital.  We feel that it is holding everyone back out of respect.  Somehow, even the spectacular moon has not changed the mood for long.

Vacancies at Software Africa

Programming Internship

This position is open for an inexperienced person who has Access and VB.Net skills.  Please send your details to Rick Raubenheimer and he will send you our test.  If you score over 50% on all sections, he may ask you to come for an interview.

Receptionist/Telesales/PA Position

Also open to a junior wanting to gain job experience and grow into a full sales position.  Please send your CV to 

Autodesk Updates

We are busy upgrading our skills in order to serve you better. Our goal is to be a Silver Reseller!

Autodesk Subscription Benefits

These give real value to your Autodesk product users.  They include the following:

For more information go to and

Upgrade your Autodesk Products to Suites - Special until 18th July

Any current or less than seven-year-old Autodesk product can be upgraded to a Design Suite appropriate to your workflow.  This at a 20% discount on the price.  It is particularly cost-effective if you are utilising 3 or more Autodesk products.  However, the benefits may far outweigh even that as greater productivity comes with your investment in a suite.  To see a really effective use of Building Design Suite go to and read about the Shanghai Towers.  This building will be one of the tallest in the world on its completion and the design was optimized and tested using the full range of the suite's capabilities as well as Autodesk 360.

Please contact Judith or Willy for more information and a quotation.

QuickBooks Updates

QuickBooks is really simple to install and use.  It is also very stable, which means that you can easily check your data's integrity and trust it completely.  Whilst we seldom recommend Simple Start, it does have its uses.  Pro is the most effective entry level solution.

Most asked Question

Where do I find the licence number and the key when installing QuickBooks?  Answer: You'll find it on the back of your CD box!

In addition to selling you your QuickBooks or Quick Payroll, we also offer installation and telephone support.  Depending on where you are situated, the cost of installation is low but travel may add to it.

QuickBooks Upgrade Special until 28th June

Apologies - illness has stopped us promoting this sooner!  Order an upgrade today and get a 30% discount off the retail price of a new package!  Phone 011 802 2685.

Green Tip

As we have plenty of wood on the property, this season we installed a closed stove-type fireplace from Builders Warehouse.  The wood burns up almost entirely to fine ash, and heats the room beautifully.  The ash goes into the compost.  The only drawback is that, because the stove is quite small, we have to keep feeding it.  Since we grow our own wood, it is Carbon-neutral.

Excel Tip #113 - The Data tab (VI): Data Tools - Data Validation

We continue looking at the "Data" tab on Excel 2010's Ribbon, in the "Data Tools" group.  After "Remove Duplicates", which we looked at last time, comes "Data Validation".  This function has a button and a drop-down list, as illustrated below. The top choice on the drop-down list, "Data Validation", is also the function you get by clicking the button.  Whether you choose the button or the top drop down list item, you get a dialogue box with three tabs as shown below:

The three tabs are:

  1. Settings: here you choose the validation criteria, for example of the type of number or the length of text allowed.
  2. Input Message: If this is selected and filled in, when the cell is selected a "post-it" note displays as shown bottom left of the picture.  You can grab and drag this out of the way if it is in the wrong place.
  3. Error Alert: This tells Excel what to do if the rule is violated.  A Warning, as shown above, allows you to continue by clicking the Yes button.  A Stop alert, on the other hand, gives you Retry and Cancel but no way to accept the error and proceed.  The final style of error message, Information, gives you OK and Cancel buttons, again allowing you to accept the error and proceed.

The other choices on the drop-down list are "Circle Invalid Data", the effect of which is illustrated at the bottom right of the picture, and "Clear Validation Circles", which should be obvious.

The next item in the "Data Tools" ribbon is "Consolidate", which we will look at next time.

Computius Say:

Computius developed technology that, when installed correctly, let him see through solid brick wall.

In honour of favourite operating system, he calling this amazing device a "window".

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
Judith and Rick

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