Newsletter - August 2013

The Specials Edition


This is coming out early because some very good specials have been launched by Autodesk for their third quarter.  This makes us feel warmer than this late Winter chill is making everyone!

Bank Reconciliation Spreadsheet for FNB

One of the many free items on the Software Africa website is the Bank Account Reconciliation Spreadsheet.  You copy the new lines from your bank's on-line statement, paste into the spreadsheet, click a button, and the data is rearranged and checked.

Recently, First National Bleep Bank sabotaged (they call it "improved") their web site so that data pasted from the on-line statement no longer works: It all ends up in one column.  Despite our vociferous complaints, the bank that advertises "how can we help you" shows no sign of fixing this abortion.  Consequently we have had to modify our spreadsheets to cater for it.

Do you use the Bank Reconciliation Spreadsheet for FNB, and want us to put the new code into it too?  If so, are you willing to pay R200 + VAT to encourage us to do it soon?  Yes?  Then please e-mail Rick.

Vacancy at Software Africa

Programming Internship

This position is open for an person who has Access and VB.Net training but not much practical experience.  Please send your CV to Rick and he will send you our test.  If you score over 50% on all sections, he will probably ask you to come for an interview.

Autodesk Specials

All new seats are discounted from now until 18th October 2013:

AutoCAD Verticals and Standalone products are discounted by 10%

The Design Suites are discounted as follows:

With two exceptions - Factory and Product Design Suites are only discounted at the Ultimate level.

AutoCAD LT excluding the Mac version is now R10,828.86 inc VAT but excluding subscription.

Please contact Judith or Willy for quotes.

Autodesk Subscription Benefits

These give real value to your Autodesk product users.  They include the following:

For more information go to and

Green Tips

Remember that Total Garages have recycling bins for you to drop off your recyclables.  This guarantees that they do not go to land fill.

Now is the time to destroy invasive plants and have a day or two cleaning your local rivers with a community team!

QuickBooks In the Cloud

Although this is not a cheap option, you can have your QuickBooks (excluding Simple Start) hosted on the web.  For more information please contact Judith or Willy

Support Problem and Fast Response

If hanging on for a reply from QuickBooks Support is not your cup of tea, rather e-mail  The turnaround is very good.

Most asked Question

Where do I find the licence number and the key when installing QuickBooks?  Answer: You'll find it on the back of your CD box!

In addition to selling you your QuickBooks or Quick Payroll, we also offer installation and telephone support.  Depending on where you are situated, the cost of installation is low, but travel may add to it.

Excel Tip #115 - The Data tab (VII): Data Tools - Consolidate

We continue looking at the "Data" tab on Excel 2010's Ribbon, in the "Data Tools" group.  After "Data Validation", which we looked at in Tip #113, comes "Consolidate".  This function allows you to combine figures from different sheets --or even different workbooks-- in various ways.  The data on the various sheets should have a similar structure.  In the example below we have two sheets, for a company's branches in Joburg and Hotazel, selling slightly different sets of products.  We want to add the quarterly sales quantities from the two branches to arrive at the totals:

Once the Joburg and Hotazel sheets are set up, we add a blank sheet for Total, and click in cell A1.  On the Data" tab, in the "Data Tools" group, click "Consolidate".  The dialog box shown above, opens.  "Function" is already set to "Sum" (there are also Count, Average, Max, Min, and some statistical functions).  In the Reference box, click the "Collapse Dialog" button (circled in red, just to the left of the "Browse" button); select all the data (not just headings!) in one sheet; press Enter; click Add.  Repeat for the other data range.  In our case we have labels both in the top row and the left column, so tick both of these.  Your dialog should then look as shown above.

Click OK.  The results should look as shown for the Total sheet above right.  Since only Joburg sells Thingamajigs, and only Hotazel sells Dinguses, we have an extra row in the totals.  The order of the items does not matter; the names do.  Notes:

  1. Formatting is not copied from the individual sheets.
  2. The results are not formulas, and do not update automatically.  You have to click Consolidate >> OK to update.
  3. We did not use "Create links to source data".  If you do, you get results that are formulas, and do update automatically, but you end up with hidden rows referencing the data. If you rearrange the source data, changes may not carry though correctly to the totals.
  4. The Browse button is used to locate workbooks, if the ranges are in a different workbook.
  5. If you don't tick "Use Labels" for top row, left column, or both, then those labels are ignored and the sum is done based on the position of the cell in each of the ranges.

The next item in the "Data Tools" ribbon is "What-If", which we will look at in the next issue.

Computius Say:

How did people waste time before Facebook was invented?

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
Judith and Rick

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