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Never expect the year to start slowly - it is quite capable of starting with a bang!  If yours started the same way as ours, you may have been running around madly to fulfil orders and do quotes.  May everyone's 2015 be a great year.

The one thing we are waiting for is the allocation of tenders for all the infrastructure projects that have been tendered for last year.  If these start to come through, it will make a big difference to economic growth.


We have a vacancy for a trainee software salesperson to start in March.  Training will be available via the Internet on QuickBooks and Autodesk products.  Requirements are Matric and computer literacy.  Contact Judith or Rick.

Tip: Useful Website to Prevent Red Faces

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QuickBooks' special is over.  We started the year by doing a network installation of QuickBooks Premier 2015.  What a pleasure!  All our grumbles from 2014 have been sorted and the installation went through beautifully.  We are getting great feedback on the new versions generally.

Mammoth Tipfest: Order Notes Now!

For the opportunity to get --absolutely free-- 23 great tips and tricks on Windows, Outlook and Excel, scroll down to the end of this newsletter.

Green Tip

This one is very simple, but sometimes we don't think about doing it.  When you leave a room, turn off the lights.  It does save power and makes a difference.


The specials on AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD have finished, as stock has run out.  The price rise, triggered by the fall of the Rand against the US Dollar was minimal being only 3.1%.  Watching the exchange rate during the month, it looks as if the Rand may strengthen again.  We can only hope.

The new offerings, set out below, are due to come online in February, so we are waiting for the new price list to be out.  Certainly the number of enquiries we have had for the desktop licences justify having them available asap!  This option will make investing in Autodesk solutions much more affordable, especially for small businesses.  Please contact Judith or Willy for quotes.

Autodesk Subscription Changes

From 1 February 2015, upgrades of Autodesk products will no longer be available and all products will have to be bought new.  There will also be three types of subscription available.  The first is the traditional one described below:

The next is the Desktop subscription.  This is the solution to managing projects which require using a solution for 3 months to a year. 

Finally there is Cloud subscription taken for any of the Cloud based solutions and valid for 3, 6 and 12 months.

Subscriptions are therefore very flexible as you can have them for the life of the project and thereafter do not renew until you require another subscription.

If you have this kind of requirement, please contact Judith or Willy for quotes.  Please note that until 1 February 2015, some products will not have this option.

For more information go to and

Excel Tip #130 - The View tab (II): Zoom Group

Last time we started viewing the "View" tab.  We now look at the third group, "Zoom":

The Zoom group has only three buttons:

Next time, we will start with the Window group in the View tab.

Mammoth Tipfest: Order Notes Now!

Here is a belated Festive Season gift for loyal readers: On Tuesday, 20 January, Rick did an hour-long presentation of twenty tips and tricks on Windows, Outlook and Excel.  You can now get his notes as a 14-page Word document. To get your free copy, Click Here and Send the resulting email. Topics include:

Rick's talk formed the end of the afternoon CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Course for Tax Practitioners, Tax Planners, Trustees, Trust Beneficiaries, Accountants, Auditors and Company Executives presented by Frank Shain at the War Museum, next to Johannesburg Zoo.  Send Frank an email if you would like to be included on his invitation list.

Computius Say:

Guide to Computer Terms:
"USB" - Short for "You Should Buy" a Memory Stick to store backups of your important files!

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
Judith and Rick

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