Newsletter - September 2015 - 15th Anniversary!


September 2015 is the 15th Anniversary Edition of this electronic newsletter, started in September 2000.  For many years prior to that, we ran a newsletter, printed on paper, and posted it to our customers.  Does anybody remember "post"? Anybody remember "paper"?

The early rains have meant floods and exhibited just how much rubbish is chunked into our rivers.  They have also caused plants to flower and freshened our air.

During load shedding, we can still be contacted via our cell phones - 082 389 3481 and 082 389 3482.

Computer Tip: "PowerPoint Keyboard Tricks"

Ctrl+D: To copy a picture or slide, you would usually use copy/paste, and you still can. But in PowerPoint, as in Excel (below), they combined the copy/paste into Ctrl+D for "Duplicate".
F5: To quickly launch your show from the first slide.
Shift+F5: To quickly launch your show from the current slide.
Ctrl+M: To add a new slide at any point. (Ctrl+N creates an entirely new presentation.)
Tab at bullet: Demote a bullet point (making it a sub bullet).
Shift+Tab at bullet: Promote a bullet point (make it a lead bullet).
B: During a presentation, tap 'B' or '.' (full stop) to Blackout the screen and pause your show. Tap it again to clear it.
W: During a presentation, tap 'W' or ',' (comma) to Whiteout the screen and pause your show. Tap it again to clear it.
# Enter: During a show, typing a slide number and pressing enter will 'Go To' that slide.

From Andy Lanning's Computer Super Secrets.

Looming Lumion Price Increase - Architects, Engineers and Construction Professionals, Please Note!

We have had an email from the South African distributor of Lumion Pro, saying: "Due to the RoE against the Euro, we are going to have to put up the price of Lumion software. I am aiming at maintaining it until 25 Sep, but if it goes over R16/Euro it will have to go up immediately".

Might this be a good time to order and pay for your Lumion, to avoid the price increase?. Contact Rick for prices.

QuickBooks - Buy new and receive a free upgrade to 2016

Contact us to take advantage!  The special is still running so contact us right away!

Green Tip

The other side of your wall is not a rubbish disposal area, particularly when you live beside a park or river trail.  Please use recycling areas at your local refuse disposal place or at garages.

Autodesk Price Rise looming

Sadly, prices will rise after 21st September!  Please place your orders and make sure that payment is made by this date..

Special offers for Q3 from Autodesk

The specials on offer right now are a 15% discount is you buy permanent licences with three years maintenance subscription or if you buy three years of an Annual Desktop subscription.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

The 2015 release of Creative Cloud for teams - including the brand new Adobe Stock service introduced today for the very first time - is here! This is an amazing new release, chock full of innovation, that ushers in a new era of creativity and collaboration. With the 2015 release of Creative Cloud, businesses and creative teams will be able to:

So we are already geared up and waiting to tell you far more about this exciting upgrade and the solutions.  Remember that, once you have had your subscription registered, you can update all you software to the very latest at once!  All your software licence details are located in the Cloud, so no more losing the so easily lost and stolen packages!

Please go to the brand new Creative Cloud for teams pages on, which provide a rich set of content to help inform, impress and quickly convert you to this new way of working.  For pricing and more information please contact Judith for quotes

Excel Tip #137 - Using Ctrl+D and Ctrl+R

Last time, on the Developer tab, under the Add-Ins, we recapped the Solver Add-in.  This edition, we take a break and remind you about Ctrl+D in Excel: This seemed a good time, since we mentioned Ctrl+D in the PowerPoint Tip above.

Ctrl+D works to "Duplicate Down" in the following ways:

As a bonus, we mention Ctrl+R, or "Duplicate Right". This works similarly, but to the right instead of down:

As is usual with copy and paste, formulas adjust for the new cell addresses, except if the formula contains a $ before the row and/or column address, which then does not change.

Next time, we will continue with the Developer tab.

Computius Say:

He who think paper is outmoded should try going to loo using iPad.

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
Judith and Rick

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