Newsletter - October 2015


October comes with an increase in heat and little rain.  The drought across South Africa is threatening major water problems, which are made worse by little or no infrastructure maintenance. Of course, domestic users are accused of wasting water and being the cause of "water-shedding".

During load shedding, we can still be contacted via our cell phones - 082 389 3481 and 082 389 3482.  In fact, if our landlines go unanswered, please phone us on our cellphones as we are having intermittent problems with our switchboard.

Computer Tip: "MS Outlook Hidden Trick"

If you use Microsoft Outlook as an email, calendar, and contact manager, then you are familiar with switching screens back and forth to check your calendar or email. This trick works well if you have two monitors (It still works with one monitor, but your best results are with two: You can then place your email on one screen and your calendar on the other).  Here's how:

  1. In Outlook, click the Mail button on bottom left panel
  2. Now Right-Click the Calendar button
  3. Choose "Open in new window"
  4. Click and drag the Calendar window to the other screen (or beside your email screen).
  5. Resize as necessary and Happy Scheduling!

From Andy Lanning's Computer Super Secrets.

QuickBooks - Buy new and receive a free upgrade to 2016

Contact us to take advantage!  The special is still running so contact us right away!  2016 is due out very soon and it will be much more expensive than 2015 - so jump in and buy!

Green Tip

The other side of your wall is not a rubbish disposal area, particularly when you live beside a park or river trail.  Please use recycling areas at your local refuse disposal place or at garages.

Autodesk Price Rise

Well it happened sadly.  However, the Rand has since strengthened.  May it continue and give us a break for year end!

Special offers for Q3 from Autodesk

The specials on offer right now are a 15% discount is you buy permanent licences with three years maintenance subscription or if you buy three years of an Annual Desktop subscription.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

The 2015 release of Creative Cloud for teams - including the brand new Adobe Stock service introduced today for the very first time - is here! This is an amazing new release, chock full of innovation, that ushers in a new era of creativity and collaboration. With the 2015 release of Creative Cloud, businesses and creative teams will be able to:

So we are already geared up and waiting to tell you far more about this exciting upgrade and the solutions.  Remember that, once you have had your subscription registered, you can update all you software to the very latest at once!  All your software licence details are located in the Cloud, so no more losing the so easily lost and stolen packages!

Please go to the brand new Creative Cloud for teams pages on, which provide a rich set of content to help inform, impress and quickly convert you to this new way of working.  For pricing and more information please contact Judith for quotes

Excel Tip #138 - The Developer tab (V), Code Group

For several issues now, we have been looking at the Developer tab, which can be set to appear just to the right of the View tab. It looks like this:

Both the Code group and the Controls group are concerned with programming, so we will look at them consecutively, starting with the Code group:

What would you like us to do next time? Email Rick if you would like us to look at some VBA code.  If there is not enough interest in code, we will continue with the Controls Group on the Developer tab.

Computius Say:

If wines worked like computer software, the Autodesk Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 would now be available for download, and earlier vintages could no longer be sold.

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
Judith and Rick

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