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The heat continues and we are getting some rain, which is very welcome!  The 25% fall of the Rand against the US Dollar really came home when I bought a new manual from Toastmasters - up to R125 from R80 just a few months ago.  This means that local Toastmasters' club fees will be similarly affected for the year ahead.

Unfortunately, my productivity has been affected by a real purler of a fall in mid-January.  My bruises are a sight to behold.  Finally got good medication from the doctor and am now getting back to full steam again!

Cloud Backup

We will also be looking at Microsoft offerings via Azure and assessing their costs, please contact Judith.

Hot Tip!

You may recall the huge electrical storm Gauteng had last Sunday night. One of our customers was struck by lightning and lost all their electrical equipment. However, come Monday morning they were able to get back up and running within hours with new equipment and no data loss, because they had a regular offsite backup. If your data is critical to your business, you need one too!  We can make recommendations.  Please email Judith or phone 011 802-6440.

QuickBooks - 2016

I can now safely say that 2016 works far better than 2015 did when running the database on a server. With 2015 we had repeated connectivity problems.

Microsoft Office 365

Get Office 365, the professional toolset without the hassle!

We've still to test to obtain an in-depth understanding, plus looking at certification.

Try it free for 30 days: Ask Judith for the link to download.

Green Tip

Please only water after 18:00 and before 06:00.  This way the water actually goes to the plants.  Look at drip irrigation instead of wasteful spray irrigation.

Autodesk updates

Autodesk dropped its pricing today because the Rand has strengthened!  All quotes and invoices will be suitably revised! Yay!

Please note that from 1st February 2016, all maintenance subscriptions must be renewed promptly!

The Subscription Options

From the 1st February, only subscription offerings are available.  This are as follows:

Quarterly Desktop Subscription with Basic Support - which gives you 24 hour turnaround (1 day).

Quarterly Desktop Subscription with Advanced Support - which gives you same day turnaround

Annual Desktop Subscription with Basic Support - which gives you 24 hour turnaround

Annual Desktop Subscription with Advanced Support - which gives you same day turnaround

AutoCAD LT subscriptions only come with Advanced Support!

You can pause your subscription if you do not want to renew at the end of the period.  This means you can renew when work loads justify doing so.

Revit Offerings

The most exciting development has been the release of the Revit Collaboration Suite.  This gives you Revit and AutoCAD plus A360 in the Cloud.  This is a highly cost effective way to bring the power of Revit into your designing.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

The 2015 release of Creative Cloud for teams - including the brand new Adobe Stock service introduced today for the very first time - is here! This is an amazing new release, chock full of innovation, that ushers in a new era of creativity and collaboration. With the 2015 release of Creative Cloud, businesses and creative teams will be able to:

We are already geared up and waiting to tell you far more about this exciting upgrade and the solutions.  Remember that, once you have had your subscription registered, you can update all your software to the very latest at once!  All your software licence details are located in the Cloud, so no more losing the so-easily-lost and -stolen packages!

Please go to the brand new Creative Cloud for teams pages on, which provide a rich set of content to help inform, impress and quickly convert you to this new way of working.  For pricing and more information please contact Judith for quotes

Excel Tip #141 -  Create Trusted Locations

Last time we looked at how to prevent malicious code running in Excel 2007 and later.  However, this could be a nuisance for files you know are clean. The workaround is to tell Excel to always trust files in certain locations.  This has to be done on each PC.  Here's how you do it:

Now, when you open a file on a Trusted Location, you will not see the message under the ribbon: "Security Warning: Macros have been disabled".  Auto-run macros will run immediately: Be warned!

Computius Say:

A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
Judith and Rick

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