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Isn't it strange - we have a water and sewage infrastructure crisis, but no action to resolve it.  We are desperately short of plumbers, electricians and other artisans, but no training is happening except in Ekurhuleni.  We have an employment crisis, which is being ignored, despite the fact that it is pushing the destitute into crime to stay alive.  We have mining companies promising jobs and moving people off their land.  No jobs happen and the communities are rendered indigent.

Is this what we fought for in removing apartheid?

Well it certainly wasn't what I fought for and I am bold enough to stand up and say so. 

Then I look at the advert we have been running below.  We've had no applications.  Is learning on the web so scary that no-one wants to take on the challenge? With our Cloud Telephony solution, once someone has passed the exams and become more than an intern, the potential is for them to log into the Cloud from home and not have to travel.  Just sell and meet targets, instead. We are looking at payment portals so that we can sell on line.  Access to QuickBooks via our server.  Why should we travel around and waste time when we can log into our profiles and work from our home offices?

The Internet is rich in resources to boost sales.

Sales Position

We still have an opening for a salesperson to sell QuickBooks and Autodesk products.  Come and work in an office which uses Cloud telephony solutions!  In addition, you get to use QuickBooks in your daily tasks and pass the Autodesk exams online.  Please send CVs to Judith.

QuickBooks - 2016

QuickBooks 2016 comes in three flavours - Pro, Premier and Premier Accountant.  QuickBooks have rationalised their pricing and now only support the 2015 versions as well as 2016.  We advise people to upgrade to 2016, not only because it works better than 2015, but because the cost is the same.

If you run QuickBooks on a server, as we do, please make sure that the server is running the Database Manager.  Otherwise, you will have problems accessing multi-user mode.

Green Tip

Leave the plastic bag at the till, rather take old ones or buy the long term bags made from recycled plastic.  Don't believe (in Gauteng) that you have to drink bottled water.  Tap water in Joburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni is perfectly potable.  The same goes for Cape Town.

Autodesk updates

Please note that from 1st February 2016, all maintenance subscriptions must be renewed promptly!

The Subscription Options

From the 1st February, only subscription offerings are available.  These are as follows:

AutoCAD LT subscriptions only come with Advanced Support!

Ironically, I discovered that some of the Design Suites are still available on permanent licence plus maintenance subscription.  If this is a direction you want to take - do it now!

You can pause your subscription if you do not want to renew at the end of the period.  This means you can renew when work loads justify doing so.

Prices are down

Please note that pricing is currently reduced but the Rand is weakening.  Please, if you have a quote from us, make a quick decision to take advantage of the good pricing as prices could well rise again.

Revit Offerings

Revit has been released as a standalone product once more. It incorporates Architecture, MEP and Structure, plus A360 cloud rendering.  The latter frees up the designer's machine for other work as well as operating much faster.  It is available on Annual and Quarterly subscriptions.

Inventor Changes

Inventor Pro is now available outside of the Suites, whilst straight Inventor is not.  Pro comes in at the same pricing (approximately) as AutoCAD, which makes it a great investment as you can stress test your designs with Pro.

Excel Tip #144 -  Random Numbers

Sometimes you need a series of random numbers, for example to use as test data.  The =RAND() function (nothing to do with the random value of the Rand!) will produce a random number between 0 and 1.  If you require, say, a random number between 0 and 100, use =RAND()*100.  For, say, a random number between 40 and 100, use =40+RAND()*60.

To limit the formula to a certain number of decimal places, put the function inside =ROUND(x, n) where n is the number of decimals, e.g. =ROUND(RAND()*100, 2) for two decimals.

If you need several random numbers in a column, get the first formula right, then copy it down as far as required:  Select the cell containing the formula.  At the bottom right-hand corner of the selected area, grab the little "+" and drag it down as far as needed.  Alternatively, start on the cell containing the formula and select down as far as needed, then press Ctrl+D.

Every time the spreadsheet recalculates, such as when you enter a new formula or press F9, the random numbers recalculate.  At some point you will probably want them to be static random numbers:  Select them, copy, then paste values.

Computius Say:

Success always occur in private, failure in full view.

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
Judith and Rick

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