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Now, as we wind down for year end, may we wish you safe travels and wonderful celebrations. May the rains continue to fill our water systems as well.

QuickBooks 2017 Premier ONE DAY Special!

For Thursday 8th December only, so place your orders NOW for fulfilment then!  Please contact Judith!

QuickBooks 2017 Features

Here are some of the new features:

Contact Judith for more information!

Online Business Tip #2 - Google Currency Conversion

In the Google Chrome browser, or on, or in Firefox with Google as default search engine, you can easily get a currency conversion.  For example, enter "$100 in ZAR", and Google will give you a handy converter:

Some of the items in this new series of tips to help grow your business are culled from a Peter Carruthers course.

Quick Payroll

The original Quick Payroll is being retired. QuickBooks advises that you "Please upgrade to the new Quick Payroll Key Player as soon as possible".

Just like old trains, software moves on. To move forward with the times we launched Quick Payroll Key Player earlier this year. This means that when your current Quick Payroll license expires, we will not be able to re-activate that version of Quick Payroll. This means that you will not be able to work on Quick Payroll anymore which is the last thing we want you to experience so we need you to upgrade and convert sooner, rather than later.

To make this process as convenient as possible for you, you will get the upgrade to Quick Payroll Key Player as well as the conversion of your company file for FREE. However, we know that moving away from your existing software will, no doubt, put you under a certain amount of stress, which is why we ask you to do the following before upgrading and converting:

Move to the new software after you have completed a month end. Then send your company file to us. Please remember that you need to give us some time to do the conversion. To be safe, approximately a week.  We want the conversion to be accurate, as we always try to give our customers a memorable experience.

We look forward to having you as a Quick Payroll Key Player user and we will do our utmost to make the transition from the old Quick Payroll, as painless as possible. Please contact for assistance with this.

Please contact Judith for the new KeyPlayer software and assistance in getting your data file to QuickBooks for conversion.

Green Tip

Please report all dumping to your local metro or council. Water and sewer leaks also require urgent reporting.

The Subscription Options for Autodesk Products

These are as follows:

AutoCAD LT subscriptions only come with Advanced Support!

If you have bought perpetual Suites on a maintenance plan - that's good too! You can continue to renew the maintenance plan for your Suite as long as
you want.

You can pause your Collection subscription if you do not want to renew at the end of the period. The downside is that you actually have to purchase a brand new subscription. This requires downloading the new software again.

AutoCAD pricing affected by the Rand/US Dollar Exchange Rate

Sadly the price drop did not last long. However, recently the Rand has been strengthening so perhaps next week's price list will bring relief again!

Autodesk AutoCAD 360 Pro

Introducing a powerful mobile app for CAD--Autodesk AutoCAD 360 Pro--which gives you essential tools for on-the-go work. Be more productive by easily viewing, creating, editing, and sharing CAD drawings on your tablet or smartphone--no need to bring printed drawings to job sites or client visits. Access your DWG files from many cloud storage services. View every aspect of your drawings, measure accurately, redline, add comments, make changes, and even create new drawings on the fly. Your updates are easily shared with team members and accessible in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT improving collaboration, accelerating project timelines, and avoiding costly mistakes.

Excel Tip #150 - What's New in Excel 2016?

Finding out what is new in Excel 2016 for Windows Desktop is a frustrating exercise.

In the new "Tell me what you want to do?" box, type in "What's New?", press Enter, and it goes into the Font submenu!

Try again (you have to retype "What's New?", which it doesn't remember): This time, try the bottom item, "Smart Lookup".  We then got a series of very un-smart suggestions, starting with looking on Wikipedia for "New Jersey"!

All right. Try again with more care. This time type "What's New in Excel 2016?", and choose the second-from-last item on the menu, "Get Help on" whatever you typed.  We are running Windows Desktop, but the "new and improved features" relate to feature updates that are available to Office 365 subscribers. They will first roll out to Office Insider participants, and later to consumer and commercial Office 365 subscribers.

If you have an Office 365 subscription, Microsoft is now rolling (mostly minor) changes into its products on a regular basis, which the cynical could say means that new bugs will be constantly introduced, and the products will never be stable.  Moreover, the desktop and on-line ("365") versions will be different, and on-line functions such as those listed below will not work in the downloaded spreadsheet:  What a mess!

Here's a selection from the January 2016 Updates (remember, Cloud only):

Improved autocomplete: Excel autocomplete isn't as picky as it was before. For example, say you want to use the NETWORKDAYS function, but can't remember how it is spelled. If you just type =DAYS, the autocomplete menu will bring back all of the functions that contain "DAYS," including NETWORKDAYS (before, you had to spell the function name exactly) .

TEXTJOIN: This function combines text from multiple ranges, and each item is separated by a delimiter that you specify.

CONCAT: This new function is like CONCATENATE, but better. First of all: it's shorter. But it also supports range references in addition to cell references.

IFS: Tired of typing complicated, nested IF functions? The IFS function is the solution. With this function, conditions are tested in the order that you specify. If passed, the result is returned. You can also specify an "catch all" ELSE if none of the conditions are met.

SWITCH: This function evaluates an expression against a list of values in order, and returns the first matching result. If no results match, the "else" is returned.

MAXIFS & MINIFS : This functions return respectively the largest and smallest number in a range, that meets a single or multiple criteria.

Black Theme: Oh, puhleese!  The Themes to date are so few and useless that they needed a new one?

Well, the new functions look like they might be useful, and we look forward to having them in the Desktop version.  One day.  If they haven't forced us all into the Cloud by then...

Next month we will return to what's new in Excel 2016 Desktop.

Computius Say:

If train station is where train stops, what is work station?

End-of-Year Gifts: Free Spreadsheets

The free spreadsheets you can order from our web site, just by sending an e-mail with the right Subject, are:

To order any of these spreadsheets, visit our free spreadsheets web page.

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
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