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Very best news - Autodesk pricing has come down by 4% since Trump has run the US Dollar down. We are living in interesting times to quote an ancient Chinese curse, but let's not crow about it! Rains have been good and dams are slowly filling up.  The Sandton Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants to meet with the Metro to propose that a focus on infrastructure be undertaken, this is where our major problems lie. In fact this is true throughout the country.

Autodesk Price Decrease

This is in place right now, so when decisions have been made, we will invoice you at the new price. The reason we are holding back is the looming State of the Nation speech this week. We would recommend placing and paying before it!

Announcing ZWCAD!

We have been concerned for some time that, with the ever-widening Dollar-Rand exchange rate and the pricing of Autodesk products based on the Dollar, AutoCAD is becoming too expensive for many companies.  After investigation and negotiations, we can now, as an Authorised Reseller, offer a cheaper alternative, very similar in function: ZWCAD. Watch an introductory video here (3 minutes).

ZWCAD 2017 produces DWG files, the same as AutoCAD, and comes in Standard and Professional versions: The former is for 2D drafting, like AutoCAD LT. ZWCAD Pro has 3D capabilities and can do rendering, similar to full AutoCAD.

ZWCAD is available for outright purchase (as AutoCAD used to be) and also on annual licence (as AutoCAD is now).  On annual licence, ZWCAD Std is 77% of the price of AutoCAD LT; and ZWCAD Pro is 23% of the price of full AutoCAD even after the latter's price decrease.

You can download a 30-day Free Trial of ZWCAD 2017 here. The download is the PRO version, but when activated with a STD key it will switch off PRO features.
Go to this link for product features and to this link for a product comparison.

Would you like to buy?  Email Rick.

QuickBooks 2017 Features

Here are some of the new features:

Contact Judith for more information!

Online Business Tip #4 - Google Dictionary

Not sure of a word? In the Google Chrome browser, or on, or in Firefox with Google as default search engine, you can easily get the dictionary definition of any word.  For example, enter "meaning of life" or "meaning of word life", and Google will give you a handy display (shown on the right):

PS: Who is more likely to buy from you, someone who bought before, or a stranger? But only if you stay in touch!  Get started on this FREE course, "How to Use Email to Sell More to More People".

Quick Payroll

We look forward to having you as a Quick Payroll Key Player user and we will do our utmost to make the transition from the old Quick Payroll, as painless as possible. Please contact for assistance with this.

Please contact Judith for the new KeyPlayer software and assistance in getting your data file to QuickBooks for conversion.

Green Tip

Good rain does not mean lots of water. The drought has made us very water scarce and this has been exacerbated by the huge amount of mining licences granted over the years.

The Subscription Options for Autodesk Products

These are as follows:

AutoCAD LT subscriptions only come with Advanced Support!

If you have bought perpetual Suites on a maintenance plan - that's good too! You can continue to renew the maintenance plan for your Suite as long as
you want.

You can pause subscriptions, but not maintenance plans. When you take up a subscription again, you will have to re-download the software.

The World is changing rapidly

Here is a very good link for Autodesk users to see what is new and the benefits:

Excel Tip #151 What's New in Excel 2016 for Windows? New Charts...

We return to looking at what is new in Excel 2016 for Windows Desktop, compared with Excel 2010.

While 2016 looks very similar to 2010, just clumsier and uglier, there are various less-obvious additions broadly aimed at data manipulation. We'll take an overview of the new charts this time.

On the Insert ribbon, Charts group, there is a new button, Recommended Charts. Their recommendations did not prove useful in our experiment using dates and bank balances, since Excel still doesn't have a Bank Balance chart.

The Recommended Charts dialog also allows us, on the tab All Charts, to choose any chart type (this replaces the 2010 button "All Charts").  We will return to this.

In  Charts group, highlighted in the picture below, there are these three new buttons: Hierarchy, Waterfall or Stock, and Statistical. Click Hierarchy Chart to use the new Treemap or Sunburst chart, click Waterfall or Stock Chart for Waterfall, or click Insert Statistical Chart for Histogram, Pareto, or Box and Whisker.  There is also a split button PivotChart, which offers two options (PivotChart, and PivotChart & PivotTable), and produces three new ribbon options for PivotChart Tools: Analyse, Design, and Format.

From next month we will look at these new chart types in detail.

Computius Say:

Now the Google has told us "meaning of life", we can get on with living it.

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
Judith and Rick

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