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Finally seeing the days lengthen towards Spring, this is still a very mild Winter. Maybe we have not seen the real weather as yet.


The special has ended. Please can everyone keep their eyes open around notices from Autodesk indicating that subscriptions need renewing. This is because they are getting very strict on timely renewals. Our database does help and we will be sending out quotes for renewals. We will indicate the expiry date when we do so.

Online Business Tip #9 - Control Your Chrome Downloads

Tired of your Google Chrome downloads going somewhere where you cannot find them later? Would you like to download to different locations depending on what your are downloading? Get control over your downloads as follows:

In Google Chrome, click on the "three dots" menu button on the extreme top right.  From the drop-down menu, choose Settings. Scroll down and click on Advanced. Scroll further down to the section "Downloads". Either set the location (e.g. to "C:\Downloads") or, next to "Ask where to save each file before downloading", move the slider to the right so that it asks every time.

QuickBooks 2017 Update

QuickBooks Accounting Software is now being offered as an Annual Subscription. With the Annual Subscription, you will receive much more as it is a subscription that comes with perks - QuickPerks.

Receive QuickBooks 2017 and free upgrades to the latest version of QuickBooks available when you renew your subscription annually

  • Free email and telephone support.
  • EasyBIZCONNECT, which is an application that comes in two hardworking parts:
    1. An Open Database Connection Driver (ODBC) that allows users to access data from QuickBooks and view it in other applications
    2. Mobile applications that allow business owners, reps and even clients to access information within QuickBooks from a mobile device

    The QuickPerks Annual Subscription offers you and your business many benefits, including making your QuickBooks Desktop package mobile. Isnít it time to convert your business to easier financial management?

    Contact Judith for more information!

    QuickBooks Special

    This is valid until 31 July as follows:

    Upgrade to the latest QuickBooks and get 50% OFF

    Desktop Pro R2000 - Premier R2500 - Accountant R3000 (all Single User)

    *Please enquire about additional user pricing. 

    These prices include the following QuickPerks

             QuickBooks 2017 and free upgrades when you renew your subscription going forward

             Email and telephone support is included in your subscription

             Mobile applications that allow you to access and use information within QuickBooks from your mobile device 

    EasyBIZconnect on smartphones

    ​As part of this exclusive, once off offer, we are also giving a 20% discount on your Quick Payroll purchase

    Please contact Judith urgently!


    Quick Payroll

    We look forward to having you as a Quick Payroll Key Player user and we will do our utmost to make the transition from the old Quick Payroll, as painless as possible. Please contact for assistance with this.

    Please contact Judith for the new KeyPlayer software and assistance in getting your data file to QuickBooks for conversion.

    Green Tip

    It's river clean-up time. Why not form a group and clean up your local rivers and streams? Remember to use gloves and have a good wash afterwards.

    The World is changing rapidly

    All Autodesk products have similar links to training and resources. Here's the one for AutoCAD .

    Excel Tip #155 Ė Paste Multiply

    Taking a break from "What's New in Excel 2016 for Windows" for this month, here is a tip that can be of use in all versions.

    We recently had the grading curve envelope for COLTO G1(26.5), G2(26.5), and G3(26.5) gradings shown on the left, and needed to change it to look like the table on the right:

    Sieve (mm) Lower Upper   Sieve (mm) Lower % Upper %
    26.5 1 1   26.5 100 100
    19 0.85 0.95   19 85 95
    13.2 0.71 0.84   13.2 71 84
    4.75 0.42 0.6   4.75 42 60
    2 0.27 0.45   2 27 45
    0.425 0.13 0.27   0.425 13 27
    0.075 0.05 0.12   0.075 5 12

    We needed to convert the last two columns from fractions to percentages.  "Convert", not simply format as %.  What to do?

    We could have set up a formula multiplying the relevant cells by 100, and then used copy - paste values, but there is an easier way:

    1. Enter 100 into a blank cell somewhere.
    2. Select that cell. Copy (Ctrl+C or, on the Home toolbar, click Copy)
    3. Select the cells under the headings in the last two columns.
    4. Paste Special (Ctrl+Alt+V or, on the Home toolbar, click the dropdown arrow under Paste and choose Paste Special)
    5. In the Paste Special dialog box, under Operation, choose Multiply.
    6. Click OK.  Job done!

    Next month we will return to "What's New in Excel 2016 for Windows" and look at the new Waterfall or Stock charts.

    Computius Say:

    "On-line", adj.: Idea that human being should always be accessible to computer.

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