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We are getting back on track with releasing our newsletter at the beginning of the month as we have some urgent announcements for release.


They are insisting that subscription renewals be activated before the expiry date. We will be sending out quotes on the renewals at least two weeks before expiry and urge you to request your invoices immediately. This will ensure that you are covered on time.

With a big sense of achievement, we passed our continuing education credits before the end of July!

Online Business Tip #10 - What are Google Chrome Apps, Extensions and Themes?

Google Chrome on its own is a capable web browser.  However, Google allows its functionality to be extended.  These add-ons are found on the Chrome Web Store.

At the top left, there are four categories: Extensions, Themes, Apps, and Games.

The "Games" category is self-explanatory, and extensive.

Themes appear as a background on the Google search screen.  Most, but not all, are free of charge.

Apps are applications you can run inside your browser with a dedicated user interface and user interaction. They are typically more rich and interactive than a website, but less cumbersome than a desktop application. Examples include Google Drawings, Cartoon Yourself, and photo editors.

Extensions also provide functionality, but unlike apps, there is little or no user interface . Instead, they extend the functionality of Google Chrome and the websites being viewed in it. They can extend Google Chrome by adding a new button to the address bar, for example to download YouTube videos, or Grammarly to check your grammar and spelling (even correctly spelled words used in the wrong context).

QuickBooks 2017 Update

QuickBooks Accounting Software is now being offered as an Annual Subscription. With the Annual Subscription, you will receive much more as it is a subscription that comes with perks - QuickPerks.

Receive QuickBooks 2017 and free upgrades to the latest version of QuickBooks available when you renew your subscription annually

  • Free email and telephone support.
  • EasyBIZCONNECT, which is an application that comes in two hardworking parts:
    1. An Open Database Connection Driver (ODBC) that allows users to access data from QuickBooks and view it in other applications
    2. Mobile applications that allow business owners, reps and even clients to access information within QuickBooks from a mobile device

    The QuickPerks Annual Subscription offers you and your business many benefits, including making your QuickBooks Desktop package mobile. Isnít it time to convert your business to easier financial management?

    Contact Judith for more information!

    QuickBooks News

    There is going to be a launch on 9th September, so we will have some updates in the next newsletter.

    Quick Payroll

    We look forward to having you as a Quick Payroll Key Player user and we will do our utmost to make the transition from the old Quick Payroll, as painless as possible. Please contact for assistance with this.

    Please contact Judith for the new KeyPlayer software and assistance in getting your data file to QuickBooks for conversion.

    Green Tip

    Everything you use can be washed and recycled. If you sort at source, it makes everything very straight forward. Remember that we cannot make our country one large landfill site! .

    The World is changing rapidly

    All Autodesk products have similar links to training and resources. Here's the one for AutoCAD Electrical This is one powerful package for designing circuits etc. Wish it had been around when I was helping my father in the 1960s!

    Excel Tip #156 Ė What's New in Excel 2016 for Windows? New Waterfall Chart

    We return to looking at what is new in Excel 2016 for Windows Desktop, compared with Excel 2010.  As we saw in Excel Tip #151 in February, on the Insert ribbon, in the Charts group, there are three new buttons: Hierarchy, Waterfall or Stock, and Statistical.

    In this episode, we will look at Waterfall or Stock and use the new Waterfall type. This type of chart is intended to show the effect of a series of positive and negative values.  Unfortunately Microsoft does not seem to have thought it through properly, and it is not a particularly useful chart.  You might expect that it could show changes in balance over time, but it doesn't want dates, but rather, text.  Two data columns are needed: Description (text), and change (numbers), as shown below.  Select the data.  Click the Insert ribbon. In the Charts group, choose the third small button: Insert Waterfall or Stock Chart. From the drop-down menu, choose Waterfall. Your results should look like this:

    As can be seen, as soon as there is any significant amount of data, the chart gets too cluttered to read.

    Next month we will continue with the new Waterfall or Stock charts, looking at Stock charts.

    Computius Say:

    To have user-friendly computer first require friendly user.

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