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May you live in interesting times is an ancient Chinese curse. Well we certainly are living in such times with climate change becoming a reality, which is impacting many areas of our lives. Most of South Africa is currently experiencing a severe drought. On the invention side of things, toilets are being revolutionised by making them waterless and able to compost all waste without requiring a biodigester.

Delaying in sending out was caused by Judith requiring a hip replacement.

Green Tip

See note on the toilets above! This is a truly exciting development.

ArCADia Software

There are three products available - ArCADia LT, ArCADia 10 and ArCADia 10 Plus. They also have a full BIM solution and we can supply you with the brochure setting out exactly how it operates. Getting down to specifics, you can look at ArCADia for Architects, Distribution Boards, Electrical installations and so on. For more about them use this link. Prices are in Euros but they are perpetual licences, not annual.

Please contact Judith for more information and quotes.

Activating your Autodesk Software

Please note that your new Autodesk software has to be activated using your account logon within 30 days. Thereafter, please log onto your account monthly to receive the latest updates, so that your software stays current. You can use your account to access training videos and support via AVA as well. If AVA can't solve your problem, it can be escalated to Autodesk Support who will phone you to sort it out. This is an exceptional development as it makes problem solving so much faster than previously.

As an Autodesk customer, you matter to them as well as to your reseller. More and more solutions are sitting on your customer account - please explore them!

You can also now receive support from the Distributor, contact Nathalie for this. Her email is and she will make sure that the technical people sort you out ASAP!

Autodesk Developments.

Autodesk Knowledge Network (AKN)

AKN is the community content site providing tech support, training materials, product knowledge, and interactive discussion forums for you as customers. Please make use of it.

Bi-weekly link to Webinars on Product and Factory Design Collection

This link takes you to obtain the information on the weekly seminars being run on the Collections. Here you will be guided through, interactively, on how they can be used effectively in your business.

You can book on this page to take part. Please encourage your staff to register and hone their skills for an exciting new year.

On-Line Business Tip #22: Google My Business 3

Last month and the previous month we suggested that you create or claim a listing of your business on Google My Business.

Now, fill in your business's details: You need the name, address (make sure it appears on Google Maps), phone number, web address, and opening hours. You find these under the   Info  tab, as shown in the picture of the main menu on the right.

Other items (not shown in the picture) are:
Reviews, Photos, Website, Users,
Create an ad, Add new location,
Manage locations, Linked accounts,
Settings, and Support.

[This tip first appeared in the Megaplex newsletter, "Doing Business in Sandton" (September2018). Sign up here for monthly business tips.]

QuickBooks in the Cloud

Please contact Judith for a full overview and pricing.

We can honestly say that running our business has become smoother and easier. The support offered by Intuit is also very good.

Still working on my exam as I have been overwhelmed by the amount of learning that I am doing!

Also look at the QuickPerks site for connections to your desktop.

To give the pros and cons, just stop to read this:

QuickBooks Online - PC, Tablet and Laptop as well as Smartphones

I downloaded the app onto my Tablet and had great fun using it to demonstrate the product!

Please note that Standard Bank's new format is extremely difficult and we still have to be able to test it on the QuickBooks Cloud option.

SARS giving you Problems? -- We have a Solution

Recently, we were asked for a CM1 form by SARS in order to continue to use eFiling. I went onto the CIPC site to find this with no luck. So I sent out a Messenger to friends, whom I know are involved in accounting. Richard Armour came back with the solution within hours. He has just launched his own accountancy business and I can highly recommend him. Here are his details:

Richard Armour CA(SA) :

Cell: 073 724 3371.  Website :  email address: and  

I am a chartered accountant - performing tax / accounting / advisory and I can do secretarial stuff as you see.

I am also a Commissioner of oaths

I want to help entrepreneurs understand what is happening n their businesses.

How to maximise cash from their sales.

I was group accountant at a listed Chemical company, and then was head-hunted for the chemical company beneath them on the JSE board to do IFRS conversion. 

I have recently worked for smaller companies as FD, most recently at a laboratory supply company, that was going through the motions of growing into a medium sized company, not just selling enough to subsist.

Maximizer CRM in the Cloud!

This product is being upgraded to make it even more powerful for your sales team, please click this link to find out more from Mark.

Just a great way to keep your customers in sight.


Excel Tip #171 -- What's New in Excel 2016 for Windows?  New Pivot Chart (VI) -- Manipulating Pivot Charts

We are looking at what is new in Excel 2016 for Windows Desktop, compared with Excel 2010.  On the Insert ribbon, in the Charts group, there is a new button for PivotChartsEarlier, we created a Pivot Table and modified it to look like this:

Sum of Amount Column Labels      
Row Labels East North South West Grand Total
Cape Town R116,000   R166,600   R282,600
East London     R244,000 R261,100 R505,100
Kimberley   R152,400 R95,800   R248,200
Pretoria R373,500       R373,500
Grand Total R489,500 R152,400 R506,400 R261,100 R1,409,400

Last time, we created (among others) a 3-D Stacked Column Pivot Chart. Let us now apply a filter to the table, and see the chart changes,  Notice the drop-down arrows on the right of "Column Labels" and "Row Labels".  Pull down the former and untick the checkbox next to "West" (the last one). Notice how "West" disappears from both the pivot table and the pivot chart.

Now go to the 3-D Stacked Column Pivot Chart. Notice the drop-down arrow on the right of "Destination". Pull it down and untick the checkbox next to "Pretoria" (the last one). Notice how the bar for "Pretoria" disappears from the pivot chart, and that row from the pivot table.  Your table and chart should now look like this:

Notice the little "Filter" (funnel) symbols next to "Column Labels" and "Row Labels" on the pivot table, and next to  "Division" and  "Destination" on the Pivot Chart.  Thus, filtering the pivot table alters the pivot chart, and vice versa.

Next time, we will look at the how reorganising the pivot table alters the pivot chart.

Computius Say:

Computer addiction, you might have, when you name your children "Mac" and "Apple".

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
Judith and Rick

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