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Pheew what an election outcome!  Well, it's up to us to change the situation because government cannot. We have the power to make the change we want, because we can do this. SMEs change the world and co-ops create jobs and opportunities.

ArCADia update

ArCADia BIM 11 is released (finally!!)

Below is a link to things you can you can use for your website and marketing – screenshots, descriptions, etc. :

You can download the new ArCADia BIM 11 from here as we have just released it :


Please find below the Recommended Retail Price for ArCADia 11 as a guide:



ArCADia BIM 11    


ArCADia BIM 11 upgrade from previous version


ArCADia BIM PLUS 11   


ArCADia BIM PLUS 11 upgrade  




ArCADia BIM LT 11 EN upgrade 




ArCADia BIM AC 11 EN upgrade






R3D3-Rama 3D 17 EN 



In ArCADia BIM 11 (besides many improvements, a new graphic engine and new functions) we have added the drawing functions for drawing an almost complete model of a building with all the installations (water, electricity, sewage, etc) . In ArCADia 10 you could not do this. The added functions give the program a much greater value. This makes ArCADia 11 a BIM product. You can do merging of plans, collision analysis, dimensioning, etc… The extra modules that are available expand these functions further (like Architecture) and are for doing the calculations on the installations (like Water, Sewerage, Electricity).

INTERsoft IntelliCAD is now a traditional CAD program for those who do not want BIM functionality but only a CAD program.

Please contact Judith for more information

On-Line Business Tip #27: Google Hacks 5 - Search for a Specific Site:

Google is the world's most popular search engine. So it helps to know a bit more about using it than the average person.

It is easy to go to and type in words to search for. Google will then search for pages where all those words occur. Sometimes that is not good enough; instead we want to search within specific website only.

To do this, put site: in front of a site or domain. For example, (only YouTube) or (only South African government sites).

For example, passport site: to find the government department dealing with travel documents (the Department of Home Affairs).

AutoCAD News

There are a number of developments in the next few months, as follows:

Revit Update

Experience faster response times when editing detailed steel connections in a 3D model. #Revit 2020 uses background processes to carry out these performance-intensive tasks.
More on Revit: See everything new in Revit 2020.

Announcing Autodesk Q2-Q3 Global Field Promotion (GFP)

Autodesk is pleased to provide a special offer encouraging eligible customers with 2014-2019 perpetual licenses not on maintenance to upgrade to subscription.

From May 7 through October 25, 2019, you may receive up to 20% off the Suggested Retail Price* of a new 1- or 3-year subscription when you terminate your associated perpetual license.

In addition to more value and flexibility than perpetual licenses, you can save up to 20%** when trading in qualifying perpetual licenses that are not on maintenance plans, for a subscription to the latest Autodesk industry collections or to most individual products—like AutoCAD® including specialized toolsets, AutoCAD LT® , Civil 3D® , Revit® , Inventor® , 3ds Max® and more.

Compelling Events


Applies to


Introduction of

Multi-year Moving to Subscription

Maintenance plans moving to a 3-year subscription


As part of this offer, now if you have a 1-year or 2-year subscription Move to Subscription can choose to switch to a 3-year Move to Subscription at the time of renewal

March 27, 2019

Pricing Increases

5% increase

20% increase


Moving to Subscription

Maintenance Plans


May 7, 2019

Note than Maintenance Plans' pricing is increasing by 20%.

You can act on this 90 days before expiry.

Autodesk Developments.

Autodesk Knowledge Network (AKN)

AKN is the community content site providing tech support, training materials, product knowledge, and interactive discussion forums for you as customers. Please make use of it.

QuickBooks' Cloud Solutions

QBO is proving a multi-faceted platform.

Please contact Judith for more

Excel Tip #176 – Recording an Excel Macro

Last time we set you up for recording Excel Macros, by displaying the Developer ribbon and drawing your attention to the button Use Relative References

To give us a quick win, we will record a macro that bolds and underlines row 1 headings, and then adjusts column widths to suit the data (a common situation).  First, set up some data to work with, for example:

  A B C D E
1 Date Division Invoice Amount Destination
2 06/03/2018 East 1824 36000 Cape Town
3 08/03/2018 East 1825 198200 Pretoria
4 09/03/2018 West 1782 40000 East London
5 11/03/2018 East 1826 80000 Cape Town

Save the file as MacroDemo1.xlsx to a suitable folder.

We will now record the macro.  Do only the following, and do not forget the last step:

  1. Click on the tab "Developer" to display that ribbon, and make sure that the button Use Relative References is off (not “ lit up ”).
  2. On the Developer ribbon, click the button Record Macro (note that the button changes to Stop Recording).
  3. The Record Macro dialog box will pop up.  Fill it in as follows:
    Macro Name: Demo1
    Shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+H (press only Shift+H  – "Ctrl" is already there)
    Store macro in: Personal Macro Workbook
    Description: Demo Headings Macro
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select Row 1 by clicking on the row indicator on the left of the spreadsheet.
  6. Press Ctrl+B to bold the selection.
  7. Press Ctrl+U to underline the selection.
  8. Select columns A to P by dragging over the column letters.
  9. Point between any two columns and double-click to resize the column to their contents.
  10. Click in cell B2.
  11. From the View ribbon, chose Freeze Panes > Freeze Panes.
  12. Stop recording the macro: On the Developer ribbon, click the button Stop Recording.

Now let's test the macro.  Close the file MacroDemo1.xlsx without saving.

Open it again.

Hold in Ctrl and Shift, and then press H (remember, the Shortcut key was Ctrl+Shift+H).

In the flash of an eye, Excel underlines and bolds the headings in row 1, adjusts the column widths, and freezes panes above and left of cell B2!  Wasn't that amazing?

By the way, when you close Excel, it will ask if you want to save the Personal Macro Workbook.  Choose Save, because that is where your macro is stored.

Next time, we'll look behind the scenes at your first macro.

Computius Say:

Imagine if Autodesk entered the wine market: "Now available! Autodesk Shiraz 2020!"

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