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Rand/US Dollar Exchange Rate Alert

We are expecting a 5% increase in Autodesk pricing from Tuesday. This may change as the Rand continues to slide. Last Friday 13th we had a similar raise. Please confirm your orders by tomorrow 20th March, so that you can beat this.


1918 and the Spanish flu may not mean much to you, but my partner's grandmother died of it.  Her family, who were Jewish, were put into a Catholic Convent home for orphans. Somehow they kept themselves together. Now we have the Corona Virus going viral, as viruses do. What are your plans for handling this in your businesses? With Autodesk and QuickBooks products, we make delivery via the Internet. Can you let your workers work via the Internet? What actions can you take to support and keep safe your workers who are making things in your factory? What about travelling? So many unanswered questions for now...

On-Line Business Tip #36: Google Hacks 13 -  Search for Medical Information on Google:

Google is the most popular search engine in the solar system. We know Google as a search engine that will find websites for you.  However, nowadays Google is increasingly trying to keep you rather than refer you to somebody else.  Here is an example:

Here they say, "You can search on Google for medical information that’s been reviewed by doctors. You can learn more about symptoms, treatments, and medical conditions.
Note: Medical information on symptoms and treatments is available only in some countries. We provide medical information on the most frequently searched topics. Images are informational only.

"When to consult a healthcare professional

"Medical information on Google doesn't apply to everyone, and it isn’t medical advice. If you have a medical concern, make sure to contact a healthcare provider. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or your local emergency number."

However a search "medical information on Google my knees fell off" did not produce any obviously Google-mediated information. Perhaps they are not fans of The Goon Show.

This tip first appeared in the Megaplex Business Booster Newsletter. Subscribe here.

AutoCAD News

.All Autodesk events have been put online - an excellent idea which all should follow for now

Autodesk Developments

New Product Usage Reporting for Admins with Single-User Access

Product usage reporting, in Autodesk Account, provides admins with single-user access transparency into what:

We can now spend more time strategically advising you on the best way to adopt new and existing tools to achieve your business outcomes.

Most of the 2020 updates have been done.

Support & Learning can all be done online at your own pace.

QuickBooks Desktop news

This is the best! No longer do we have to deliver a box to you. Instead we can now provide you with all the links and codes required to download. It works like a dream!

Please contact Judith for more information.

QuickBooks' Cloud Solutions

QBO is proving a multi-faceted platform.  Please contact Judith for more. We have also had good success with international support on our glitches!

Integrity Payroll Solutions

A relief to work with this again. Simple to set up and run, it starts from 5 employees and expands as your company grows. There is also an EPOS solution available. Please contact Judith for more information.

Excel Tip #185 – Better Options for the Excel Visual Basic Editor II

Earlier, we looked inside the macro you recorded.  Then, we introduced the macro editor program and its main menu and Toolbars. Last time we look at some settings to get the Editor to work better. Now we'll look at setting a better font for the Editor.

In Excel, press Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor.  In the Visual Basic Editor, click (menu) Tools > Options > Editor; Click on the "Editor Format" tab (the second tab):

We do not recommend that you change any of the code colours, but do look through them so that you know what they mean:

What we do suggest you change, is the Font.  As shown above, the FixedSys font (only available in 9 pt size) is much more visible than the default Courier New font.  It is important that you use a fixed spacing font rather than the more usual proportionately-spaced font (Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman and most others) so that things line up nicely.

Next time we'll start looking at your macro code.

PS: Do you keep repeating the same actions in Excel?  Could you be more efficient if you recorded those actions and just played them back?  You can do this with macros!  You could save hours a week not working late, and be the envy of your colleagues... These Excel Macros Tips have been running in this newsletter since February 2019, so it's a slow way to learn.  How about an accelerated version?  This month you can preview –at a reduced price– an on-line version that will boost your productivity in weeks instead of years.  To get a limited-time invitation, click here and send the resulting email now!

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