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The Productivity Manager Program

Productivity Manager is a dynamic Management tool that combines the essential attributes of a Diary (Appointments), Timesheet, Business Contacts and Company Resources. This combination allows close monitoring of daily performance for all users.

Productivity Manager can save your business thousands in improved efficiency and productivity of your employees and reduced hands-on management time. It allows you to know exactly what is going on in your business even if you’re not around! This program helps manage employees, from junior clerks to senior managers, by controlling and managing all the hours they spend at work.

Productivity Manager is a patented product and trademark of Stingray Holdings, for whom Software Africa is an authorised Distributor. Below is a link where you can order your copy of Productivity Manager with an unconditional 4-week money back guarantee.  If you prefer, you can download more information or the just the Help File for browsing purposes.

To find out more, click here and SEND the e-mail!

Productivity Manager is a Personal Computer program installed on each user's PC, with a central database residing on a company server. It combines the best aspects of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and a Timesheet program, with extra graphical reporting and monitoring. It will allow you to monitor your staff and steer them towards increasingly productive use of their time.

Briefly, it consists of:

  • A Calendar
  • A Diary for Appointments.
  • A Tasks (To Do) list.
  • An Address Book (Contacts List).
  • e-mailing via Microsoft Outlook
  • A Notes function.
  • A Daily Timesheet (completed Appointments)
  • Comprehensive Time and Productivity Reporting, including Graphs.

You can download the Help file, which gives extensive detail on the program, from this link:  (266 KB) The file is best put on, and viewed from, your C: drive.

The program is licensed and paid for on a monthly basis (as opposed to a large purchase price up front). We either charge on a per-user-per-month basis or can offer an unlimited license.

To find out more, and to order your copy, click here and SEND the e-mail!


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