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Personal Computer Software: Programs for Sale

You can buy or license these personal computer programs directly from Software Africa.  Click on the underlined links for more information, or e-mail us your questions. This page lists general programs.  For software for the Engineering industry (mainly Civil Engineering) click here.  All prices subject to change without prior notice, E&OE.

Press Ctrl+F to search this page for keywords.  If none of this software suits your needs, look at our References and the Free Stuff.  We can write similar bespoke programs for you!


QuickBooks Online Accounting products

The QuickBooks philosophy is to create business software solutions that are quick to learn and quick to use. You don't need to be an expert to use our business software. Built using intelligence from leading professionals, it's like having your own desktop accountant. It enables you to spend less time on books and more time growing your business.

"Clients ... constantly compliment us on how easy the products are to use"  –Ivan Turner, QuickBooks Sales Manager

Software Africa is an authorised QuickBooks reseller selling the family of QuickBooks Online accounting packages (Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus). These operate in the Cloud" giving you access from anywhere.  You'll wonder how you survived without QuickBooks.

email us now! Or phone +27 011 802-6440 (we sell QuickBooks to Southern African countries only).

Benefactors Database

This Microsoft Access 2000 database was created for the South African Guide Dogs Association for the Blind (SAGA), who have been using it most successfully since January 2000 and are now making it available to other charitable organisations. It is used to track all people who have donated to, joined, collected for, or otherwise assisted SAGA. The program is used to issue receipts, collate banking, and print labels, letters and reports. It can be customised for other organisations.

Time-Binder, the Timesheet Database

– Track where your staff have been and what they have done there! Link to an accounting package for easy insertion into the detail when you bill customers. The latest version has enhanced searching and graphing capabilities. The program requires Microsoft Access 2000 or later(or we can provide a run-time version). It is a general-purpose Timesheet solution for companies that bill their time to customers under various job numbers. The program has a function to create Invoices in QuickBooks and various reports and graphs that let you track the time your staff has spent on their jobs. A special section allows hours spent to be deducted from pre-paid service contracts.

The Can!Do Timebase

This is a timesheet database we wrote for Can!Do Consulting, the ERP documentation and training company, and are authorised to resell on their behalf. The database is in Microsoft Access (thewe can provide a run-time version), but allows for input from remote sites: The database will e-mail timesheets as Excel spreadsheets and import the data from the completed spreadsheets. Projects can be set up with pre-defined Tasks in specified Phases. There are categories for Productive, Billable, and non-billable items. There is extensive reporting including pie charts, bar charts and CrossTab reports. There are also reports for the accounting department detailing what must be billed to clients and expense claims that must be refunded to staff. An interface to push the billing through into invoices in Pastel Accounting or QuickBooks could be added.

If you would like a comprehensive timesheet system for your business, the Can!Do Timebase or our own timesheet database, Time-Binder (see right above) may be cheaper than developing a new one from scratch.

Pick 'n Paste

– a simple time-saving utility for anyone who does repetitive data entry, needs serial number allocation, or wants to transfer data from DDE-enabled programs. You pre-program items into a list, or Pick 'n Paste can get data from a program via DDE. Double-clicking then pushes this data into another open program or saves it to a text file. This can for example be used to write a file of Maximizer contacts, which can be imported into the QuickBooks client list. There are two versions: Demo and Full. Pricing – Single user: R200; 3 users: R300; 10 users: R800; 20 users R1200; subsequent groups of ten users: R 500 per group; unlimited use at one site: R4000.

FAD, the Fashion Agency Database

FAD will manage a clothing broker (the middle-man between manufacturers and retailers). Agents sell on commission at varying rates. The Agency may hold stock or just take a commission on sales. This program was designed together with a leading Fashion Agency and contains vital features to make both the agency itself, and the supplier, more profitable. For example, it can be used to get early warnings of "winners" and "losers", allowing production to be switched to more profitable styles and reducing the amount of unsold stock that later has to be discounted. Sales Orders can be printed, faxed, or sent by e-mailing HTML. FAD is currently live at two companies, at one of whom the database already contains over 5000 sales orders worth several million Rand! The Fashion Agency Database is available for licensing to other companies, and further development to client specifications.

Résumé, the CV Database

– lets you put the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of each of your staff in one place for easy updating and access. You can then print just the relevant parts for a given job, e.g. print just the experience the candidates have had on Water Projects. Can produce the standard South African Department of Works tender document. Multi-user access ensures that CVs are kept in one place and not here and there in different versions on various PCs.

HP & Rental database

– for companies issuing recurring Hire-Purchase or Rental contract invoices, for example Piano or TV hire shops. The program produces invoices (either on dot-matrix continuous stationary or Laser stand-alone page) for Hire-Purchase and Rental customers. For HP the Interest can be capitalized up front or added monthly. Various reports are included including debtors aging. Other invoice layouts can be added as required, as could an interaction with accounting packages such as QuickBooks and Pastel.

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