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Quotation Spreadsheet, Version 4.00 (26 January 2018)

From this page you can download a free Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 spreadsheet for producing general quotations and Bills of Materials. You can enter your own price lists in different categories (see below). If you register (below), the output will be personalized with your company name and details. By using this file you accept the entire liability for its use (see Disclaimer and Revision History below).

The file consists of five sheets:

  • Instructions – as below on this page.
  • Prices - your personalized Price List (normally hidden).
  • Input - where you select the items for the quote. Prices are looked up in your Price List.
  • Quote - Your quote ready for printing.
  • BOM - for manufacturers, a Bill of Materials (you specify which items in the price list are Materials).

Would you like a spreadsheet that makes Invoices from your Quotes too?  Please e-mail us your suggestion.

Links below:

Download and Installation Instructions

Instructions for use (also given in the Instructions sheet in the file)

Download and Installation Instructions

  1. Click Here to download QuoteSys.xltm (552 KB Excel Macro-enabled Template).
  2. When you click the above link your Browser should ask if you want to Run or Save the file.  Choose Save
  3. Your browser may ask where to save it (e.g. Google Chrome (three dots menu) Settings > Advanced > Downloads > Location, when "Ask where to save each file before downloading" is switched ON). We recommend creating and using a folder named C:\Quotes
  4. Wait a minutes until the download is complete.
  5. Run Excel.
  6. Open the file you have just unzipped (Excel File menu > Open > C:\Quotes\QuoteSys.xlt)
    (in Excel 2007, the round button at top left is the File menu).
  7. If asked, click [Enable Macros].  If you are not asked, see the section below on Security.
  8. Follow the instructions on the spreadsheet (given below), including setting up your prices and saving as a template.
  9. Important: See the section directly below headed "Security - Important".

This is version 4.00: Your version number is given at the top of the Instructions sheet. If you have already entered your prices into a previous version, open that too, and copy the prices from the old version to the new version. Then close the old version and save the new template over it. If you are unsure, first make backups on your network, CD-ROM or flash drive.

Security – Important (also given in the spreadsheet)

Once-Off Security Settings for Excel 2007, 2010 and later:

When you open the file you should see a message under the ribbon: "Security Warning: Macros have been disabled".

  • Click the "Options..." button.
  • In the "Microsoft Office Security Options" window, choose "Enable this content" and click OK.
  • Excel 2010 and later should ask: "Do you want to make this a Trusted Document".  Reply Yes, and you should not have to go through the "Trusted Location" rigmarole below.

Unless you do the above, the buttons and lists will not work (if you click a button you will get the warning:
"Cannot run the macro Quotesys.xlt!cmdXxx_Click. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled").

The spreadsheet contains a button that you can click to test whether your macros work. If you get the message "Cannot run the macro…", do the following:

  • Click the round button at top left of Excel 2007, or the File menu at top left of Excel 2010 and later, then
  • Click the button "Excel Options" (at bottom right of the menu window).
  • In the "Excel Options" window, click the button "Trust Center Settings".
  • In the "Trust Center" window, click the second option, "Disable all macros with notification",
  • Close the file and open it again. Start again at "Once-Off Security Settings for Excel 2007, 2010 and later" above.

If the "Test Macros" button said "Congratulations", you now need to set the Template folder (path copied to clipboard by the macro above) to be a Trusted Location. Do this (numbered as shown on the illustration below):

  1. Click the round button at top left of Excel 2007, or the File menu at top left of Excel 2010, then
  2. Click the button "Excel Options" (at bottom right of the menu window).
  3. In the "Excel Options" window, Click the tab "Trust Center".
  4. Click the button "Trust Center Settings" on the right.
  5. Click the tab "Trusted Locations"
  6. Click the button "Add New Location"
  7. Type or Paste into the top box, "Path", the Template folder (above) as a trusted location.
  8. Click OK, OK, OK, and proceed below.

Instructions for Use:

Setting Up

You will want to set up the Prices sheet with your own price list. You can set up categories of item, item names, units (e.g. metre, sq m, ft, hour, each, etc), and price per unit. The file gives more detailed instructions. Click [Finished Editing] to update the lists.

Click on the Input Sheet and fill in your standard mark-up (+) or discount (-) in the cell near the top.

Register the file (see below).

On the Instructions sheet, click the button Save Template to save the file as a Template (*.xlt or (*.xltm) to your default templates folder.

When prices change, either edit the template, or create a new quote and save it as type = Template over the old one.

Creating a Quote

To create a new quotation, click File > New and choose the QuoteSys template from "Templates ... on my computer" (Excel 2003) or "My templates" (Excel 2007/2010 etc.):

Click on the Input sheet and fill in the data at the top, then select the necessary items from the pull-down lists. Fill in the quantities of each item. Use the lower 10 rows for non-standard items (ones that do not appear in the lists). On the quote sheet, click the [Recalculate Quote] button, then the [Print Quote] button. For a Bill of Materials, on the BOM sheet click [Recalculate Bill], then [Print Bill]. To Save the Quote on your Quotes folder, click [Save File] on the Input sheet.

The input data sheet looks like this:


When you register, the Quote and Bill of Materials will be personalized with your details. An e-mail will be sent to Software Africa with your information. This will enable us to send you our FREE monthly e-newsletter and keep you informed of updates, etc. If you do not have an e-mail program installed, the program will let you export to a text file, which you can e-mail from another PC or gmail.

To register, do the following:

  • Open the Template or create a new file (NB: Double-clicking a template creates a new file, it does not open it.).
  • Fill in your Company Name, Contact Person, Telephone, Fax, and/or e-mail address on the "Instructions" sheet in the file.
  • Click the button Save Template.
  • Click the [Register by e-mail] button.
  • You will be asked if you have local e-mail such as Outlook (Yes), or internet e-mail such as gmail, hotmail, live, or webmail (No).
  • If you clicked Yes, an e-mail will be created – click SEND.
  • If you clicked No, the information is put on the clipboard.  Create a new e-mail, click in the body of the mail, and paste.  Move the "mailto" address and the Subject from the body, and SEND.
  • Within an hour you should receive a Key code by e-mail.
  • Drag over the Key code to select it in the e-mail.
  • Copy to the clipboard (Ctrl+C).
  • Close the e-mail.
  • If you closed the new Template, open it again.
  • Click the button [Enter Unlocking Code].  Press Ctrl+V to paste from the clipboard.
  • Click OK.
  • Save the template and close it.

If you register by fax, allow 2 working days for a response, and do not expect to be informed of updates.

After registering, if your details change (or if a friend gave you a copy personalized with their details), simply register again.

Further Development

If this Quotation system doesn't quite meet all of your needs, we will be delighted to customize it for your specific industry. Please contact us with your requirements, for a cost estimate.

If you outgrow this system, please contact us to buy QuickBooks, the easy, affordable, yet sophisticated accounting program for small business! Click here to e-mail us about QuickBooks.


The file is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Please satisfy yourself that calculations are correct, and report any bugs to us. Always virus check files: We can't accept liability.

Revision History (newest at the top):

Ver 4.00 RIR 2018-01-26 Fixed bug: The "Enter Key code" button sometimes asked for details even if they were filled in.
Ver 3.03 RIR 2012-09-23 License button, check if Required Information was blanked after application.
Ver 3.02 RIR 2012-09-17 Refuse to let user enter Key Code if file has not been saved.
Ver 3.01 RIR 2012-02-16 Send back user and machine information with Registration to help with debugging.
Ver 3.00 RIR 2011-11-07 Test Macros; Save Template; web-based e-mail option; improved instructions and Saving.
Ver 2.11 RIR 2011-09-07 Improved Notes for Excel 2010.
Ver 2.10 RIR 2011-02-07 Detailed error reporting on Checksum Failed. Remind user to save as template.
Ver 2.09 RIR 2010-07-07 Added block at bottom of Input sheet for Notes to appear at end of Quotation. Added Security for Excel 2007 and 2010.
Ver 2.08 RIR 2010-04-21 Detailed error reporting on Checksum Failed.
Ver 2.07 RIR 2009-02-19 New [Make Registration File] button to write Registration Details to file instead of e-mail.
Ver 2.06 RIR 2008-02-20 Make it easier to add extra rows (Sub MakeQuoteBOM). Wrap output. "Clear All Input" button.
Ver 2.05 RIR 2008-01-08: Added code to debug problem with Serial Number sometimes 19 digits instead of 20.
Ver 2.04 RIR 2007-12-10 Added button on Prices sheet to change currency to local settings.
Ver 2.03 RIR 2007-10-17: Catered for details starting/ending in spaces, which caused Key to fail.
Ver 2.02 RIR 2007-07-03: Fixed Registration date bug “Type mismatch”. Company details updated.
Ver 2.01 CRD 2003-12-12: Registration system modified.
Ver 2.00 CRD 2003-10-20: New Registration system with Serial Number and Unlocking Code.
Ver 1.04 RIR 2003-08-01: You can now Export just the Quote and/or BOM Sheets to separate files.
Ver 1.03 RIR 2002-08-26: Widened Item column in Price list.
Ver 1.02 RIR 2002-05-17: Fixed Price List bugs:- last category was ignored, row directly under headings was ignored. Added date to output sheets.

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