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· Music Videos Database - RISA

· Artists Royalties Database - FCB

· Mining Databases- Archer Mining

· Benefactors Database - SAGA

· Dogs Database - SAGA

· Pump Selection Program - Cemo Pumps

· Photon (Regional Selling Monitor) - Markinor

· Productivity_Manager_ - NPI

· REALST (Resource Allocation Strategist) - NPI

· Students_Database - Azalia College

· Turnover Database - Retail International

· Music Sales Statistics - RISA

· Competition Database and Help Desk Database - FNB

· Nuclear Power Station Safety - ILCO


Music Videos Database


Client: Recording Industry of South African (RISA) (formerly ASAMI – the Association of the South African Music Industry), P O Box 367, Randburg 2125 South Africa.
Contact: (has since left RISA) Mr Jonathon Park, Tel.: 011 886-1342, Fax: 011 886-4169, jonathon@risa.org.za.
Description: The database allows the user to import Music Video playlists from TV stations in various formats of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  It identifies Artists and Video titles from its existing lists (including catering for spelling errors and differences), allows new Artists and Video titles to be added, then works out the Record Company responsible for each music video in the playlists.  As far as possible the program does the identification, with the user handling new items and exceptions that the program cannot identify.  The program allows statistics to be exported to Excel so that the TV Stations’ contributions can be allocated to the Record Companies.
Date: November to December 2002.
Status: Released and in operation

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Artists Royalties Database


Client: FCB South Africa, PO Box 78014, Sandton 2146
Contact: Mr André Pillay, Tel.: 011 301-1300, Fax: 011 301-1559, andrep@fcb.co.za.
Description: The database is used to monitor the annual renewals of the contracts of this Advertising Agency’s performing Artists.  These contracts are administered by FCB on behalf of their clients.  The database replaced an outdated DOS program (from which data was imported), but is much more user-friendly.  The program allows artist contracts to be input and associated with the relevant job's flighting code.  Monthly and annually it is possible to draw a list of renewals for each client, with the cost implications.  An alternative method of input is that the Contract Template in Microsoft Word connects to the database and sends the contract data directly to the database, eliminating the need to type the data in again, and avoiding possible typing errors.
Date: March/April 2002.  Modifications 2003.
Status: Released and in operation at FCB (Head Office and Cape Town) and Azaguys (an associate company).

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Archer Mining Databases


Client: Archer Mining, Leeupan Mine near Delmas, Mpumalanga, South Africa.
Contact: Mr Peter Button, Accountant, Tel: (013) 665-1988, Fax: (013) 665-1912.
Description: Five linked Microsoft Access 97 databases (Common, EquipCost, EquipCost_data, Fuel&Oil, Fuel&Oil_data) to track purchase orders issued, payments made by Iscor, equipment costs, fuel, etc.  Monthly management reports are produced itemised either by machine, cost centre, day of the month, supplier, or combinations thereof for selected periods.  These adjustments are allowed for.  Features of the database are the provision for financial months that do not correspond to calendar months, payments made after the order month, and adjustments for cases where actual payments do not equal the original order amounts.
Date: September 1999 to December 2000.  Additions 2001-3.
Status: Released and in daily operation.  Converted to Access 2000.  Further expansion specified.

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Benefactors Database


Client: SA Guide Dogs Association for the Blind, Sandton, South Africa.
Contact: Ms Christine Willis (Accountant), Tel: (011) 705-3512.
Description: Microsoft Access 2000 database to track all people who have donated to, joined, collected for, or otherwise assisted SA Guide Dogs Association.  The program is used to issue receipts, collate banking, print labels, letters and reports.  The data was transferred from an Access 97 database, which had formed the back-end to an incomplete Visual Basic program, which another developer gave up on.  Access 2000 was offered as a quick and more cost-effective solution.
Date: January to February 2000.  Additions 2001-2.
Status: Released and in daily operation.

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Dogs Database


Client: SA Guide Dogs Association for the Blind, Sandton, South Africa.
Contact: Mr Ken Lord (Executive Director), Tel: (011) 705-3512.
Description: Microsoft Access 2000 database to track all dogs involved with SA Guide Dogs Association for the Blind, together with people who have donated, bred, owned or trained these dogs. Also tracks the Guide Dogs breeding programme. The data was transferred from a defunct Paradox database, extensively checked and corrected.
Date: March 2000. Additions 2001-2.
Status: Released and in daily operation.

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Pump Selection Program


Client: Cemo Pumps, a Division of Crown Chrome Plating.
Contact: Harold Crown, Manager Tel (011) 618-2003
Description: Program in Microsoft Visual Basic to select suitable pump for user-specified conditions from the Cemo range of positive-displacement pumps. Program handles a wide variety of fluids with their characteristics, different types of pump (Borehole and Industrial) and produces graph of pump's rating curves, list of technical details together with pump diagram, and final quotation with prices for customer. Deployed at Cemo agents (Stewarts & Lloyds) throughout South Africa.
Date: October 1996 to June 1997
Status: Released July 1997

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Photon (Regional Selling Monitor)


Client: Markinor, Randburg.Tel (011) 886-6469
Contact: Mari Harris, Alternate Director; or Shirley Bennie
Description: Custom program in Visual Basic for data analysis for S A Breweries. This cut down to 3-5 days a task that previously took three weeks using a previous data-processing program and spreadsheets, by which time the results were out of date. It is programmable by the user and backed up by concise Help and a detailed user manual.
Date: April to June 1995, with minor later additions Complete and in operation since June 1995.
Converted to Windows 95, April 1998. Converted to Windows 2000.

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Productivity Monitoring System


Cient: Centre for Inter Firm Comparison, National Productivity Institute (NPI), Pretoria.
Contact: Etienne du Plooy, Productivity Accountant Tel (012) 341-1470
Description: Rewrite in Microsoft Access 2.0 (later changed to 7.0) a database existing on an obsolete Hewlett Packard 3000 minicomputer to monitor the annual productivity of some 2386 companies. Write and implement specification. Transfer data from HP 3000 to Access. Database written as front-end attached to back-end (both in Access) to facilitate program updates. Two levels of Security (User and Supervisor). Complex matrix lookups (formerly done on spreadsheets) including the calculation of formulas stored as data in the database, and modifiable by the user.
Date January 1996 to February 1997
Status: Complete and in operation

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REALST - Resource Allocation Strategist, Phase 2.


Cient: National Productivity Institute (NPI), Pretoria.
Contact: Dr Dudley Jackson, Manager: Strategic Studies  Tel (012) 341-1470
Description: Program in Microsoft Visual Basic, rewrite of old DOS program with enhanced functionality. Program allows comparison of balance sheet data for selected periods to compute productivity and evaluate scenarios for improvement of company performance. The program is unusual in that it uses a spreadsheet front-end on a database back-end. The program comprises 30 Forms and one Module and contains 24923 lines of code including Form definitions. Phase 2 entailed the creation of the first working model of the program based on the specification created in Phase 1. Phase 3 will entail addition of toolbars, on-line Help, and extra functionality.
Date December 1995 to February 1998 (including conversion to Windows 95).
Status: In testing.

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Students Database


Cient: Education Facilitators, Northcliff.
Contact: Hannes Erasmus, Data Manager Tel (011) 782-4636
Description: Ongoing improvement and correction of Microsoft Access 2.0 database started by amateurs in-house. Purpose of database: Control of personal, financial and academic information of 14 600 distance-education students; lodging and control of stop-orders; control of cash and direct deposits; recording of marks and issuing of certificates. March 1997: Translation of database to Access 97. Training of staff on database and Windows 95. May 1997: Project handed over to local consultants.
Date February 1996 to May 1997.
Status: Complete

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Turnover Database 


Cient: Retail International, Sandton.
Contact: Victor Hiemstra, Managing Director Tel (011) 884-8000
Description: Development of a Microsoft Access 2.0 database to monitor the productivity of tenants in three regional shopping centres (East Rand Mall, Southgate and The Pavilion) and several local shopping centres. The system enables comparisons to be made between tenants in various categories so that targets can be set, enabling productive tenants to be rewarded and non-performing tenants to be replaced.
Date Original development August-September 1995. Conversion to Access 97 for Windows 95, October 1997
Status: In operation.

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Music Sales Statistics


Cient: Recording Industry of South African (RISA) (formerly ASAMI – the Association of the South African Music Industry), P O Box 367, Randburg 2125 South Africa.
Contact: (has since left RISA) Mr Jonathon Park, Tel.: 011 886-1342, Fax: 011 886-4169, jonathon@risa.org.za.
Description: Microsoft Access 97 database to produce monthly statistical reports for the ASAMI board. The database is used to record units sold and value of sales for records, cassettes, CDs etc. locally and internationally for South African record companies. Seven complex reports are required detailing monthly and annual figures with comparisons to previous months and years-to-date, market share, etc. A feature of the output is consecutive page numbering across reports.
Date March to May 1997
Status: Complete and in operation since May 1997. Development for international use planned.

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Competition Database & Help Desk Database


Cient: First Direct , First National Bank.
Contact: Amanda Ross / Trace Hanna Tel (011) 889-9000
Description: Two stand-alone Microsoft Access 2.0 databases running on OS/2:

One database was used to monitor and produce weekly and monthly reports on an ongoing competition run amongst First National Bank branches to sign their customers on to First Direct.

The second database is used to monitor and report on the in-house computer Help Desk. Included are features for weekly and monthly reports, escalation of problems, alarms for problems not resolved in time, statistics of problems solved, etc.
Date March to April 1997, minor changes to Competition database June 1997.
Status: Complete and in operation since April 1997.

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ILCO (Integrated Limiting Conditions of Operation)


Cient: ILCOM Industrial Corp.
Contact: George Lowe: Tel. (011) 467-9700, glow@lonehill.net


ILCO (Integrated Limiting Conditions of Operation) is a dynamic safety program for a nuclear reactor.  It embodies all the safety requirements for a given reactor in a format easily accessible to the operators.  The program can be interlinked to plant instrumentation and alarms so that LCOs (Limiting Conditions of Operation) are triggered automatically, or they can be manually triggered.  The system has to be customized for the conditions at each reactor.

Date Development 1993 to 1996, minor changes to 2006.
Status: A demonstration version of the program is available on application.

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