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We do Custom Software Development!

Software Africa has been involved in the creation of solutions for customers since the late 1980s. Solutions include MaxPal, Wellfield monitoring systems, spreadsheets for all sorts of applications, rental systems and soils analysis.

Development Options

Custom Solutions – If you have a vision of something you'd like your computer to do, and it doesn't exist yet, we could create it for you. We also develop links between packages to minimise data input to one place only! No more remembering where else the information requires updating! See our References for examples of the work we've done for others, and can do for you!

Database Development – have you a data management problem that is not easily addressed?  Excel is wonderful program, but spreadsheets have their limitations.  We can develop a solution in Microsoft Access, Visual Basic or SQL Server to your requirements.  Click here: Let Software Africa Develop Your Custom Database!

Developer Support – if you'd like to try your hand at your Access or Visual Basic solution yourself, but don't have enough knowledge: Use this option! We help you draw up the specification for the project. After that you're on your own –until you get stuck! Then phone or e-mail us the problem, and we solve it for you at Hotline or Developer support contract rates.

Templates – these keep your company corporate identity firmly in place. We develop on Word and WordPro as well as special ones in Excel, PowerPoint, Lotus 1-2-3, and Freelance. Templates can incorporate your logo for e-mail and faxing purposes, director and address listing to save reprinting every time there is a change, as well as automatic numbering, insertion of references, page numbering, sender and recipient details. For examples, click here. Please contact us to discuss how we can enhance your corporate identity for you.

For quotations on all of the above options contact rick@softwareafrica.co.za

What are our strengths?

  • Clear definition of the program requirements from pre-specification through to completion.
  • Customer-orientated approach that ensures you, our customer, drive the concept and we assist in filling in the details.
  • You own the source code if the program is specifically written for you – this makes you independent of us. We’re confident that we can serve you well.
  • We are good listeners – as your requirements have to be thoroughly understood and we take care to make sure that we do understand before coding anything.
  • Good documentation – being a training and support organisation as well, we know that this makes the product so much better to use.
  • Meticulous and thorough in the product production cycle
  • Patient – even under pressure
  • Easily contacted – we’re on the Web 24 hours a day and we work crazy hours!
  • Affordable and qualified – MCSD and lengthy on-the-job experience.
  • If your custom program has re-sale potential, we can exploit it for your and our profit.

Additional Projects completed

Templates for faxes, letters, e-mail and memos for DaimlerChrysler South Africa; ABSA; Citadel Investments; dsgn Julius & Co; DraftFCB (formerly Enterprise | IG, formerly BrownKSDP, formerly KSDP) and other leading South African companies

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