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Personal Computer Software: Engineering Programs for Sale

This page lists software for the Engineering industry (mainly Civil Engineering).  For general programs, click here.  You can buy or license these personal computer programs directly from Software Africa.  Click on the underlined links for more information, or e-mail us your questions. Press Ctrl+F to search this page for keywords.  If none of this software suits your needs, look at our References and the Free Stuff.  We can write similar bespoke programs for you!


  • AutoCAD the complete draughting package for professional drawings from the simplest 2D to complete 3D models
  • Labbie  for the Civil Engineering Laboratory –to process and report on your Concrete Cube tests and, now, all your soils tests too.
  • Soils Laboratory Spreadsheets for Atterberg Limits, Grading Curve (sieve, mechanical analysis and hydrometer), MOD, and CBR; giving AASHTO, Unified, COLTO, and TRH14 Classifications.
  • dotPLOT, the South African standard for borehole- and core-logging, now supplied and supported by Software Africa.
  • HotPlot Windows Interface for dotPLOT, the borehole- and core-logging program.
  • An Equipment Costing Database for Mining,Earthmoving, and Materials-Handling Industry.
  • A Cash Flow Forecasting Model for Mining and Other Industries.
  • Productivity Manager – monitor, control, and incentivise your staff productivity.
  • Time-Binder, the Timesheet Database – track and bill your in-house staff time accurately.
  • The Can!Do Timebase – track and bill your on-site staff time accurately.
  • Pick 'n Paste – a productivity enhancing tool: Enter serial numbers, never retype again!
  • Résumé the CV Database – track and manage every Curriculum Vitae in your company.

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT from Autodesk

AutoCAD® helps you to design and shape the world around you with the powerful, flexible features found in this software, one of the world's leading 2D and 3D design applications.

AutoCAD LT® is smaller, cheaper, 2D version of AutoCAD, built for draughting.

Click here for testimonials about Autodesk products ~ Click here for more about full AutoCAD ~ Click here for more about AutoCAD LT

Autodesk SketchBook Pro

SketchBook® Pro 2011 is an affordable, easy-to-use, natural drawing experience with the quality expected by professionals. Consider it your digital sketchpad - use it to create quick sketches or print-quality production artwork.

Click here to read more about Autodesk SketchBook® Pro.

Labbie, your Data Retriever for the Civil Engineering Laboratory!

Civil Engineering Materials Laboratories strength-test endless batches of concrete cubes for quality control purposes.

Does your Lab need to:

  • keep track of large quantities of concrete test cubes?
  • make sure that concrete cubes are tested on the right day?
  • notify the client of his test results as soon as they are obtained?
  • give the client a graph of his test results over time?
  • make sure that chamber humidity, the scales, and the presses are tested regularly?
  • manage by exception, paying attention to the few things that may be wrong, not to everything that is going right?
  • bill your client as soon as his tests are completed, thus improving your cash flow, and
  • make sure that your staff do not forget to invoice any tests?

If you answered yes to more than two of the above, then Labbie, the Data Retriever, is what you need for your Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory!  Click here for more about Labbie for Concrete Cube Testing!

Labbie has been successfully processing concrete test cubes for well over a year at two major Gauteng laboratories. We now have, on Beta test, the additional features for the most popular soils tests including: Sieve Analysis to TMH1 Method A1, Mechanical analysis to TMH1 Method A5, Hydrometer Analysis to ASTM standard D422, Atterberg Limits to TMH1 Methods A2, A3, A4 (Liquid Limit, Plasticity Index, Linear Shrinkage), Maximum Dry Density (MOD) and Optimum Moisture Content (OMC) to TMH1 Method A7, California Bearing Ratio (CBR) to TMH1 Method A8, Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) and field tests.  Soils can be classified according to AASHTO Group Index, Unified Classification, TRH14 Classification (1985), and COLTO Type of Material (1998).

There is also a facility for "Generic" tests, where you describe the results for any test, and the program then stores and prints these (it does no calculations on Generic tests).  If you would like to participate in the Beta test programme, e-mail us now.

Does your Civil Engineering Soils Laboratory produce Test Results for:

  • Road Indicator or Foundation Indicator:
  • Sieve Analysis to TMH1 - Method A1 (a) - Chart of Percent Passing Sieve Size
  • Grading Modulus
  • Hydrometer Analysis (ASTM - D422) - Percent Passing Sieve Size
  • Atterberg Limits to TMH1 - Methods A2, A3, A4 (Liquid Limit, Plasticity Index, Linear Shrinkage)
  • Mechanical analysis to TMH1 - Method A5 - Percent of Soil Mortar
  • Maximum Dry Density (MOD) and Optimum Moisture Content (OMC) - TMH1 - Method A7
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR) - TMH1 - Method A8
  • AASHTO Group Index
  • Unified Classification
  • TRH14 Classification (1985),
  • COLTO Type of Material (1998), and
  • Potential Expansiveness (Van der Merwe diagram)?

If So – We Can Help!

We have a proven suite of five Excel Spreadsheets to do the calculations for the tests listed above and combine the results for up to five samples at a time, into an easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet that you can print, fax, or e-mail, including the Grading Curve Graphs and Potential Expansiveness Chart .

Need More Details? Click Here to go to the Soils Spreadsheets Page.

Note: The tests and classifications in the spreadsheets are all in our program Labbie, plus more (see article directly above). The advantage of spreadsheets is that they are easy to install. The advantage of Labbie is that you have a central database, can monitor from any PC, do your invoicing process, have a wider variety of tests, do not need to have Excel, etc.  The spreadsheets are unlikely be extended significantly, whereas Labbie is continually growing.

dotPLOT: Borehole and Core-Logging for the Civil Engineering Geologist

dotPLOT is the famous South African bore hole log and core log program written by Winston Jones and running on DOS (or a DOS Window).  dotPLOT is extremely flexible and allows a wide range of symbols and languages.

New developments include the option to write PDF files, thus allowing output to most installed printers, support for colour, and screen preview using Acrobat Reader.  The latest version (dot5008) runs on Windows Vista.

Software Africa is proud to have been chosen to re-sell and support this superb African program.
Click here to go to the dotPLOT Page.

HotPlot for dotPLOT!

HotPlot is an exciting Windows front-end for dotPLOT, developed with the support of the author.  HotPlot provides you with a Windows interface that runs dotPLOT for you, producing output in any of several file formats.  In the case of PDF output, the program lets you preview or print the file immediately via the Adobe Reader.  It includes a text file editor specially designed for dotPLOT, supporting the special symbols that dotPLOT uses.

If you would like more information or to be e-mailed a free test version of HotPlot, Click here and send the resulting email.

Click here to go to the HotPlot Page.

An Equipment Costing Database for Mining, Earthmoving, and Materials-Handling Industry, Forestry, and Highway Transport

Archer Mining in collaboration with Software Africa has for several years been developing a database to handle the running cost of mobile equipment.

Each order for parts is allocated to a machine/vehicle and tracked through to payment.  Likewise, we record fuel and oil issued per machine.  These costs can then be viewed or graphed, individually or in total, on a monthly basis, projected into the future, and compared to budget.  Capital costs and interest can be included.  Non-performing machines, or classes of machine, can be identified and replaced.

The system has been tested on mines at Delmas, Sishen, and Mamatwan, where it has produced significant cost savings.  It can now be licensed to other companies on a monthly or annual basis.

Need More Details? Click Here to go to the EquipCost database Page.

Cash Flows on Equipment for Mining, and Other Industries

Are you involved in budgeting, setting up future cash flows, or working out the viability of a business that uses plant and mobile equipment?

The Equipment Cash Flow model may be your solution.  We input Life Cycle Costs for each machine based on the maintenance and repair cycle from the manufacturer  We specify fuel consumption, Oils, and Lubrication costs.  Based on planned production tonnages, the model converts these costs to monthly or annual figures.  We also add capital and replacements costs, interest and depreciation to produce the time-series of cash flows for the project.

The model can be re-run with different assumptions as to production, financing, and interest rates to estimate the degree of risk and sensitivity to change.

This program compliments the Equipment Costing Database mentioned above. The latter records historical data and is a useful check on the input to the Cash Flow model, which looks at future cash flows.

Need More Details? Click Here to go to the EquipBudget model Page.

Productivity Manager

A dynamic Management tool that combines the essential attributes of a Diary (Appointments), Timesheet, Business Contacts and Company Resources. This combination allows close monitoring of daily performance for all users. Productivity Manager can save your business thousands in improved efficiency and productivity of your employees and reduced hands-on management time. It allows you to know exactly what is going on in your business even if you're not around! This program helps manage employees, from junior clerks to senior managers, by controlling and managing all the hours they spend at work. More Information, Download Help File, sign up...

Time-Binder, the Timesheet Database

 – Track where your staff have been and what they have done there! Link to an accounting package for easy insertion into the detail when you bill customers. The latest version has enhanced searching and graphing capabilities. The program requires Microsoft Access 2000 or later. It is a general-purpose Timesheet solution for companies that bill their time to customers under various job numbers. The program has a function to create Invoices in QuickBooks and various reports and graphs that let you track the time your staff has spent on their jobs. A special section allows hours spent to be deducted from pre-paid service contracts.

The Can!Do Timebase

This is a timesheet database we wrote for Can!Do Consulting, the ERP documentation and training company, and are authorised to resell on their behalf. The database is in Microsoft Access, but allows for input from remote sites: The database will e-mail timesheets as Excel spreadsheets and import the data from the completed spreadsheets. Projects can be set up with pre-defined Tasks in specified Phases. There are categories for Productive, Billable, and non-billable items. There is extensive reporting including pie charts, bar charts and CrossTab reports. There are also reports for the accounting department detailing what must be billed to clients and expense claims that must be refunded to staff. An interface to push the billing through into invoices in Pastel Accounting is planned. If you would like a comprehensive timesheet system for your business, the Can!Do Timebase or our own timesheet database, Time-Binder (see above) may be cheaper than developing a new one from scratch.

Pick 'n Paste

– a simple time-saving utility for anyone who does repetitive data entry, needs serial number allocation, or wants to transfer data from DDE-enabled programs. You pre-program items into a list, or Pick 'n Paste can get data from a program via DDE. Double-clicking then pushes this data into another open program or saves it to a text file. This can for example be used to write a file of Maximizer contacts, which can be imported into the QuickBooks client list. There are two versions: Demo and Full. Pricing – Single user: R200; 3 users: R300; 10 users: R800; 20 users R1200; subsequent groups of ten users: R 500 per group; unlimited use at one site: R4000.

Résumé, the CV Database

– lets you put the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of each of your staff in one place for easy updating and access. You can then print just the relevant parts for a given job, e.g. print just the experience the candidates have had on Water Projects. Can produce the standard South African Department of Works tender document. Multi-user access ensures that CVs are kept in one place and not "here and there" in different versions on various PCs.

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