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Maximizer Tips and Tricks


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Questions and Answers:

Q: Spaces are not allowed instead of a Last Name for a Maximizer contact?

A: Maximizer is looking for recognised characters in the last name. It reminds me to ask people for their last name – after all there may be more than one Mary in the company.

Q: How can I import data from Outlook into Maximizer? 

A:  There is a problem with the amount of information that Outlook exports into the Windows comma delimited file. When you open it in Excel, you will see what is happening. Outlook has many more fields than you need in Maximizer, so delete all the blank ones in Excel first and then do a File | Save As to make sure that it keeps the *.csv format. Excel will complain but ignore it. You can then import the edited file into Maximizer and match the fields with each other.

Note: import companies and individuals first and ignore contacts by placing the Skip field tag by First Name, Last Name etc. Then Import the contacts.

Question: Where are my toolbars and why can’t I open my address book in Maximizer?

Answer: – Somebody has hidden the icon and toolbars! It may have happened you if you were playing with your mouse whilst on the phone. Click on View | Toolbars and look at the resulting dialog box. It will show you what is not visible. By double clicking on the toolbar, you can change it to Visible then click on OK. Repeat for each one and finally click on OK to go back to Maximizer and see them all again!

If only one or two are missing, you can right click on the toolbar area and click on the missing ones to restore them.

Problem: Creating Hotlist Task in Maximizer

Solution: Hotlist Tasks in Maximizer form the basis of your day, once you have created your initial list, you will find that you use the hot list to run your life! Using drag and drop, take the contact you wish to work with up to the Hotlist icon and then create the task you want to do. I keep my hot list tasks for letters, e-mails, phone calls and research. Generally I do not set a specific time for hot list tasks only for meeting \s that I schedule in the calendar.

As I do each task, I create the one to follow it and also make notes about what I have done in completing it, so that I automatically create a history of my actions around that contact and their company.

Q I want to use Maximizer Enterprise's Marketing Campaign Manager but I need an SMTP server, how can I get one?

A: We can supply a mail daemon for free (installation charged only) which will serve the purpose and give everyone in your company access to e-mail. Let us know if you want to have it and we will arrange installation. It works with Outlook 2000 proper (as does Maximizer) and not with Express.  However, we advise a paid for solution as mails can bounce from the free versions!

Second A:  We can supply VPOP, which does cost but has many more advantages (ask us!). It works with Outlook proper (as does Maximizer) and not with Express.

Problem: Creating a View in Maximizer

Solution: Views in Maximizer are a powerful way of finding out at a glance what you need to know about a customer. To create a new view, you click on View – Column Setup – Add. Give your view a name, which describes what it is to show you about your database and then select what must appear in each column by clicking on the column and then on the fields displayed on the left hand side bottom box that you want. Click on Add to add them to that column one by one. Once you have the View you want, click OK and then Use Now. If it isn’t as you want, go back and edit it.

Q: What is a Backup?

A: You mean we haven't bored you out of your skull by insisting that you do backups? Sorry, but its true. We continually harp on the need to keep backups, yet we recently had a customer who had a virus delete her Maximizer contacts, and she had made no backups. "I didn't think I'd need a backup", she said. 

Maximizer has its own backup utility and this can be used to back up your vital CRM information at least once a week.

Q:  How dangerous are viruses?

A:  Very! Please keep your eScan, Norton, McAfee, or whatever, updated weekly. Your contacts will not appreciate being spammed with virus-generated e-mails and you don't want your valuable client databases deleted or damaged.

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