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Microsoft Visual Basic Developer Resources: Where to get Help

If you're a developer and need help, who do you call?

Here are some resources we like, that may also be useful to other Visual Basic 6.0 (including VBA) and .NET Programmers.  If you like them please feel free to send us links to your resources in exchange.
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Developer Support from Software Africa
Microsoft Newsgroups
Experts Exchange
Yahoo Answers
Contributed Tips

Developer Support from Software Africa

Phone or e-mail us the problem, and we will solve it for you at Hotline or Developer support contract rates. We can also help you draw up specifications for your projects.  More details...

Microsoft Discussion Groups:

These are a great resource, with members helping each other for free: Please return the favour by helping others in turn.

On Microsoft Discussion Groups there are about 500 groups: Choose carefully where your question belongs.  There are national groups under microsoft.public.de (German), microsoft.public.fr (French), microsoft.public.za (South Africa), etc.  The following look useful, but there are many more:

  • microsoft.public.access,

  • microsoft.public.vb.(various),

  • microsoft.public.vsnet.(various),

  • microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics,

  • microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support,

  • microsoft.public.windowsxp.print_fax.

Experts Exchange

For questions specific to IT, try Experts Exchange.  They say "This is neither an 'email an expert' nor a wild west tech forum. Experts Exchange is a patented and professional IT collaboration site where you will find peer-to-peer knowledge sharing". 

You start with a certain number of points, give up points per question (you nominate how many), and gain points by providing the best answer (as decided by the questioner).  They have various levels depending on how many points you have earned. There are forums for Storage, OS, DB, Security, Programming, Web Dev, Hardware, Networking, Apps, and Misc.

The basic service is free.  There is also a Premium Service at $100/year, which allows access to their database, unlimited questions, and no adverts.

Yahoo Answers

A place to ask general questions and get answers.  You start with 100 points, give up points per question, and gain points by answering.  For more information about how Yahoo! Answers works, see the Yahoo! Answers overview.  To sign up (free), go to to http://answers.yahoo.com.

Contributed Tips

Would you like to add a tip of your own (due acknowledgement will be given!) – click here to send tip.

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Press Ctrl+F to search this page for keywords.

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