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Well this has been an interesting month indeed!  Kwena arrived and almost immediately left.  His mother returned his keys to us and seems intent in putting him in his place!  Manali from India has joined us on a Learnership.

Willy has continued to drive sales, for which I am grateful, as I have spent most of the month out with flu.  Thuli's baby son is absolutely gorgeous and she will only return to work in November.  We are also hoping that our youngest dog is now going to produce puppies for SA Guide Dogs in October.

Spring is coming and it's time to get the economy moving again!

QuickBooks Update

We are currently beta testing 2013 Accountant and will soon be doing the same for Enterprise.  This latter version is new to South Africa and I am very excited to find out what it comprises.  All pricing remains stable as the QuickBooks range is manufactured locally.

For more information, phone the team on 011 802-2685 / 6440.

Labbie is Growing Up

Labbie, our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) for the Civil Engineering Laboratory has been adopted by Loma Lab in Emalahleni (previously Witbank).

The program processes concrete cubes and the most popular soils and asphalt tests, producing output in a variety of report formats to printer, fax, PDF, or e-mail.  It also provides for the results of any test to be entered if the calculations are done outside of Labbie.  The program can make improvements to the business owner's cash flow, in that the invoice can be exported to Pastel Accounting as soon as a cube or sample is entered.

There are significant new features in Labbie, some of which were added for Loma Lab.  The most obvious one is the ability to print labels containing the sample number and salient information, on a Zebra label printer, in whatever quantity is required.  There are also numerous tweaks and bug fixes, and improved Help.

Green Tip

Mark the 22-24th September in your diaries, as the Greenhouse Project official launch takes place then!  There will be organically grown food and vegetables on offer; workshops; films and discussions.  There is safe parking inside the venue, corner Klein and Wolmarans Streets, Hillbrow/Joubert Park.  Come and see the Edwardian Conservatory which will be close to being fully restored.  Learn about solar cooking and waterless toilets; earth architecture and green building!

AutoCAD 2013 and Design Suites

We have passed the exams to continue on Bronze Reseller status, which is great and means we understand more about the huge product range.  The solutions are out there to solve your problems - now we want you to give us the opportunity to meet with you and have the conversation.  Please contact us and let us know us how we can do this!

Please contact Judith or 011 802 2685 for more details or to set up an appointment to discuss your drawing office requirements.

How does licensing work?

This is a question that we have been asked a lot recently.  Customers wanting 6 licences expect a far lower price and are surprised when this is not the case.  They feel that if they have already bought a copy of the software, additional users should cost less.

In fact, with all software solutions, this is not the case, as they are buying a licence to use the software, not the software itself.  With large orders, we are certainly able to offer some discount and will do so to the best of our ability, although we do not receive a further discount from the distributors.  AutoCAD LT is one exception, as the 5 user pack is discounted at source by Autodesk.

Where a number of people require to use the AutoCAD range, network licences can be purchased.  A one user network licence allows one user on the software at a time.  As you add additional users on the network, then more people can work simultaneously.  We will strive to make sure that you maximise your investment through this mechanism.

With Accounting and CRM solutions, the licences are user bound, so you are obliged to have one licence for every user who must log in.  This is also true of Microsoft Office, but not of the server products, which work more like Autodesk products.

Excel Tip #103 - The Page Layout menu:

We return from comparing Excel 2010 with Excel 2007, and look at Excel 2010's Page Layout menu:

A theme is a set of formatting choices including a set of colours, a set of fonts, and a set of effects (including lines and fill effects). In the "Themes" group, you can choose whole Themes, or Colours, Fonts or Effects.

In the Page Setup group, you can set Margins, Orientation (Portrait or Landscape), Page Size (normally A4), the Print Area (or remove it), Page Breaks (vertical and horizontal), a Background picture, and Print Titles.  "Print Titles" are rows at the top, or columns on the left, that will appear on each page of the printout, in other words, headings.  This button takes one into the old Page Setup dialog box, on the Sheet tab.  The little arrow button on the bottom right of the group (circled in red above) also opens the old Page Setup dialog box, but on the Page tab. 

The third group, Scale To Fit, adjusts the scaling to fit more or less on a page.  If width and height are "automatic", you can set the Scale to any percentage. The little arrow button on the bottom right of this group also opens the old Page Setup dialog box on the Page tab.

The Sheet Options group has options to view and print Gridlines and Headings.  These headings are not Print Titles, rather they are the row letters and column numbers. The little arrow button on the bottom right of this group opens the old Page Setup dialog box, on the Sheet tab.

The last group, Arrange, has to do with objects placed on the worksheet, like the arrow and the smiley face in the example above.  Bring forward and send backward relates to which object appears "in front" and only applies to objects that overlap.  Selection Pane is a useful feature that displays the column headed "Selection and Visibility) directly below it in the picture.  In this pane, you can select objects (click on the first, then Ctrl+Click to select or unselect more). You can rename an object, and turn viewing of the object on or off by clicking its "Eye" button on the right: This also affects whether it prints or not, but does not delete the object. The Align button lets you line up selected objects in various ways, and also turn gridlines on or off, in case you didn't notice the Sheet Options group!  To align objects, you need to have more than one selected, likewise with the Group button, which turns all selected objects into one object (but you can ungroup it again).  Finally, the Rotate button lets you rotate and flip the selected objects including, under More Rotation Options, any rotation angle you like.

The one thing obviously lacking in this tab of the ribbon is "What will my Printout look like?".  You can Preview your printout by opening the Page Setup dialog box using any of the methods listed above, and then clicking Print or Preview, which now behave the same. Ctrl+P is the fastest.  You can also use File > Print.  Press Escape to exit the Preview, or click Print to print.  There's a lot of redundancy because Microsoft has kept the old dialog boxes "underneath" the new ribbon.

Computius Say:

JSE Gold Index measure price of gold, Platinum Index measure price of platinum; how come Overall Index not measure price of overalls?

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
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