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Thank you to all our customers for giving us an outstanding start to our new financial year!  Last financial year showed significant growth as well.  We have a new receptionist - Thembekile, who is settling in well.  She has brought new energy in to the company and we wish her well.  Our other bonus is a wonderful closed wood burning stove which keeps the office really snug and uses all the tree prunings from the years we have been in our current premises - 15!

Want to learn how to do great presentations and public speaking generally?  Then can we invite you to join Toastmasters?  It's a fun environment and gives you opportunities to hone your skills with mentoring and support.  If you are in the Rivonia / Morningside area, please contact Judith to learn more.

Training Update

Thanks to Premier Knowledge who organised the advertising and logistics, for the first time in a long while we ran two Microsoft Excel 2010 for Engineers and Scientists courses this month.  This intensive two-day course is intended for Scientists and Engineers, Engineering Technologists and Technicians who have a basic knowledge of Excel, probably self-taught. We start by reviewing the basics to fill possible gaps in your knowledge. We then build through simple uses to more complex examples, using typical engineering problems.  We also introduce the advanced feature of programming macros in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  Some of the topics include:

If you would like to book on the course scheduled for September, or would like an in-house course for 6 to 12 people in your company, e-mail Rick.

Vacancy at Software Africa

Programming Internship

This position is open for an person who has Access and VB.Net training but not much practical experience.  Please send your CV to Rick and he will send you our test.  If you score over 50% on all sections, he will ask you to come for an interview.

Autodesk Updates

We are busy upgrading our skills in order to serve you better. Our goal is to be a Silver Reseller!

Autodesk Subscription Benefits

These give real value to your Autodesk product users.  They include the following:

For more information go to and

Autodesk Quarter 3 approaches

So we are waiting to see what the focus will be!  The ongoing training for resellers on the Design Suites is proving of great value to us.  The product mix in the Design Suites gives a seamless solution to major projects in infrastructure, plant design, building design, factory design and product design.  The powerful documentation process used, means that maintenance manuals are produced as part of the process.  The integration of products means that the project team never needs to leave the Autodesk platform.

ROI is extremely good and provable.  Major projects have been completed on time and on budget.

Please e-mail Judith or Willy for more information and a quotation.

Green Tip

For the cold weather, a cat makes a great hot-water bottle if you can get it to stay still.  As a bonus, cats also purr, which is therapeutic. (No, you are not supposed to pour hot water into the cat, silly!)

QuickBooks Enterprise

Finally, I bit the bullet and installed this top of the line product!  The first thing that impressed me was the fact that the QuickBooks feel and language was there immediately.  Enterprise allows multiple companies' reports to be merged into one; multi-warehousing and strong management of projects.  You can have up to 30 users and your accountant can access your data to ensure that it is correct.

Most of all, it is simple to install as well.  For more information please contact Judith or Willy

Most Common Support Problem

Especially if your sight is not too good - seeing the menus at the top of the screen above the button ribbon.  Please ask your support person to make your screen resolution suit your sight - then we can work together more easily!

Most asked Question

Where do I find the licence number and the key when installing QuickBooks?  Answer: You'll find it on the back of your CD box!

In addition to selling you your QuickBooks or Quick Payroll, we also offer installation and telephone support.  Depending on where you are situated, the cost of installation is low but travel may add to it.

Excel Tip #114 - Hot Tip: [h] Format

Taking a break this month from the "Data" tab on Excel 2010's Ribbon, here is a tip that arises from a question Faizel sent us:

Question: I am in the metered taxi industry and I wonder if you can solve a problem on Excel for me. Our drivers work in either a nightshift or a dayshift and sometimes the hours are far more than a 12 hour shift. I have used every available formula on the internet but just cannot find one to work. Here is an example: A driver started work at 18:00 and finished work the next day at 08:00. Manually the answer equals 14 hours. Excel simply minuses the hours above 12 hours from the answer. Please help.

Answer: There are 2 things you need to do:

  1. Use the date and time for times on and off, not just the time.
  2. For the difference, use the Custom Format [h]:mm (Ctrl+1, Number tab, Custom Category)
    The [h] format will display any number of hours, even in excess of 24: see Column C, Row 4 in this example:
  A B C    
1           Driver: Sibusiso Joe   Value or Formula
2 Start shift 23/07/2013 18:00 23/07/2013 18:00   41478.75
3 Finish shift 24/07/2013 08:00 25/07/2013 08:00   41480.3333333333
4 Hours worked 14:00 38:00   =C3-C2 Format [h]:mm
5 Pay/hour:  R             13.90  R             13.90   13.9  Format currency
6 Pay for shift  R           194.60  R           528.20   =C4*24*C5

If you want to do maths with the answer, just remember that in Excel’s times and dates, a day is = 1, so 12 hours is = 0.5 –this means that if you are paying by the hour, you must multiply the calculated [h] hours by 24 times the hourly rate, as in the last row (6) in the example above.

Computius Say:

Everyone bring Happiness: Some people when they arrive, others when they leave.

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
Judith and Rick

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