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So it's either Winter, Spring or Summer. Changes from day to day. Clip out dog in the heat wave and next day she needs a jersey. Oh well, things will sort themselves out. At least we have lots of flowers and happy birds.

Green Tip

Find your local recyclers and work with them to give your rubbish directly to them. Real benefit for both sides.

ArCADia Software

There are three products available - ArCADia LT, ArCADia 10 and ArCADia 10 Plus. They also have a full BIM solution and we can supply you with the brochure setting out exactly how it operates. Getting down to specifics, you can look at ArCADia for Architects, Distribution Boards, Electrical installations and so on. For more about them use this link. Prices are in Euros but they are perpetual licences, not annual.

Please contact Judith for more information and quotes.

Activating your Autodesk Software

Please note that your new Autodesk software has to be activated using your account logon within 30 days. Thereafter, please log onto your account monthly to receive the latest updates, so that your software stays current. You can use your account to access training videos and support via AVA as well. If AVA can't solve your problem, it can be escalated to Autodesk Support who will phone you to sort it out. This is an exceptional development as it makes problem solving so much faster than previously.

As an Autodesk customer, you matter to them as well as to your reseller. More and more solutions are sitting on your customer account - please explore them!

You can also now receive support from the Distributor, contact Nathalie for this. Her email is and she will make sure that the technical people sort you out ASAP!

Autodesk Developments.

Next year, maintenance renewal fees will increase by 20% from May. Please consider renewals changing to subscriptions this year because your cost will be fixed at a far lower rate for three years. Moving to the Collections also offers great savings.

All you need to understand Building Information Modelling (BIM)

This link takes you to an eBook on the subject:

On-Line Business Tip #21: "Google My Business"

Last month we suggested that you use your account on Google to claim the listing of your business on Google My Business –simply by searching for it on Google. But what if your business does not appear in a box on the right after you search for it?  

As in the illustration on the right:
1. Go to
2. Click the "grid" icon near top right.
3. In the dropdown window, click More.
4. Click "My Business"

Then fill in your business's details.

[This tip first appeared in the Megaplex newsletter, "Doing Business in Sandton" (August 2018). Sign up here for monthly business tips.]

QuickBooks in the Cloud

Please contact Judith for a full overview and pricing.

We can honestly say that running our business has become smoother and easier. The support offered by Intuit is also very good.

Still working on my exam as I have been overwhelmed by the amount of learning that I am doing!

Also look at the QuickPerks site for connections to your desktop.

To give the pros and cons, just stop to read this:

QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop

So what’s the big fuss about QuickBooks Online and how does it compare to its desktop counterparts? Well first off, QuickBooks Online makes daily tasks easier, meaning less work for small businesses.

Please note that Standard Bank's new format is extremely difficult and we still have to be able to test it on the QuickBooks Cloud option.

Maximizer CRM in the Cloud!

Maximizer has been our customer relationship management for over twenty years. It has been a source of staying on the ball and creating increasing sales.  Maximizer is now in the Cloud! If you would like to obtain more information, please click this link.

Just a great way to keep your customers in sight.


Excel Tip #170 -- What's New in Excel 2016 for Windows?  New Pivot Chart (V) -- More Types of Pivot Charts

We are looking at what is new in Excel 2016 for Windows Desktop, compared with Excel 2010.  On the Insert ribbon, in the Charts group, there is a new button for PivotChartsEarlier, we created a Pivot Table and modified it to look like this:

Sum of Amount Column Labels      
Row Labels East North South West Grand Total
Cape Town R116,000   R166,600   R282,600
East London     R244,000 R261,100 R505,100
Kimberley   R152,400 R95,800   R248,200
Pretoria R373,500       R373,500
Grand Total R489,500 R152,400 R506,400 R261,100 R1,409,400

In August we looked at how to create a Pivot Chart from the Pivot Table.  Start by selecting the Pivot Table. The right-hand sidebar will appear. Ignore it. On the Insert ribbon, click the Pivot Chart button. The "Insert Chart" dialog will pop up. On the left, the Column type of chart is selected.

Across the top, as last time, we see seven variations of column charts: Clustered Column, Stacked Column, 100% Stacked Column, 3-D Clustered Column, 3-D Stacked Column, 3-D 100% Stacked Column, and 3-D Column. This time, click on 100% Stacked Column

Repeat the process, but choose 3-D Stacked Column.  When you have added a title, your two charts should look like this:

The 100% Stacked Column adds figures for the destination cities together and then scales the total to 100%. This allows us to compare the percentage contribution of each Division, but says nothing about their actual amounts.

The 3-D Stacked Column Pivot Chart stacks the values of the destination cities together giving, in total, the Grand Total column. This allows us to compare totals for each destination city with each other, while seeing how they are made up from each division.

Next time, we will look at the how manipulating the pivot table alters the pivot chart, and vice versa..

Computius Say:

Shortest time span known to man: an onosecond: the time between hitting “Send” and wishing you hadn’t.
(Steve Swift in AWADmail Issue 844)

Remember:  We can make your business run better by:

All the Best from the team!
Judith and Rick

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