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Buy Autodesk  AutoCAD LT (Lite) from trusted Bronze Partners

AutoCAD LT® drafting and detailing software is the professional choice for data compatibility, reliability, and productivity. With AutoCAD LT 2014, incremental improvements add up to bigger productivity gains. New and enhanced 2D tools like associative array, multifunctional grips, and transparency and gradient hatch patterns provide greater control and efficiency. Improved PDF and DGN input and output tools, along with new AutoCAD® WS for web and mobile sharing, enable powerful collaboration. The addition of AutoCAD features such as the Sheet Set Manager, Quick Dimension tool, Sketch and Align gives you more tools to enhance your productivity:

  • Document – Accurately document your ideas and designs with a comprehensive set of 2D drafting and detailing tools.
  • Collaborate –Create in the genuine DWG™ file format to share your work seamlessly with colleagues and clients.
  • Optimize –With menu and user interface options, AutoCAD LT drafting software works the way you work.

Improved interface responsiveness and faster performance bring it all together in AutoCAD LT 2014.

As Bronze partners, we are authorised to sell SketchBook Pro, Autodesk Showcase, AutoCAD LT, and the AutoCAD range of products throughout South Africa.  Want to buy AutoCAD LT 2014?  e-mail us or phone 011 802-2685.

Get one year’s worth of free software upgrades and online technical support through the Autodesk Subscription program.

How does AutoCAD LT 2014 differ from full AutoCAD 2014 ?




Design and Documentation
Drafting and Detailing
Focus on
3D Design
Drafting Productivity
Concept through Completion
Drafting Productivity
3D Design Capabilities

Advanced Documentation Tools (Parametrics, Model Documentation)

Network Licensing

In a nutshell, AutoCAD 2012 is a high-productivity, three-dimensional draughting tool with plenty of add-ons.  AutoCAD LT ("Lite") is a simpler, cheaper, two-dimensional draughting program.  Read more about AutoCAD LT directly below. Click here to read more about AutoCAD (new page).

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AutoCAD LT 2014

Product Information

AutoCAD LT® draughting and detailing software is the professional choice, boosting your productivity with tools for creating precise technical 2D drawings.   If you're one of the following, you should be interested in AutoCAD LT: CAD Manager/Purchaser Designer, Engineer, Drafter Engineering Service Provider Building Owner Facilities Department Manager Architect (commercial/residential) House or Interior Designer Landscape Designer/Builder Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical Contractor.

Typical Customer Profiles: Professionals (1-9 users) and small SMBs (<500 staff)

Product Description

AutoCAD LT® software is built for professional draughting, delivering genuine DWG™ compatibility, reliability and powerful 2D drawing tools designed to boost productivity.

  • Compatibility: AutoCAD LT software’s genuine DWG file format facilitates data fidelity and compatibility. One of the most commonly used file formats, DWG enables easier and more accurate communication with colleagues and clients.
  • Reliability: AutoCAD LT uses AutoCAD® software technology, relied on by millions of professionals.
  • Productivity: With each release, AutoCAD LT strives to deliver more productivity-enhancing features.

Business Value

  • Access industry-leading 2D draughting tools found in AutoCAD software, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Create, send and receive compatible data files with confidence. AutoCAD LT software’s native DWG file format is one of the most commonly used design file formats and is an industry leader.
  • Complete documentation in less time using productivity tools in AutoCAD LT software.
  • Expand capabilities to Building Information Modeling or Digital Prototyping, with AutoCAD LT software’s integration with other Autodesk® software products.
  • Access the resources of a worldwide community of Autodesk software users, including training and a global knowledge base. Manage training costs by applying employees’ existing familiarity with AutoCAD.
  • Rely on Autodesk’s proven track record of continuous innovation. Autodesk is an industry leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.
  • Manage your budget and keep current with upgrade and Subscription programs.

Five quick reasons to upgrade to this version from earlier releases

  • Control and efficiency: Access new and enhanced 2D tools like Associative Array, Multifunctional Grips, Transparency and Gradient Hatch Patterns.
  • More powerful collaboration: Get improved PDF and DGN input and output tools, along with new AutoCAD® WS web and mobile application for web and mobile sharing.
  • More productivity tools: Work more efficiently with Sheet Set Manager, Quick Dimension and Sketch and Align tools.
  • Better performance: Experience faster startup and file opening, more responsive commands and hardware acceleration support.
  • Support for the latest file formats, hardware and operating systems: DWG compatibility, 32- and 64-bit support, Windows 7 compatible.


Autodesk® Subscription allows customers to extend the value of their software investment with access to the latest releases, powerful web services and expedited technical support. www.autodesk.com/subscription.

Common Pain/Challenges and Solutions:

Problem Solution Capabilities
We need to do more work with fewer people. We can barely keep up, much less grow our business. Reduce the amount of time it takes to perform day-to-day tasks, using AutoCAD LT 2014. Reduce your number of clicks and steps with features like Align.

Access commands more quickly with an intuitive user interface.

We don’t have resources to train people on new software versions. Get support from the training and resources of a worldwide community of Autodesk software users. Access Help, discussion boards and training videos online and within the product.
We need to share files securely and in formats required by clients. Work with the file formats that are standards in the industry. Use the DWG file format.

Use PDF as an underlay and output high-quality PDF files.

Get improved DGN support.

Questions and Answers

My AutoCAD LT 200x works just fine. Why should I buy new software?

A lot has changed since your version was released. An independent productivity study (AutoCAD 2011 Productivity Study, by David Cohn) proved that drafters can work up to 44% faster with AutoCAD LT 2011, the previous release, than on AutoCAD LT 2008. And if you’re using a release earlier than 2008, your productivity gains could be even greater. If you consider how much your time is worth, more efficient software can pay for itself.

There are cheaper and even free software alternatives. How do I justify the cost of AutoCAD LT?

Consider the cost of lost time or wasted cycles dealing with corrupted or incompatible data. The cost of running a business includes many factors beyond the price of software. The value of AutoCAD LT software’s stability, reliability and data fidelity could translate into more time spent building your business.

Want to buy AutoCAD LT 2014?  e-mail us now!


Why Buy or Upgrade to AutoCAD LT 2014?

AutoCAD LT® software is built for professional draughting, delivering genuine DWG compatibility, reliability and powerful 2D drawing tools designed to boost your productivity.

Extend your competitive advantage with AutoCAD LT software for 2D draughting and detailing. Create drawings in the genuine DWG™ file format for enhanced compatibility and stability when communicating with clients and colleagues. And get even better performance by optimising your software for the way you work. Packed with powerful features, AutoCAD LT is built for professional draughting.


Use a complete set of 2D draughting and detailing tools to produce precise technical drawings—accurately and efficiently.

  • Document in 2D
    Create simple or complex drawings from standard shapes such as lines, arcs and circles. Modify existing geometry with commands such as stretch, copy, rotate and scale. Add annotations—including text, dimensions and tables—to help convey your ideas.
  • Be More Productive
    AutoCAD LT is designed with one goal in mind: increasing your productivity. Each release of AutoCAD LT includes feature enhancements and additions that introduce new ways to promote draughting efficiency.


Work easily and effectively with clients and colleagues.

  • Get Industry-Leading Reliability and Stability
    Create drawings in the genuine DWG file format and have confidence in data integrity when sharing your work. Maximise productivity by reducing time lost tackling corrupted or incompatible data.
  • Enjoy AutoCAD Compatibility
    AutoCAD LT is fully integrated with other Autodesk® software products, making it easy for you to share data with others or expand your capabilities.
  • Incorporate External Files
    Reuse data and create richer documents by referencing external information from colleagues or clients—such as DWG files, JPG and TIF images, Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets and DWF™ and PDF underlays—in your drawings.
  • Share Files Electronically
    Electronically publish and distribute drawing sets in a single DWF or PDF file for fast, secure collaboration.


Improve efficiency by making AutoCAD LT work the way you do with a variety of user interface options.

  • Standardise Drawings
    Save time and standardise drawings by using blocks, adding dynamic properties to accommodate multiple sizes or views in a single block. Get quick access to frequently used content, such as blocks, hatches and commands with tool palettes.
  • Tailor Your Environment
    Quickly find your way around the screen with tools to locate commands, view all open drawings and navigate between different areas in an open drawing. Optimise your work environment by tailoring the location and appearance of commands to meet your needs and company standards.

Comparison Matrix for AutoCAD LT Releases:






Associative Arrays

Sheet Set Manager

Built-in connection to AutoCAD WS

Delete Duplicate Objects

Multifunctional Grips

Hide and Isolate Objects

Select Similar Objects

Object & Layer Transparency

PDF Underlay

Align Objects

Clip External References

Non-rectangular viewports

Dynamic Blocks

Windows 7 Support

Support for 64-bit operating systems


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AutoCAD LT Product Review (PDF file, 239 KB)


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