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What's New in HotPlot and

Simple Soil Profile, Borehole and Core-Logging PC Software
for the Soils Engineer and Civil Engineering Geologist

What are dotPLOT and HotPlot?

If you don't know what dotPLOT is or what it can do, click here to go to the main dotPLOT page.

If you don't know where HotPlot fits in, click here to go to the HotPlot page.

From time to time dotPLOT and HotPlot are revised to add enhancements and fix bugs.  The list of recent HotPlot revisions is directly below, in reverse order (latest at the top).  Below that is What's New in dotPLOT.

What's New in HotPlot?

HotPlot allows access to all the main features of dotPLOT, including editing SET files (improved in version 2.2.0).  It also includes a HTML Help file (improved in version 2.0.1) containing information to get productive on dotPLOT.  HotPlot is supplied in a combined package with dotPLOT and will install dotPLOT for you. Listed in reverse chronological order (newest at the top).

Version 3.22.0 – 10 February 2017:

Release for dot7022 of 10 February 2017.

New in Text Editor:

  • Edit > Copy Table for Excel (Shift+Ctrl+F1) to Copy Borehole Log Attribute Block Table to Clipboard for Pasting into Excel (more here)
  • Edit > Paste Excel Table now has the shortcut Shift+Ctrl+F2
  • On regular Paste, we now replace Tab with four spaces (for Excel).

Version 3.21.3 – 7 September 2016

New in Text Editor: Edit > Copy Table for Excel (Shift+Ctrl+F1) to copy a Borehole Log Attribute Block Table to the Clipboard for Pasting into Excel.
Existing Edit > Paste Excel Table now has a shortcut Shift+Ctrl+F2.
On ordinary paste, replace Tab caracters with four spaces (for Excel).

Improvements to the Licence form's Check Licence button: In Sub CallSeekUSBdongle, display MsgBox results in pages of <1025 Characters.
In Function seekusbdongle, flag NO WRITE ACCESS for an otherwise-valid licence that is on a read-only device.

Version 3.21.2 – 25 August 2016:

Release for dot7021 of 17 August 2016.

Fixed overflow on Licence Check.

New button at the bottom of the Licence form: Check Licence. This reads all available licenses and reports which ones are valid, for which licence options, and why.  The Help file gives some examples of invalid (R: and P:) and valid (E:) licences.

Show the program again after dotPLOT has crashed on an error, in case it was hidden during error, e.g. trying dot6000 on a 64-bit PC.

Version 3.20.0 – 18 September 2015:

Release for dot7020 of 18 September 2015.

In the Text File Editor (structure check message), explained that "orphan" Line Feed characters are Line Feeds [LF] not preceded by a Carriage Return [CR].

Version 3.19.0 – Memorial Issue – 16 August 2014:

Release for dot7019 of 16 and 19 August 2014.

If a LOGO file is selected somewhere other than the dotPLOT path, offer to copy it to the dotPLOT path for use.

Version 3.18.0 – 6 May 2014:

Release for dot7018 of 6 May 2014.

On the Licence form, there is a new Reset Tally button to reset the Licence Count for this site if given the correct code for today from Software Africa.

Version 3.17.0 – 26 March 2014:

Release for dot7017 of 26 Mar 2014.

Minor Bug-390 on Checking Block Structure reported 13 Mar 2014 by Lyzandra, fixed by Rick on 13 Mar 2014:
HotPlot’s cursor position was not entirely accurate. Its calculation of the position was being thrown out by Tab characters, which come in when you paste two columns from Excel.

Bug-387 on Text File Editor reported 6 Jan 2014 by Rick, fixed by Rick on 6 Jan 2014:
Find, Replace, and Replace All did not work! (Fixed.)

Bug-230 on SET File Editor reported 18 Jan 2011 by Rick, fixed earlier: The SET File line
C:\DOT5000\LJ4 = Path to Font files
is not updated when the file is saved. It should not have the dotPLOT path built-in. (Now saves as Printer Type [normally LJ4] only)

New feature: Button Settings on the Main Form, which opens a replica of the Text File Editor's Settings Menu.  Main Form made wider to fit.

Text File Editor's DOS -> Windows improved to convert vertical line draw character "³" to vertical bar character "|".

In SET File Editor, added Help buttons to Borehole Log Suppress Options and Compress Borehole Log Options forms.

Text File Editor's Check menu item improved to give a warning if text contains Tab characters (this may result from copying and pasting from Excel) and offer to replace all Tabs with four spaces.

The Text File Editor's Replace (Ctrl+H) function was improved by adding the "In Selection" checkbox.  This affects only the Replace All button.  When "In Selection" is ticked (the default if text is selected) and you click Replace All, all items are replaced only within the selected (highlighted) text. To select text, drag the mouse pointer over it.

Version 3.16.0 – 26 November 2013

Release for dot7016 of 28 November 2013.

Fixed bug: Latest (top) SET file in combo box list was not being recalled next time.

In SET File Editor:

  • Added Page Output Sequence –Normal (Profile, then Borelog) or 2-Page View (Borelog, then Profile)– and Description to first tab.
  • Made picture on Layout tab clickable (Click on an arrow in the picture to select that measurement).
  • Moved Line Spacing to Fonts tab.

Version 3.15.0 – 31 October 2013

Release for dot7015 of 31 October 2013.

Version 3.14.0 – 1 August 2013

Release for dot7014 of 1 August 2013.  Minor cosmetic changes.

New Conditions for Replacement of a Licence: If you can produce reasonable proof of the total loss of the licence, it may be replaced at a cost of R800 + VAT (Now R1000 + VAT).

Version 3.13.1 – 7 May 2013

Removed "Default Path for Input Text-Files" (no longer used by dotPLOT) from the first tab in the SET File Editor.

Version 3.13.0 – 27 April 2013

A whole new tab, Logo Xform (Logo Transform) has been added to the SET File Editor.  This tab allows you to greatly reshape how your logo appears, rotating, applying skew, shifting, and scaling it as required.

Version 3.12.0 – 27 March 2013

Improvements in the Text File Editor:

  • You can now drag-and-drop text (something you can't do in Notepad)!  To drag and copy, hold the Ctrl key when releasing the mouse.
  • The new "Character" menu allows you to easily add a full list of special characters including the degree symbol, accented letters, diameter symbol, mu, ± (plus-minus), ≠ (not-equal), ≤ (less-or-equal), and ≥ (greater-or-equal).
  • Find and Replace allows you to find (and replace) end-of-line (^p) and tab (^t) characters.
  • Fixed a bug: Find would never find the first letter in the text file.
  • Help has been improved to match.

Improvement in the SET File Editor: The Layout tab now has a diagram on which the program indicates the location of the item you are editing.

Version 3.11.0 – 11 January 2013

Release for dot7011 of 11 January 2013.

Version 3.10.2 – 20 December 2012

Bug-354 on Spelling Check reported 2 Aug 2012 by Rick, fixed by Rick on 20 Dec 2012:
Error in Sub Form_Load on frmSpell:
Path/File access error - Name C:\Program Files (x86)\HotPlot\Afrikaans.DIK As C:\Program Files (x86)\HotPlot\Afrikaans.DIC
This needs Admin rights on my Windows 7N laptop (Spelling check does not work without a DIC file).

  • Fixed by moving dictionaries to C:\dot7000.
  • Also, on spelling check, split the "Add" button into "Add lowercase" - Add word to dictionary in lowercase, and "Add As Is" - Add word to dictionary in its current case (lower case, ALL CAPS or Initial Cap).
  • Suggestions now display in the case of the word being replaced (lower case, ALL CAPS or Initial Cap) if they were stored in lowercase;
  • Suggestions stored in ALL CAPS or Initial Cap display that way.

Minor Bug-365 on Setup reported 19 Dec 2012 by Rick, fixed by Rick on 20 Dec 2012:
Mailform.out had other customer data in it on Stuart Morgan's PC. Are we distributing it that way?
(No. Mailform.is not distributed. It must have come from an earlier dot7000 test version, or dot5000 installation.)

Bug-364 on Licensing reported 20 Dec 2012 by Rick, fixed by Rick on 20 Dec 2012:
Folder create date comes out a year ahead, e.g. 20/12/2013 08:30:30. Error in Function timedate used to display date (cdate_$ = toDOSdate$ is correct).

Bug-363 on Licensing reported 19 Dec 2012 by Rick, fixed by Rick on 20 Dec 2012:
Spurious warning on clicking Licence button: Wrong Version of dotPLOT for this PC?
You need to upgrade to Version 7010.

Not true.  Fixed.

Serious Bug-362 on Text File Editor reported 19 Dec 2012 by Rick, fixed by Rick on 20 Dec 2012:
Edit > Fonts and then Cancel bombs the program, if you first opened a file from the Editor (dlgFile.CancelError = True in File > Open).

Version 3.10.1 – 12 December 2012 – International Microphone Testing Day 1 2 - 1 2 - 1 2

Release for dot7010 re-release of 12 December 2012.

Added links to the Help File from the SET File Editor's Help buttons for Logo file, Borelog Compress Option, and Suppress Options Code.  Help button gives brief Help and asks if you would like more details, in which case it opens HTML Help at the right spot.

Version 3.10.0 – 11 December 2012

Release for dot7010 (new).

Added a new block of menu items on the HotPlot Editor's Insert menu, to insert a whole new (example) profile, or individual blocks (including layers and attributes interactively).  The items are:

  • Full Block Structure for 1 Hole - Shift+F1
  • Header Block - Shift+F2
  • Layer Descriptions (input) - Shift+F3
  • Notes Block Example - Shift+F4
  • Borehole Log Attribute (input) - Shift+F5
  • Attribute Block Example - Shift+F6
  • End-of-Hole marker - Shift+F7
  • End-of-File marker - Shift+F8

To enter a new profile interactively, open the HotPlot Editor (EDIT button) and start a new file (File > New). Press Shift+F2 (Header Block: Add job and hole details),  Shift+F3 (input as many Layer Descriptions as needed), Shift+F4 (Notes Block: Edit the example to suit your profile).  If a Borehole Log, press Shift+F5 repeatedly to input each Borehole Log Attribute.  Finally, press Shift+F7 to finish the hole.  Repeat from Shift+F2 until all holes are done, then Shift+F8 to end the file.  More details in on-line Help.

Version 3.9.0 – 5 October 2012

Release for dot7009 (new). New 64-bit PAINTLIB.EXE included in package, and PAINTLIB-AFR.PDF and PAINTLIB-ENG.PDF in C:\dot7000\Manual.

Reissued on 8 October 2012 including PAINTLIB.AFR and PAINTLIB.ENG that were omitted from the 5 October release.

Version 3.8.0 – 9 September 2012, Released 17 September 2012

Release for dot7008 (new).

Warn if Licence is being put on C: Drive.  Removed Licence Warning about dot7000 on 32-bit PC.

Store cdate and volid in plaintext in MailForm.out for debugging.
Added Modules dotPLOTfns & dotFINDxUSB, form frmConsole, and hidden "Test" button to test dotPLOT Licence.

Added to Text Editor: Edit > ASCII Code to reveal the ASCII value of selected character; Insert > Special Character to insert one or more special characters specified by ASCII code(s).

Text Editor Spelling Check debugging: In Sub Form_Load, can't name Name DikFile$ As DicFile$ on Windows 7 (need Admin rights).

Version 3.7.1 – 26 July 2012

Fix Bug: If program is shut down when minimized, next time it is run it is "off screen" (it appears on the taskbar but not on screen).  See FAQ: Program does not appear on Screen.

Version 3.7.0 – 23 July 2012

Release for dot7007 (new).

New features in Text File Editor, Edit menu:

  • Undo the last change, up to 20 levels deep (previously 1 only).
  • Redo the last Undo ("Undo the Undo") (up to 20 levels deep).
  • Paste Excel Table will paste a table copied from Excel, in the format required for an "ATTRIBUTE : :" block.
  • Wrap Descriptions (F8): Changes long layer descriptions to multiple lines.
  • Unwrap Descriptions (F9): Changes each layer description to a single line. The reverse of Wrap.

Version 3.6.0 – 7 May 2012

Release for dot7006 (new).

Added the new Font tab on the Settings Editor: This allows you to change the typefaces that dotPLOT uses, and means that JetSetup in dotPLOT is not longer needed.

In the Settings Editor, on the Files & Setup tab, allow Multiple CONVOCAB File extensions separated by commas (dotPLOT accepts Multiple CONVOCAB Files).

On the Main window, there now is a Combo box (dropdown list) containing previous Setup File names, instead of only the last one used.  If you choose a SET file in a folder other than the dotPLOT folder, HotPlot will offer to copy it to the correct folder.

PCL Output Type removed (no longer supported by dotpLOT).

Version 3.5.0 – 8 February 2012

Release for dot6008 (unchanged) and dot7005 (new).

Added 64-bit checkbox on Licence form.  Send back 64-bit checkbox, dotPLOT Version, PC-bits in Licence application.

Version 3.4.2 – 5 December 2011

Release for dot6008 (unchanged) and dot7004 (new).

SET Editor: On Saving, check all paths (complain if path or file not found) and silently fix Path to Font files.

Version 3.4.1 – 19 October 2011

Repair vbLf-only mailform.out files from site. If the file is vbLf-only on site, re-write file with vbCrLf.

Version 3.4.0 – 16 September 2011

First Release for dot6008 and dot7003.

Licensing can now be done via HotPlot, using the Licence button on the main screen.  Read more.

TEST-SYMB no longer overwrites the PDF file belonging to the selected Text file. Instead, the output files are named Symbols01.PDF, Symbols02.PDF, etc. and placed on the output path or, if it is blank, on C:\dot6000\Examples (dot6000) or C:\dot7000\Examples (dot7000).

The User Manual now includes dot6000 and dot7000, and has been renamed from dot6000_User_Manual.pdf to dotPLOT_User_Manual.  Manual button changed to look for the correct file.

Version 3.3.0 – 29 Jul 2011

First Release for dot7002. Use long file names for dot7000 (NTFS & Non-NTFS Network support). 

Version 3.2.6 – 26 Jul 2011

Non-NTFS Network support: Closer approximation to the text file name.

New item on Settings menu (only for dot7002 and later): "Pause before Exiting dotPLOT".  This causes dot7002 to pause before ending and display the message "Press any key to Exit dotPLOT", so that you can see any warning messages that have not caused the program to pause.

Version 3.2.4 – 18 Jul 2011

Bug-304 on Install reported 18 Jul 2011 by Elmari Mouton, fixed by Rick on 18 Jul 2011:
The "Install" button in HotPlot is obsolete - replaced with "Check" button to find versions of dotPLOT installed on the PC.

Bug-301 on About reported 7 Jul 2011 by Rick, fixed by Rick on 7 Jul 2011:
"WARNING: THIS 32-bit dotPLOT WILL NOT RUN ON YOUR 64-bit WINDOWS!" the warning message is a bug - it comes up even on dot7000.

Version 3.2.3 – 4 Jul 2011

Bug-295 on Go to dotPLOT reported 4 Jul 2011 by Marie Convery, fixed by Rick on 4 Jul 2011:
"Invalid Procedure call or argument on Sub cmdRun_Click" when trying to start dot6007 on a 64-bit PC. Wrong sub name – fixed.
Added code to warn user if running dot6000 on 64-bit.

Bug-231 on Network reported 18 Jan 2011 by Rick, fixed by Vivian on 24 Jun 2011:
Can't run text files with a long file name anywhere in the path on Transnet's Network (Server File System: RAW. Ours is NTFS and works).
There is now a new menu, Settings, in the Text File Editor, with one on/off setting: Non-NTFS Network Support.  When this is on (ticked) HotPlot will copy files locally for dotPLOT to use, and then put the output PDF file on the network if required.

Another niggle fixed at the same time is that HotPlot now renames short (DOS 8.3-type) output PDF files to long filenames matching the input file name.  This an have unexpected side-effects if one renames the text file and re-runs it, since the short filename (and hence dotPLOT's output) remain the same, and hence overwrites the old PDF.

Version 3.2.2 – 6 Jun 2011

Bug-290 on Text File Editor reported 6 Jun 2011 by Rick, fixed by Rick on 6 Jun 2011: Title bar Caption displaying file name and path with no backslashes. Bug in Function StripData if txtOutputPath="". Replaced with Function UseEllipsis$ to shorten data path if too long by inserting ellipsis ("...") for display purposes.

7001.10 is Latest dotPLOT 64-bit Version.

Version 3.2.1 – 1 Jun 2011

Minor Bug-286 on Program reported 1 Jun 2011 by Rick, fixed by Rick on 1 Jun 2011: Program did not pick up sub-version of dot7001.8

Bug-285 on Program reported 31 May 2011 by Rick, fixed by Rick on 1 Jun 2011: The "Open" button's code looks on the input path for the PDF file instead of the output path. Consequently does not find it unless they are the same.  Clarified ToolTip on output path.

Added defaults for Input File (C:\dot6000\Examples\Examples.TXT), Output Path (C:\dotFiles) and Summary Required (= True).

Version 3.2.0 – 23 May 2011

Added Spelling Checker with English and Afrikaans geotechnical dictionaries to Text Editor.  Made Spelling Checker, and Find & Replace windows non-modal "on top" instead of modal.  Added Find, Spelling, and Check to Text Editor toolbar. Rearranged Edit menu, putting Find (Ctrl+F), Replace (Ctrl+H), and Spelling (F7) near the top.

Fixed Bug-270: File > numbered list did not remember the file name in the File dialog.

Added "Support" button on Main form, and a new menu item on the Help menu of the Text Editor, to create a simple Support Request e-mail in your default "mailto" program.

Version 3.1.0 – 12 April 2011

Made program more robust on installing dotPLOT, and ready for dot7001.  Eliminated the "Error in Function CheckAndInstall6000 in frmMain: Path/File access error" that occurred when there was more than one ".NEW" file in C:\dotSetup\dot6000.

Made program more robust on running dotPLOT, with more error-reporting.  You may only create new output folders one level at a time.

Version 3.0.1 – 29 March 2011

Fixed Bug-250 on SET File Editor: dot6004 and earlier store "PROMPTS .ENG" (one space before ".ENG"). dot6005 and dot7001 store and expect no space before ENG. HotPlot now accepts both, saves without the space.

New Feature (Develop-252) in SET File Editor: Compress Borelog Warning: Values above 859 (yellow background) may cause a Numeric Overflow error (because the space left over is too narrow for the layer text). Values 1200 and above (red background) will probably be ignored.  Message text appears on the Help button and the Compress Borelog dialog.

Version 3.0.0 – 26 March 2011

New Feature in Set File Editor, bottom of first (Files & Setup) Tab: Compute Compress Borelog Option and Borelog Suppress Options Code.

New Feature in Set File Editor: Second (Layout) Tab measurements are now shown (and can be entered) in millimetres as well as dots.

New Feature in Text File Editor: A list of previously-opened files appears in the file menu, mirroring the list on the Main Window, and including the previous file opened in the Text File Editor.

New Feature in Text File Editor: Replace function (Ctrl+H) on the Edit menu.

New Feature: Delete temporary files on exit: LOGOLIST.DAT, TRXFILES, WORK-ATT.*, WORK-LAY.*, *.TRX, *.TMP, *.STK, @runfile.dat, DIRDUM, FILESB, FILESR.

Problem reported 25 Jan 2011 by David, fixed by Rick on 25 Jan 2011: HotPlot runs, visible on Taskbar, but not on screen.
(It appears to have been parked off screen. Activate from taskbar, Alt+space, M, move mouse, and it reappears.)

Version 2.5.0 – 19 August 2010

The Text Editor has a new feature to translate Afrikaans accented characters from DOS to Windows and back.  Edit menu: DOS --> Windows and Windows --> DOS.  An option has been added to the Text Editor's File > New to add a skeleton file structure.

If you click Run Now with a blank input file name, HotPlot will offer to start a new input file in the Text Editor, and let you add the outline block structure.

Expect dot6005 as the latest version.

Version 2.4.0 – 24 June 2010

  • Look for dot6004 as latest version.
  • Added new menu "Check!" to Text File editor to check Block Structure and Plaintext (dot6000) Option.

Version 2.3.0 – 26 May 2010

  • Look for dot6003 as latest version.
  • Better Error Message if dotPLOT did not create the PDF File.
  • "About" always refreshes dotPLOT version, and displays Path used.
  • Stretch text boxes on Resizing main window.

Version 2.2.0 – 13 April 2010

  • Better dotPLOT Version checking on start-up. On exiting, ask to save new choices.
  • Fixed Bug in SET Editor: If it fixed dot5000 file, did not save last END.
  • Added a Minimize button to the Main window (the main form has to be sizeable or it does not show).

Version 2.1.0 – 17 March 2010

The Manual button was looking for file dotPLOT_Manual.pdf instead of dot6000_User_Manual.pdf on C:\dot6000\manual.  It now looks for the correct file.

The Manual and Tutorial buttons now allow the user to do his own hard drive search for the file, as well as the previous option to go to web downloads.  The choice will be saved for the future.  The user's choice will be queried if the word "Manual" or "Tutor" does not occur in the file name.

Version 2.0.1 – 15 March 2010

  • Buttons on the main window have been rearranged somewhat.
  • The [...] button did nothing if the SET file box was blank: Now it works.
  • The SET File Editor edits STANDARD.SET if the SET file name is blank.
  • The SET File Editor's Title Bar displays the name of the file being edited, plus the path if it is not on the dotPLOT program folder.
  • The Text File Editor's Title Bar displays the name of the file being edited, plus the path if it is not on the Output Folder.
  • The dotPLOT Install that is packaged with HotPlot is expected on the C:\dotSetup folder only.
  • The dotPLOT install finishes more cleanly: Once dotPLOT is installed, PROFILE.EXE is found automatically.
  • You can View your Logo file directly from the SET File Editor.
  • This Help file now includes a page for the SET File Editor.

Version 2.0.0 – 15 February 2010

  • dotPLOT Installer: The full package includes dotPLOT and HotPlot together.  Once HotPlot is installed it will offer to install dotPLOT.
  • Settings Editor: Now, SET files –language, margins, item positioning, Logo name, etc.– can be edited directly and easily in HotPlot.
  • If you changed the special characters in the SET file, the new ones appear in HotPlot's Insert menu.
  • Help, particularly detailed Help on the Licensing process, has now been included with HotPlot.
  • Updated and enhanced the Manual for dotPLOT, now including references to HotPlot, opened directly from HotPlot.

What's New in dotPLOT 7000 for 64-bit PCs?

Listed in chronological order to agree with the Modification Log (ModLog.doc), so the latest changes are at the bottom of the list.

dot7000 Beta:

20/01/2011 PROLOG.BAS: Left hand closure line to attributes on A4 page modified.

21/01/2011 SEEKUSB.BAS: Previously, if one crashed dotPLOT or exited by closing the window, the licence would be lost. This was becasue the multi-user scheme required the token files to be returned after use. Today I changed seekusb.bas so that if the SAME USER ( ie same C:drive)
re-applies for a token after a crash, then the time limit is waived.

If a description appears to be dot6000 type (ie no wiggle present) and a licence for dot6000 is not found, then it will go demo, but not if a valid square bracket soil type has been called. eg wording such as CONCRETE [SA xx] does not require a dot6000 licence.

24/01/2011 PROPRINT Footer: if name of text file was too long we would hang. Code changed to keep rightmost 24 meaningful alphanum chars.

01/03/2011 UPDATE01.ZIP prepared and sent to RICK containing four files
profile.exe executable for dot7001
promenu.bas revised to show expiry of beta version dot7001
endbeta.bas routine to calculate expiry of dot7001 01/08/2011
profils.inc list of include files for compiler.

27/03/2011 UPDATE02.ZIP
Rick had found that stationage% had fallen off the cart. This is now calculated in dotsecur.bas

06/04/2011 procodez.zip (dot6000) GSO complained that they are using 5000, no wiggles or strophes, plus [soil name] in brackets and get the message "not licenced for 6000, going DEMO" and feel they should be allowed to print without penalty. Procode.bas changed.

20/04/2011 Rick sent thru a crop of bugs for attention: escape char not working, substitution of special chars, underline, legend line length, line-wrap. now fixed in various modules and UPDATE03.ZIP issued.

17/05/2011 Rick asked for smaller scales to be available. SCALE.MET or SCALE.IMP must still be edited by the user, but down to 1:1 now ok.

20/05/2011 Vertical line on A3 pdf printout and shooterlines on A3 A-page, these were pointed out by D E Mouton and Rick, UPDATE05.zip issued.

25/05/2011 Picking files in PROSELEC uses routines PICKFTCH and PICKPUT1.BAS
These two files were re-written due to very bad handling.
Version 7000.6 issued with UPDATE06.

26/05/11 wj killed file missing message for "mailform.out" in PROMAIL.BAS

26/05/11 wj bug at drive specification for VOLIDGET in PROMAIL.BAS - drive C was rejected incorrectly. UCASE of users options in mailform corrected.
UPDATE07 issued.

31/05/11 wj bug in ENDBETA.BAS - expiry failed on fractional version numbers.

31/05/11 wj endbeta% additional test at start of profile in PROMENU.BAS.
UPDATE08 issued.

31/05/11 wj endbeta function modified slightly. Warning message and pause to press any key when beta version expired.
UPDATE09 issued.

04/06/11 wj BIG CHANGES.
Error trapping added to all modules. Each function now has the first line as "module$=ffffffff.bas" where ffffffff.bas is the name of the source file. The next line is "#INCLUDE perror.bas". which on error, directs the program counter to the general error trapping routine contained in PERROR.BAS. Each subsequent line is followed by a statement "moline$=nnnn" where nnnn is the LINE NUMBER counting from zero at the top of the source file. An error is now logged in the form DATE-TIME-MODULE-LINENUMBER-Error-ERRN-ERRM$ where the last two params are the PowerBasic ErrorNumber and ErrorMessage. A similar report appears on the console screen, without time and date.

The short program NUMERALL.BAS which uses function NUMERON.BAS was used to generate the program changes. The line numbering can be removed with the short program NUMEROFF.BAS. If it is necessary to re-do the error trapping line numbers - due to revised code - the program NUMERON can be used, old linenumbers will be scrubbed out and new ones inserted. The source and compiled version of the NUMER* programs is included. Error trapping has bloated PROFILE.EXE from 491kB to 1027kB (210%).

The vertical line at the seam of the A3 page has been removed in the source file PROLOG.BAS - not too sure if this is kosher.

The DIM for parsevars VARS$(*) has been normalised at 250 throughout.

The backslash for the drive C:\ in PROMAIL has been restored.
UPDATE10 issued.

24/06/11 PERROR.BAS module name format requires 8.3 = 12 chars. wj

25/06/11 wj. HOTSPOTS.BAS Molines were missing, now inserted.
25/06/11 wj. HOTSPOTS Block text adjusted to support very long folder paths.
UPDATE11 issued.

25/06/11 wj GETSETUP procedure CALL statement moved. HOTSPOTS "No File" message if mainmenu keyboard entry is invalid, and
friendlier backout if no change required.
UPDATE12 issued.

26/06/11 PROPRINT BigBox: was still incorrect. Bug 292

26/06/11 DEMOMARK.BAS position x0& passed from calling routine. Bug 293 & 294.
UPDATE13 issued.

29/06/11 PROREPLY.BAS revised to allow partial licence for Windows 7. This change required MAILREPL.STD to be revised for the extra variable.
The new variable on screen named "VERSION" is entered as "7000" - this will cause the permit$ display string to read e.g. PBpH6W, the W denoting Windows7 permission. The Main Menu screen in PROMENU.BAS also changed to report absence of a Win7 licence, and to drop down to DEMO in the case of a station installing dot7002+ and running without a valid partial licence. So dot7001.14+ will still be subject to the Beta testing environment, as before. The code of the Win7 licence uses [ppn& AND 64] for this purpose.
UPDATE14 issued.

08/07/11 BUG in PROREPLY.BAS – mask for the volume ID and date codes is now hard-wired. Bug in CHECKSUM.BAS which did not match the routine in dot6000. This had effects in PROREPLY.EXE. All of this is now fixed.

Problem in PROMENU.BAS where users of version 7001.nn up to 7001.99 should be subject to Beta Expiry, and users of dot7002 upwards are subject to licence. There was a variable which caused the fractional part of 7001.nn to be miscalculated, so Beta users were told that the version was running in DEMO.

There are one or two small presentation bugs which are relics from the integer world of dot3000 and earlier, these we would like to leave until later, or if more people complain. UPDATE15 issued.

20/07/11 wj 'PDFBLOCK.BAS pre-january logic restored .
20/07/11 wj 'MSDOT.BAS - bug at OPEN FOR BINARY BASE=0. UPDATE16 issued.

20/07//11 wj RICK pointed out that there was still a bug in that the first font switch was not detected. Turbo and PB pass parameters in different ways to FUNCTIONs and what were DEF FN/END FN. In this case FNDLEN.BAS - previously DEF FN - is now a FUNCTION, and the ffont& variable was being modified inside the function. Must check for any PB calls like CALL FN......... checked and there is only one - CALL FNunderline - and here we want the string to be modified in the function so no problem. UPDATE16 re-issued.

23/07/11 RIR requested a new parameter in @RUNFILE as "/9 debug=YES". OK but the slot for /9 on my version of @runfile is already occupied by "9/ PDF combine = C:\gdotplot\tempwj.PDF", so I have changed it to the next slot ie " 10/ debug = YES". AND @runfile.dat has been added into the list of files for the UPDATEnn zipfile.

The "splash" screen in PROMENU has been revised to move the cursor to line 18 before pausing to wait-for-keypress. UPDATE17 issued.

24/07/11 COMBINE and PROSTOP.BAS are perhaps concerned in Bugs 282/276. The targetfilename may have been accidentally named wrongly in the @RUNFILE and CMDLINE.BAS reads it. So I have added a validity check for the targetfilename with suitable reporting - but not tested.
UPDATE17 re-issued.

25/07/11 COMBINE and PROSTOP, the last update would call for NOFILE if the targetfilename was not present, ie would insist that it is present.
So NOFILE has been remmed out and the absence of the file will just cause the copy action to be by-passed. CMDLINE.BAS edited to suit - (/8 = targetfile)(/9 = debugYesflag). UPDATE17 re-issued.

25/07/11 PROSTOP.BAS now includes a trick to verify the targetfile path. PROMENU.BAS at kyll: the CLS instruction has been moved, maybe more exist which will have to be grubbed out. UPDATE17 re-issued.

29/07/11 DOTSECUR.BAS wj if device&>3 then device&=1, added trap for invalid value. PERMIT.BAS if ((ppn& AND 64)= 64) then permit$=permit$+"7" was W and also in PROREPLY.BAS. version revved up to dot7002. UP7002-0.zip issued.

PROMENU.BAS 29/07/11 wj IF expiry&<enddate(0) THEN pwd&=0 UP7002-0.zip re-issued. 13:30pm
29/07/11 PROMENU.BAS wj test revised. for all pwd&..IF ((product& AND 64)<>64) UP7002-0.zip re-issued. 14:20pm
PROMENU.BAS had a bug where a term licence expired still showed ACTIVE. Procedure moved. UP7002-0.zip re-issued. 15:20pm

30/07/11 PROMENU.BAS wj ver#=VAL(MID$(version$,p%)) ' needed as version is now written as DOTnnnn. UP7002-0.zip re-issued. 16:35pm

31/07/11 PROMENU VERSION$="7002" reset as before due to unwanted side effects. Warning "Not licensed for dot7000" = wording of message revised.

dot7002 – 31 July 2011

dot7002 released to the public.

02/08/11 PROREPLY.BAS wj new test for seeklastrow: added to allow any number of CR/LF pairs in the tail of the client's MAILFORM.OUT

06/08/11 PERROR.BAS remmed out CLS and color changes to match dot6000 GERROR.
UPD7002-3.zip issued.

06/08/11 CMDLINE.BAS trap for spaces in @runfile added, then routine revised to support spaces in filenames, and trap removed.
UPD7002-4.zip issued.

16/08/11 PROCONV.BAS Bug 320 - pirandom.bas error 0005 out of memory - this very unusual situation was caused by a slash for the header block
placed above the hole number. So there was NO HOLE NUMBER (no problem there was a trap for that), LAYER DEPTH ERROR (no problem, trap was in
place for that), and NO DESCRIPTION after the absent depth. The program now deals with No Layer Description !!!. For the silent types.
UPD7002-5.zip issued.

19/08/11 PROSETUP.BAS Bug 325 - Limgroup& should have been declared GLOBAL.

21/08/11 HOTSPOTS.BAS for TEST-SYMBOLS in hotPLOT key1: if cmd& AND 1=1 then.. This revision allows Test Symbols to be accessed from @runfile.
UPD7002-6.zip issued.

07/09/2011 PDFLOGO trap added for "Linearized PDF file not supported - please change the Logo." Function PDFLOGO is in PDFBLOCK.BAS. Message is hardwired. UPD7002-7.zip sent.

08/09/2011 UPD7003-1.zip issued for dot7003.

13/09/2011 CHECKSUM.BAS had a case where the value for the checksum had exceeded 255, so that PROREPLY could not cope with the ASCI value.
PROREPLY.BAS revised to ASC(value AND 255). LINEIN.BAS failed to deal with the code sent in by Lesotho, namely.. Last line read B8 0A 20 77 C8 EA 21 78 BB 0D 0A. LINEIN.BAS picked up the B8 0A as a valid line and the LastLine was therefore incomplete. The last line carries the volID and Cdate. The change to LINEIN.BAS may breed into the program. NB NB NB.
UP7003-2.zip issued.

dot7003 – 14 September 2011

Public Release of dot7003.  When run via HotPlot, spaces in file names and paths are now supported.  HotPlot's Activity = TEST-SYMB is now supported in the same way as for dot6000.  Explicit message: "Linearized PDF file not supported - please change the Logo.".

29/11/11 PROPRINT.BAS at line 0565 runoff symbol was allowed only if it occurred on the last page - I don't know why. Condition removed.
UP7003-3.zip issued.

30/11/11 CMDLINE.BAS Runfile (from HotPlot) scale given same status as keyboard scale: Overrides SCALE parameter in text file.
UP7003-3.zip re-issued.

04/12/11 SEEKUSB.BAS had no warning if GREP.COM was missing.
UP7004-1.zip issued, with GREP.COM included.

dot7004 Released 5 December 2011

07/12/11 PROCODE.BAS warning "Plaintext encountered..." supersedes "dot6000 encountered...going demo".

10/12/2011 PROPRINT.BAS - Geo3 (Henry) found "PDF document has error..." PDF error if symbol crossed page boundary caused by "/Height" parameter in the Image Xobject Dictionary having a negative value.
PROPRINT.BAS 10/12/2011 wj if row&>0 then bd&=bd&+Row& moline 0583
UP7004-2.zip issued.

14/01/2012 PROINCL.BAS - Bar$ character (|) now used to de-fuse any keyword, including in Notes block. PROPRINT became necessary to remove Bar$ before printing. In PROCHARS.BAS it became necessary to change internal Bar$ from chr$(24) to chr$(23).  See Ignore keyword in Notes.
UP7004-3.zip issued.

26/01/2012 SEEKUSB.BAS and FINDXUSB.BAS, Educational licence detection moved from FINDXUSB to SEEKUSB.
UP7004-4.zip issued.

27/01/2012 UP7005-1.zip issued

dot7005 Released 8 February 2012

16/02/2012 RICK suggested LOCAL variable holdmodule$=module$ on entry to SUB and module$=holdmodule$ on exit; this will enable much better error trapping as the actual module in which the error occurs will be reported. All 124 include files modified and renumbered molines. Version 7005.2 issued via UP7005-2.zip

17/02/2012 Two files PICKPUT1.BAS and DRAW1BOX.bAS evaded re-write yesterday. In PROCONV.BAS a stray END statement at line 948 now remmed out. Version 7005.3 prepared for UP7005-3,zip

21/02/2012 Colin Forbes at Geoscience found that the runoff symbol could appear twice under certain conditions, the second time on the last page where it would be shown above the page header. So I have put a trap into PROPRINT.BAS to detect and prevent a second occurence. UP7005-4.zip.

Lots of feedback from Geo3 and CORE:- 08/03/2012 WJ PROCOM.BAS module$ and moline$ moved from GLOBAL to LOCAL. Declaration of module$ and moline$ now inserted in each module before the #include "perror.bas". All modules now compiled with DEBUG EROR ON so Error.log now works properly. 08/03/2012 wj MAINMASK.BAS nss& symbol count test was incorrect. Geo3 reported that 10 symbols was causing message "too many symbols". 08/03/2012 wj PDFBLOCK.BAS DIM (500) was DIM (400) for various vars - was too small. This caused the memory to be corrupted when COMBINE was run and then on a subsequent run the program would crash. Reported by CORE. 09/03/2012 wj COMBINE.BAS initialize newno%(*) revised. This was corrupting new object numbers when COMBINE was cycled from selection menu. UP7005-5.zip issued.

21/03/2012 wj Bug in PROCONV.BAS where Bar$ to exclude samples was introduced on 13/01/2012, caused conflict with other variables. UP7005-6.zip issued.

06/04/2012 RIR: dotPLOT Translated from PowerBASIC Console Compiler 5 to 6.03 (VERSION = 7005-7). UP7005-7.zip issued to Winston. 06/04/2012 wj Rick succeeded in compiling dot7005-7 with compiler PB6.03

07/04/2012 The directory c:\hdotplot contains the source and compiled code. At the same time Rick reported that there were two bugs in PROSETUP 1) when re-defining fonts and 2) when re-defining provocab and con. The bugs were due to 1) array subscript and 2) error in allocating the correct prompt to the screen pick bar. Revised PROSETUP.BAS would not recompile with PB6.00 so a copy was sent to Rick.

08/04/2012 RIR: Added #RESOURCEs to PROFILE.BAS, including dot Icon. Updated Startscreen. Made Fetchcolors more tolerant of bad PROCOLOR.CUS file.

08/04/2012 Rick reported a bug in PROSETUP where revised colours were not correctly written to storage file PROCOLOR.CUS. Compiler PB6.00 found to work ok - must have been the colour bug.

09/04/2012 Another small bug in PROSETUP when picking prompts - the CURRENT prompt file was not detected properly. Rick corrected prosetup at line 0358. Will now switch compiler to PB6.00. UP7005-8.zip issued to RICK.

120409 WJ PROSETUP Minor bug at moline 0118 PROSETUP affecting CURRENT CONVOCABs

120411 WJ Compiler PBCC6.03 installed.

120424 PROFILE.BAS PROCONV.BAS Compiler PBCC6.03 crashing. In PROFILE.BAS instruction #DEBUG DISPLAY ON now remmed WGJ. In PROCONV.BAS new variable testn% added to aid testing. Testing was needed to discover reason for strange symbol arising from "POCKETS", keyword detected in notes block, see USERCONV.DAT, reported by GEO3. UP7006-0.zip issued to Rick.

120501 Folder LJ4\*.WID and *.XID. Source file PROSETUP.BAS altered. Rick pointed out that a choice of LETGOTHIC font in JET-SETUP led to unwanted results. The same would have been true of all the offered choices (except CGTIMES AND UNIVERS (swiss)). The reason is that those fonts (or type faces) were left-overs from version dot5000 PCL output. We no longer support PCL output, since PDF has made it redundant. Therefore the files in folder LJ4 relating to the PCL fonts have now been excluded by renaming them from *.WID to *.XID. In addition a new set of files COU??10U.WID, metrics related to COURIER type face, have been created to avoid the message "Fontfile not found...." Note that the files *.XID could just as well be deleted. Note that PBCC6.03 intermittently refused to compile (even with #DEBUG DISPLAY ON remmed out) but seemed to be ok with the final revisions. WJ machine had all AV programs and Malware detection brought up to date and C:\drive scanned - nothing found. UP7006-1.zip issued to Rick.

120503 PROSETUP.BAS WIDTHTAB.BAS PDFFONTS.DAT File Extension .MET replaces .WID for font files. UP7006-1.zip RE-ISSUED to Rick.

120505 PDFFONTS.DAT Henry Geo3 found that symbols ñ ò ó ø (241 242 243 248) were no longer supported. This required the file PDFFONTS.DAT to be revised. I also discovered that PDFFONTS.DAT was not included in the Update Zips. Also the UPversion numbers UP7007* were wrong, corrected to UP7006-* UP7006-2.zip issued to Rick.

dot7006 Released 7 May 2012.

120707 SEEKUSB.BAS: Rick found seekusb.bas would crash if NOTE1.KFC was absent, such as would happen in a new installation, with an error message on 64-bit and no message on 32-bit. WJ found that SEEKUSB was setting the attribute of file fb$ (NOTE1.KFC) whether the file was present or not. On some systems –not all– this would raise an error condition. Added code to bypass the set of attribute if NOTE1 is absent.

dot7007 Released 23 July 2012.

120816 wj MARGINS.BAS if (compress&=0) OR (compress& mod 10 >0) check space for Abbreviations. Pointed out by Rick - re Crossman Pape. dot7007-1

120817 wj LINEIN.BAS The routine to read an asci text line had code to replace the tabchar (09) from MSWORD with 4/spaces. This gave indigestion to PROREPLY.BAS if tabchars were found in the licence-tail of MAILFORM.OUT So it has been revised to allow tabchars as required for PROREPLY.  Bug discovered by Rick. dot7007-2 issued.

120817 RIR: PROFILE.BAS, PROMAIL.BAS, PROREPLY.BAS and SCROLLC.BAS updated for PB 6.04. Compiled PROFILE.EXE & PROREPLY.EXE. Changes to Winston.

dot7008 - 9 September 2012 Released 17 September 2012.

120905 wj volID code in .CSV - PROREPLY.BAS vol id code useful for CHEKPASS.BAS. PRINT #fh&,volumeID$+c$+usbdate$+c$;CVL(xorCV$);c$;
120929 wj PAINTLIB.BAS translated to PB, compiled, issued to RIR, added to UP7007-0.LST.
121003 wj PROCODE.BAS Eow$, now in common, was being altered in other modules. UP7008-2 issued to RIR. The result of this was Bug-357:  After the first hole, the symbol for "FILL" is not plotted in the profile if the layer description ends with "FILL$.", but "FILL.$" works.
121003 wj UP7009-1 issued to RIR

dot7009 Released 5 October 2012

121112 wj Henk Labushagne found DXF not working, Rick found it was caused by dotPLOT not correctly using the @Runfile. Bug was found in basfile HOTSPOTS.BAS where the Runfile value for Device& was overwritten. CMDLINE.BAS was revised slightly - cleaned up - but no material change.
121112 wj: UP7009-2 issued to RIR

121123 PROCONV.BAS Water table and sample "names" were defined in dotPLOT as "first char alpha and no lowercase chars". This has now been modified to allow new "Date Format" to qualify as a Sample or Water Table NAME. Date Format is defined as being in the form nn/xx/yy where two slashes are present, separating three items, the first of which must be numeric. PROVOCAB.ENG and CONVOCAB.ENG modified to allow the use of "rest level" as a water table adjective. The new date format applies only in the NOTES Block.

121205 PROCONV.BAS Samples: did not produce the graphic in the case of the test file TP1b.txt (revised RIR) The depth value counter NVC& was initialised to 3 for some obscure reason, revised to 1. We may get trouble breeding from this later on. UP7009-3 issued to RIR.

121205 PROPRINT.BAS as sample labels are printed, the dot length is scanned so that in PROLOG a compressed RHM can breathe to leave space for them.

121211 PROLOG and PROCONV, space for sample names adjusted, bug in filter for dateword detection.
The single slash is now acceptable for a date to qualify as a name (dd/mm as well as dd/mm/yy and dd/mm/yyyy).

dot7010 Released 11 December 2012

121212 Fixed an oddity in dotPLOT: the "Compress Borelog onto Profile Page" option gets turned off for subsequent profiles if a preceding profile lacks ATTRIBUTEs. If one removes all ATTRIBUTEs for hole BH01 and runs with BH1PG-A4.SET, hole BH01's profile is compressed onto one page as expected, with a blank block where the attribute columns would be, but then BH02 behaves strangely: The profile page and attribute pages are printed separately as if the "Compress Borelog onto Profile Page" option was not in effect, yet the profile is compressed onto the right-hand part of the page as if it was still in effect. Altered PROCOM, PROSTOP and GETSETUP.BAS - Setcompress& introduced. The Compress& option would be zeroed if a profile with no attributes was in the job stream. Setcompress& now stores the GETSETUP value for Compress& and PROSTOP recovers it at the end of each profile.

121212 RIR: Compiled and Re-released as version 7010 with HotPlot 3.10.1.

dot7010 Re-Released 12 December 2012

121226 Rick found some bugs in keyword detection where the special format chars were interfering, in both descriptions and notes. Code files PROCODE PROCONV PROINCL PRODIM.BAS edited - The general solution method adopted is to make a copy of the text string, remove the special chars, then complete the detection process using the modified copy. Rick also found that underlining was erratic - a nasty bug was found in sub BREAKPT.BAS, called by PROFORMA, where the UnderlineOff Special Char was overlooked if the preceding char was not chr$(32). The fix here may have repercussions - be alert for erratic underlining.

121229 wj waitkey$ remmed in PROCONV.BAS

121229 wj PROCONV revised to make RED the default text colour highlight. UNDERLIN.BAS revised to deal with stray obscure bugs where use of the special switch char caused spaces to appear or disappear incorrectly. PROFORMA used for test traces but not altered. Issued to RIR.

121230 wj PROPRINT small bug removed to allow NUL Descriptions to give single blank page. Not issued.

130102 wj PROCONV default colour had a bug. PROPRINT added to issue.

130111 wj Stuart Morgan found a bug in the symbol summary RH justification. PROSUMMA.BAS revised with a better routine to find the pad string used between the symbol phrase and [SACODE]. Stray Waitkey$ in PROCODE has been removed. UP7010-2.zip issued.

dot7011 Released 11 January 2013 with HotPlot 3.11.0

Winston has made major changes to allow for Logos in the new Linearized PDF format, which dotPLOT previously reported as an error.  This generated a host of new bugs, which have been fixed.

He fixed a bug that allowed notes to incorrectly generate Cobbles and Runnels as sample symbols.

The symbols for Vane Shear, Cobbles, and  Runnels have been moved from the User Symbol Library to the standard library, leaving the User Symbol Library free for users' own symbols; which will then not get overwritten by updates.

Samples taken over a range starting at the surface (e.g. "0.0--0.5m") were previously not allowed: Now they are.

Layers without a description caused the program to crash; this is now fixed.

dot7012 Released 27 March 2013 with HotPlot 3.12.0

20130329 wj Bug found by Stuart and Rick in Legend. Bug when Adding to Summary. Additional revision to cover all cases.

20130406 wj Legend still had a bug as per EXAMPLES,txt. Debugging was further made difficult by using a text file from Stuart wherein the text had his own [SA--] codes and he called for [SA23] which is not a stand alone symbol, has no name. Dense Ferricrete is [SA23][SA29] but [SA23] on its own has no name.

20130420 wj Rick found that when the logo file was missing it would cause the top soil symbol to be missing in COMBINED.PDF for all profiles after the first. Also there was a fault in PDFLOGO which would fail under unusual conditions (viz. queued and nested Dictionaries) in the customer's LOGO.PDF file.

20130421 wj Reset badlogo% added to PROSELEC, Message clear added to PDFLOGO.

20130423 wj The legacy CONVOCAB.ENG had only one keyword /sample/ which was sufficient to detect both "sample" and "samples" in the notes. Exact match of keywords is now required. Consequently CONVOCAB.ENG has been edited - viz /samples/ has been added. However some old files using "samples" (plural) with the old CONVOCAB.ENG may miss the associated graphic. Another bug caused the water table symbol to be mis-allocated to BANDS in the notes block. And found another fault in PROINCL.

20130424 wj The mask for BANDS in notes block was black instead of clear.

20130425 wj The plural of /SAMPLE/ in CONVOCAB now constructed from /SAMPLES:/

20130425 wj Single Tile sample graphic now forced BLACK.

dot7013 Released 27 April 2013 with HotPlot 3.13.0

20130501 wj AECOM (BKS) investigation into "crash". Found that this happens on 64-bit machines where the user does not have rights to write to the Output Path, e.g. C:\

20130506 wj Henk required negative layer depths. PROCONV.BAS revised.  UP7012-6.

20130507 wj Sign of reduced level restored.  UP7012-7.  Reduced Levels below Sea Level now show negative.  If you ask for Reduced Levels but leave out the hole elevation, you will get negative Reduced Levels on the left of the Borehole Log. UCODEPAGE OEM for line drawing characters in JetSetup.

dot7013 Re-released 7 May 2013 with HotPlot 3.13.1

20130517 wj Worley Parsons reported a wrong border (for Reduced Level stave) if Borelog Options was set to 210. I have added the condition "IF swaprd% (is true) else omit". This may not be watertight. PROLOG.BAS :- IF (calc%=2) AND (Comp%=0) and swaprd% THEN ( ... draw border for Red Level Stave)

20130608 wj A new user-symbol was added to USERLIB.DAT USERCONV USERPROV and USERCAT.DAT in the form of a warning triangle (USERLIB.tri) or an Asterisk (USERLIB.ast) invoked in the Notes Block by keyword CAUTION or WARNING. Files issued to Rick.

20130627 wj Rick reported a number of instances where user rights over the output path did not include Create Permission and dotPLOT subsequently crashed. I have added a piece of code at the head of PROSTOP.BAS to test for a valid path before any attempt is made to create the job-folder. This may enable PowerBASIC to return an error message before the crash. 7013-2 issued to Rick.

20130727 Elmarie Mouton found after installing 7013 that her logo was whiting out part of the page. This was due to a white-out in the logo. But 7013 uses the same logo routine as her previous 7002. Closer look showed that 7011 puts logo FIRST then details, but 7012 & 7013 paint details first and logo LAST. Sequence reversed in PDFBLOCK.BAS. 7013-3 issued to Rick.

dot7014 Released 1 August 2013 with HotPlot 3.14.0

20131030 Elmarie Mouton found "numbers" for Graphs missing. This was caused by the "exact match" story from 20130424. After 20130424 I had devised the manufacture of the plural form of "sample" so that the new CONVOCAB file was no longer needed, and the "exact match" routine in FUNCTION FnPres (PROINCL.BAS) is no longer required. So I have restored FNPres to it original form. And now the "NUMBERS" keyword, and possibly others too, are properly detected and sample/samples.

dot7015 Released 31 October 2013 with HotPlot 3.15.0

20131101 at RIR's request, messing about with PDF "/Contents" sequence. up7015-x.zip issued.

20131103 wj attr/profile stroking sequence reversed, page order restored. up7015-1.zip ready for issue.

20131106 wj page order optional, user switch = GOOFY in jetsetup, paths.2. PDFBLOCK.BAS, GETSETUP.BAS PROMPTS.ENG changed. up7015-1.zip re-written, issued.

20131108 wj I found conflict between new symbol ASTERISK and [*]=KEEP OUT. The keyword "GOOFY" is replaced by the first capitalised word in the prompts-file second section, block three, whatever that may be (now, as issued in PROMPTS.ENG, the keyword is "REVERSED"). CALL Fetchprompts2() added to FUNCTION Getsetup, so that the GoofyKey$ is ready for immediate use.

20131126 wj CASE GoofyKey$, "1" requested by RIR (GETSETUP.BAS) up7015-3.zip issued to RIR.

20131128 wj PROLOG.BAS Rick noticed the footer block did not line up under certain conditions of word-count and when "compress mod 10 >0" up7015-4.zip issued to RIR.

dot7016 Released 28 November 2013 with HotPlot 3.16.0

20131211 wj Rick found that var stationage& stored in PROLIB.DAT was not used as intended for DEMO darkness due to bug in DOTSECUR.BAS for bday&.

20140106 wj MSDOT.BAS x$=REMOVE$(X$,CHR$(0)) to deal with unicode chars

20140111 wj PROCOM.BAS new global var NdsMax% dimension and max count for samples (all types) introduced. PRODIM.BAS and PROCONV.BAS adjusted. Ndsmax% set at 50. Issued as up7016-2.zip

20140116 wj Major re-write done to treat Notes similar to Layer Descriptions. The notes block can now run over more than one page, but each paragraph (ie each note) must not be bigger than a page. The following files were affected: PROCONV.BAS (RIR) PROFORMA PROPRINT PDFLOGO COMBINE Number of samples has been increased to 100 !! The effects of this may be felt only long into the future as the number of objects in a file goes ballistic. The dimensioned arrays likely to give trouble are noted in PDFLOGO, currently set to 700. Also I have left NUMERON in COMBINE.BAS to trap and pinpoint possible future overflows in these arrays. When PB runs, an index overflow causes a GPFault and the thing just crashes, unless it is COMPILED WITH DEBUG ERROR ON. up7016-4.zip issued

20140117 wj minor bugs in PROFORMA.BAS from yesterday. UP7016-5.zip issued

20140119 wj minor bugs in PROFORMA.BAS UP7016-6.zip issued

20140121 wj minor bugs in PROFORMA.BAS UP7016-7.zip issued

20140203 wj major bugs in PROFORMA.BAS UP7016-8.zip issued

20140223 wj Rick reported a bug from CORE whereby sample names were not being detected correctly. this was a simple matter of adding ")" right parenthesis as a word separator to the parsing. BUT there were further bugs in PROFORMA.BAS which prevented the CORE example from even terminating. UP7016-9.zip issued.

20140301 Joe  van der Merwe found that tabular attribute input required exact alignment and this did not work well on screen with proportional fonts. So subroutine TABULAR.BAS modified, and PROMPTS.ENG modified slightly to suit. It now works ok but if a blank attribute occurs in the tabulation then error reporting of a missing tabulator does not appear unless an attribute is real.

20140311 Corrections required to PARSVARS.BAS. TABULAR.BAS (largely re-written) Blank attributes now accepted, Tabulation error reporting improved, If a row in a tabular attribute has the FIRST bar separator missing then it will be patched in. If tabulation is incorrect in some row, then ALL the attributes in that row are replaced with a query (?).

20140312 Minor correction in TABULAR.BAS. TRIM$ required.

20140315 Rick suggested we drop need for colon separator in columnar attributes. dot7016-X issued for trials.

20140317 wj PROCONV.BAS revised to accept SAMPLES [INCLUDE FILE] in notes block of the text file. Usage as follows:-

SAMPLES: [INCLUDE FILE] filename (square brackets optional). The file should then be arranged as a simple list of DEPTH : SAMPLE-NAME-TEXT (colon optional).

Sample name text requires no special structure, no restrictions. Depths need not be ordered. If the depth is found to have no value then it is examined for SAMPLE TYPE, the usual rules for naming the sample type apply. DOUBLE MINUS for a depth range can be used. If no sample type is found, default is DISTURBED. Example file SAMPTEST.EXP and 3379D.TXT added to UP7016-Y.ZIP issued.

20140319 RIR added extra error-trapping in combine.bas @ 0156a & b for Error 9. Made DIM obstart& and obleng& in COMBINE.BAS variable, iVmax%=5000.
In SEEKUSB.BAS if Signature String contains "WorleyParsons" then NdsMax% (Maximum number of Samples)=140, else 50 if licensed, or 36 if Demo.
MENU.BAS displays number of samples.

20140319 wj Rick testing with BH703-2.TXT for WorleyParsons came across a nasty bug in TABULAR.BAS where array Xcol%(*) required more space.

20140320 RIR Increased DIM obstart& and obleng& in PDFLOGO.BAS to prevent crash on
combine.bas @ 0156b 701 5000 145181 Error 9 - Subscript/Pointer out of range

20140321 WJ Deugging PROCONV and TABULAR.BAS, REDIM in COMBINE. up7016ZZ sent.

20140322 wj more debugging mainly TABULAR.BAS up7016ZZZ.zip sent

dot7017 Released 26 March 2014 with HotPlot 3.17.0

20140329 wj Include files for samples now displayed with usual dotPLOT output.

There is a new option for entry of samples data as follows:-, SAMPLES: [INCLUDE FILE BIND] |Path:|filename (square bracket optional). The text file should then be arranged as a simple list of, DEPTH : SAMPLE-NAME-TEXT (colon optional).

Sample name text requires no special structure, no restrictions. Depths need not be ordered. If the depth is found to have no value, then it is examined for SAMPLE TYPE; the usual names for sample types apply. If no sample type is found, default is DISTURBED. DOUBLE MINUS for a depth range can be used. A sample type persists until changed.

The text contained in |Path:|filename will not appear in the normal dotPLOT output, but if the keyword BIND (optional) is found, it will cause a listing of |Path:|filename.PDF to be placed in the job folder and furthermore, if the option to COMBINE profiles is taken, then all files |Path:|filename.PDF will be included in sequence in COMBINED.PDF.

Only one SAMPLES: INCLUDE FILE per hole is supported, but any hole may use an INCLUDE FILE. The listing of |Path:|filename.PDF will be made in the job folder only if BIND is found. The list is printed as unformatted text, with page breaks automatically inserted mod 56, the user's logo and page numbering in the heading.

20140401 *.BAS synchronised with Ricks "unpack\up7017-RIR.zip", up7017-01.zip issued.

20140404 Rick pointed out that last page in case of COMPRESS%>0 could make use of space to the right of the soil stave. PROFORMA.BAS revised.

Zig-zag lines connecting layer description separator lines to soil symbols have sharp corners by default. Corners can now be filleted by specifying in header "BEZIER : 30". Value 30 denotes radius (dots) of Bezier curve to fillet corner of zig-zag lines.  up7017-02.zip issued.

20140409 Rick, for Martin Handl, found formatting of NOTES erratic. This arose from earlier work for Worley Parsons where the NOTES were formatted together with the layer descriptions. Bug found in PROFORMA where the "target" position for a note was trying to use the Zed#() depth of some layer, which of course is not real. up7017-03.zip issued.,

dot7018 Released 6 May 2014 with HotPlot 3.18.0

20140521 wj bug left over from 7017-04: [SACode] was not recognised as not needing plaintext. up7018-02 issued.  Previous work-around was to place a tilde (~) or back apostrophe (`) anywhere in the line.

20140523 wj PROCODE.BAS revised to allow output of plaintext descriptions provided some [SAcode] is present, where licence for plaintext is absent. up7018-02.zip re-issued.

20140605 wj GEOSURE wanted to plot depths in mm. up7018-03.zip issued.

20140610 RIR NEW method for reading attributes DEPTH : TEXT, colon optional,
NEW RULE - If colon is present then DEPTH is LAST value-word before colon, and TEXT is all characters after the colon. Else, if colon is not present then depth is FIRST value-word in the line and text is all characters after the value-word. Suggested by RIR.
up7018-04.zip issued.

20140623 bug in PROCONV zero sample depth, restored fix from 130306.
up7018-05.zip issued.

20140804 wj PDFLOGO.BAS: IF rootoid&<=0 THEN message "can't find root object".
up7018-06.zip issued.

RIP Winston Jones: Born 1934-08-06, Died 2014-08-09, age 80.

Winston Jones Memorial Walk, 16 August 2014, Kalkheuvel.

dot7019 Memorial Issue 16 August 2014 with HotPlot 3.19.0

Bug-396 on PROCODE.BAS reported 18 Aug 2014 by Henry Schurink, fixed by Rick on 18 Aug 2014: In dot7019 released 16/08/2014, NO symbols appear on the left of the stave if you do not have Plaintext.

dot7019 Memorial Issue re-released 19 August 2014 with HotPlot 3.19.0

RIR 150910 PROMPTS.ENG: Added "Licence " to prompts:
93 \DOTPLOT.USB Licence not found on any drive!
96 Licence found but not valid!
PROMPTS.AFR prompts 93-96 changed to match PROMPTS.ENG.  Other PROMPTS files still have prompts 93-96 unchanged.

RIR 150917 PROMPTS.ENG: Corrected spelling and punctuation:
47 TEXT TOO LONG FOR PAGE: CUT! Press any key.

RIR 150917
Fixed Bug-420: Print "NOTES" Heading only inside the print area. It previously occasionally printed in the header or on the bottom frame.
Fixed Bug-421: Align all notes with the same margins as the layer descriptions, with a separate Note Number on the left. Previously the note number formed part of each note, and the first line of each note projected to the left.  This appeared unsightly, as the leftmost edge of notes did not line up vertically.

dot7020 Released 18 September 2015 with HotPlot 3.20.0

Bug-434 reported 18 Feb 2016 by Tony A’Bear, fixed by Rick on 17 Aug 2016:
+depth layer < 1.00 gives a layer depth error, with the +depth shown less the top layer!
With only one layer there is still an error, just a different one.

dot7021 Released 17 August 2016 with HotPlot 3.21.1

dot7022 Released 10 February 2017 with HotPlot 3.22.0:

Serious Bug-445 on Security reported 10 Feb 2017 by Rick, fixed by Rick on 10 Feb 2017:
Term Licence did not function correctly when run via HotPlot.


List of HotPlot revisions.

What's New in dotPLOT 6000 for 32-bit PCs?

The dot6000 series will not be developed further, but was supported until end 2012.  See above for changes to dot7000 (latest changes directly above, older ones above that).

Version 6008 – 14 September 2011

07/09/2011 Trap added for "Linearized PDF file not supported - please change the Logo."  Message is hardwired.

Version 6000 – February 2010

The licensed dot6000 version contains a ground-breaking enhancement: "Tilde-less" descriptions! Existing dotPLOT users know that key words for soil symbols have to be marked with a tilde (~) for the program to recognise them –no more! dot6000 automatically recognises all soil symbols in any description that does not contain tildes or the back apostrophe (`). To ignore unwanted symbols, use the vertical bar ( | ) to "bar" them. This makes dotPLOT even easier to use. Existing dotPLOT users can upgrade to dot6000 for a fee; recent purchasers get it as part of the package.

The dot6000 series contains several new licensing options:

  • A licensing option for HotPlot, the Windows front-end.
  • Licensing by e-mail: You e-mail us a file, we e-mail back a license!  No more waiting for a dongle to arrive by courier!
  • Licensing can use your own flash drive as a "dongle" (security device): This can be transferred between different PCs (but can be stolen or lost).
  • Server Licensing: The license can be stored on a server and accessed by any number of PCs up to the licensed number of concurrent users.  The license is valid for the life of the server.
  • From dot6001, the new dot6000 features are available in DEMO mode if the program is not licensed for dot6000 features .

Afrikaans: dot5010 en sy opvolgers het 'n volledige stel Afrikaanse porboodskapppe ("prompts").

What's New in dotPLOT 6000 for 32-bit PCs ~ What's New in dotPLOT 7000 for 64-bit PCs ~ List of HotPlot revisions.

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